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Credit cards have become a way of life for most people so it is little wonder that with so many people using credit, and so many options for people to choose from, that credit card companies have come up with such a wide variety of perks and promotions. From cash back incentives to airline miles to fraud protection to charitable donations, credit card issuers are working hard to make sure you have a card in your wallet that fits your needs.

This top ten list is a collection of the best credit card issuers out there.

The Top Ten

1 Visa

It's America's true credit card. The credit card of America. The VISA... wow.

visa is visa, you know it's good and better than all the others

Had to quit using ANY banks, too many fees and conditions, VISA cards are FAB to use for most everything!

Yes it gives you many deals and great interest

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2 American Express

I have a co branded Amex. It is the best in the world. Adios and cheers for Amex. Amex is a way of life. Like I said simply no comparison with any other cards.

They have special rewards which I used often. They protect you. And don't rip you off like Chase. - hollywoodfan8

I voted because I love american express it's the best

Love carrying American Express! Opens different doors.

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3 Capital One

Give you so many increase. Truly great service

Love capital one excellent service

4 HSBC V 2 Comments
5 Discover Card

Escape card crushes the competition! Unlimited double miles on all purchases before and AFTER the initial offers are long gone! That plus great customer service and a fair annual fee, really, who can beat that?

I love discover it card! I am very happy and please. Discover is the best out of all.

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6 Citi

Citi is great. Citi never sleeps!

7 Wells Fargo Wells Fargo Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational banking and financial services holding company headquartered in San Francisco, California, with "hubquarters" throughout the country.

My family and I have a mortgage with wells fargo, I also have a personal checking account, and if I have any problems, I always talk to my banker face to face and they straighten the problem out for me

I would like to try your credit card

8 Bank of America Bank of America Bank of America is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.
9 MasterCard

Wtf you talking about Mastercard saved me 500 dollars on my last bill

10 U.S. Bank

I have never had any trouble with their Visa card.. the bankers are always friendly and helpful!

The Contenders

11 Chase Chase JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., doing business as Chase, is a national bank that constitutes the consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of the multinational banking corporation JP Morgan Chase.

This is a good company for your credit card. Just walk in and go to the ATM if you have to or walk in to get some help with your credit card! - JaysTop10List

Best credit card company to work with... High credit... Lower high interest after 6 month with good credit rating

Range of card possibilities with and without cash back/annual fee. No charge for overseas use (major for me).

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12 USAA Federal Savings Bank Gold M.C.

Low intertest rate, 1 Cash Back credited at the end of the year. Other excellent bank services. Highly rated bank.
- radioman

Absolutely the best. The customer service alone is head and shoulders above the rest.

13 Diners Club
14 T.D Canada Trust
15 Rupay
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