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21 Back
22 Uvula

Girls uvulas are hot

Awesome - Goatworlds

The hangy thingy at the back of your mouth.

23 Finger

Guitar is life and so is video games

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24 Kidney
25 Belly Button

Actually I wanted generative organs here but this will do. It's the only real proof we have that we were 'borne'! (I know the spelling is wrong! )

26 Belly
27 Hair

Nothing drives me crazier than a girl with soft, pretty hair.

A girl with great face and body always needs good hAir

28 Testicles

Testicles are hot.

I am officially weirded out by this list... - Powerfulgirl10


29 Armpit
30 Bladder
31 Abs

This should be a little more up! Please vote! - skaikingston

32 Biceps

If you are a man... Vote for it! - skaikingston

33 Liver
34 Calves
35 Pupil

This is a dead giveaway if someone is attracted to you. If you wanna know if someone is attracted to you, get close, look into their eyes, and if their pupils are dilated (that means big), then they are attracted to you.

36 Chin
37 Toes
38 Ankle
39 Fingernails
40 Muscles
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