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21 Kochi

Birthplace of Sakamoto Ryoma, one of Japan's most famous and beloved samurai and revolutionaries. Kochi Castle, an original, Godaisan, and Katsurahama Beach are all scenic areas. They are one of the only places in Japan that continues the tradition of dog fighting. Kochi is also serves the best katsuo no tataki.

22 Kurashiki

Famous for its large and romantic canal lined with historic buildings from the Edo Period.

23 Matsue

A lovely coastal city with a great castle, nice onsen, and lots of other interesting sites scattered about.

24 Naruto

Most famous for its whirlpools, it is also home to a fun museum featuring replicas of famous art from around the world.

25 Matsuyama V 1 Comment
26 Otaru

A scenic historic town in Hokkaido

27 Yamagata
28 Hikone

A nice castle town, complete with an original castle, accompanying garden, and castle museum. Beyond that, it also has a few interesting temples and other historic sites.

29 Hamamatsu

The city has a large lake, caves, and many other historic sites scattered about. Many foreigners call Hamamatsu home.

30 Hiraizumi

The ancient capital of northern Japan.

31 Nagoya

A city that is comparable to Osaka, except it's aquarium is better, it has a world-class Railway Museum, many gardens, and nice museums.

32 Kumamoto
33 Beppu

A famous hot spring town.

34 Kitakyushu
35 Fukuyama V 1 Comment
36 Hagi

A former castle town with a large number of preserved houses from days of old that have now been designated World Heritage Sites. It's also known for its pottery.

37 Shimonoseki

Fugu capital of Japan and the site of the famous battle between Musashi Miyamoto and his arch rival.

38 Iwakuni V 1 Comment
39 Nagano
40 Chiba
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