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1 Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is located within the Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario on the northern shore of Lake Ontario.

It's a good city so I think that Toronto is the best in Canada and NYC in America

Canada is the best part of North America. If you disagree you are brainwashed.

I think it would be a tie between Toronto and new york - Mono

Toronto is a cleaner safer nyc. And cheaper

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2 New York City, United States

Yup, New York is awesome all right! John Lennon used to live here until he died.

Anyone who says Toronto is better must be drunk - JC123

Easily the best one! - TopTenJackson

How is Toronto better lol

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3 Chicago, United States

Chicago is the best

lol crime - Merggy

4 Montreal, Canada Montreal, Canada

It's better than Toronto and Vancouver lol. Toronto is just condos and Vancouver has no real summers and it rains. Montreal is half-north american and half-european

Best Canadian city, it's the most historical city in North America (first metropolitain in North America) and still remains 8th most populated city in North America, as well as having the biggest underground city in the world, it also hosts the annual Formula 1

Best city ever! Love hockey and love the skyline

Vive la différence!

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5 Vancouver, Canada

WOW! Vancouver is so beautiful

BORN and raised

6 Boston, United States

I absolutely love Boston. Can't wait to leave Europe and move to Boston.

The place looks nice and is great to travel to.

7 Mexico City, Mexico
8 Los Angeles, United States
9 Orlando, United States
10 Denver, United States Denver, United States

It's currently freezing there

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11 Houston, United States
12 Cancun, Mexico

Best city just saying

13 Havana, Cuba

Actually it's a North American country, try staying awake during geography class and read a book for a change

Cuba is a... South Amarican Contry

14 Washington D.C., United States
15 Pittsburgh, United States

My brother went there before. he said it was amazing. - funnyuser

Should be 6 but top 10 so true. we have the the most iron,steel,and coal

16 Ottawa, Canada
17 Puerta Vallarta, Mexico
18 Seattle, United States
19 Bellingham, United States
20 Miami, United States
21 Tijuana, Mexico
22 Austin, United States
23 Key West, United States
24 Philadelphia, United States
25 Calgary, Canada

Terrible city. Everyone is rude..

26 Edmonton, Canada

Best city in the world

27 Virginia Beach, United States
28 Las Vegas, United States Las Vegas, United States Las Vegas, officially the City of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States, the most populated city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County.
29 San Antonio, United States
30 Jacksonville, Florida
31 Quebec City, Canada Quebec City, Canada

Yeah the cold city

32 Cincinnati, United States

Ok I live close to hear I live like at the end of Ohio and the top of Kentucky.

33 Washington, United States
34 Saint Louis, United States

Yay - Orlemley

35 Kansas City, United States
36 Honolulu, United States
37 Halifax, Canada

I want to live there soon. If you never heard about Halifax, take a look to All about Halifax on YouTube

38 Green Bay, United States


39 Phoenix, United States

REALLY nice weather in winter and fall but summers suck

40 San Francisco, United States

Come on What The F, uck is wrong with this list it sould be higher, WOW Phoenix higher than SF?

41 Moncton, Canada
42 Macon, United States
43 Baltimore, United States

Beautiful city in a beautiful state! But, the city is VERY segregated(the west side is almost 100% black people and the north side is almost 100% white). Amazing downtown area and so many new homes and apartments, great for young people, stay away from the area west of M&T Bank Stadium!

44 Panama City, Panama

I've never visited Ciudad de Panamá BUT IT SOUNDS BEAUTIFUL! Would like to visit!

45 Kingston, Jamaica
46 Dallas, United States
47 Fredericton, Canada
48 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Very cool city to check out - MTDiorio19

49 Boulder, United States
50 Beverly Hills, United States
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1. Chicago, United States
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2. Chicago, United States
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