Top Ten Most Annoying Things When Using New Mobile Devices

The most annoying things with smartphone and tablets
The Top Ten
1 You Click Something, an Ad Pops Up

Is true I got too many ads and cry for a hour. I was like what the heck I want my money back!

I have a NuVision 7.85 and when I goto use it there's always an ad that pops up

2 You Download Pointless Apps to Get Game Coins, and It Doesn't Give You Anything
3 Switching from Apple to Android

I have an iPhone 4s and I broke it in October, then I got an Android tablet for Christmas and it has so so so many glitches I cannot stand android I was so used to Apple

4 Constant Freezes/Crashes

This happens when I had my iPhone before I broke it and right now with my tablet it always frozer crashed when something didn't work

5 Outrageously Priced Apps

Apps on the App Store in the Google Play Store alike Austin cost so much money and its like they think that everybody can just go out and buy an iTunes card or a Google Play card

6 In App Purchases

Usually it's an app itself is free but there are too many things in the ad that they want you to buy or else it will bombard you with ads and popups

Whoever Invented In-App Purchase, It must be Evil Capitalist Pig

To be honest there are many apps where everything is locked

7 Glitches

Freezes, crashes, apps not working, it's endless

8 Not Every Website Is Mobile Friendly

Web sites like Twitter and Facebook have apps and mobile websites which are all very glitchy

Mobile sites suck and are useless, desktop sites are glitchy and crash

9 Some Apps Won't Let You Delete Them

Most of your ipad/iPhone or Android tablet / smartphone have default apps that you can't delete but don't have any use for

10 Bandwidth

Sometimes when you have too many of these devices you can have internet problems I can blame half of it on the cable company but not just the cable company

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11 Some Apps Doesn't Work In Some Countries

In my country some apps doesn't work and they are very good luck as Netflix and Spotify

And some apps...

12 Crappy Browsers

Mobile sites are almost useless, and desktop sites lag. Slow, crashes, no flash.

13 Headphones Breaking Every Second
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