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1 Wizards of Waverly Place "Every Thing is Not What It Seems"

Great voice, great acting, great show. The theme song itself is just beautiful.

Glad it in top 3 but 1 max and his mum is funny and Alex Justin even there dad there dad but harper is not funny she super funny like max

It is MAGICAL! I love it so much. It's catchy, fun to list me to and it has a good beat!

I heard it and I couldn't believe this is the theme song usually a good song like this has it's own name instead of being seen on T.V. as a theme song. Selena gomez has such a good voice! Keep up the good work!

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2 Good Luck Charlie "Hang in There Baby"

Good Luck Charlie is one of my most passionate T.V. shows that I really care about more than any other Disney Channel show! I am totally obsessed with the theme song, Leigh Allyn Baker ( I am obsessed with her because she is funny and I loved these moments when she was pregnant twice, it was really funny), Bradley Steven Perry, and the adorable Mia Talerico! I cannot offer about her because she is the cutest little Disney star I have ever seen in my entire life! I really am in love with this show so much! I never want to stop watching it like forever! Haha! But really.. I am obsessed about it! When I first started watching it, I became obsessed with it like right away and I became interested when I found it on Netflix once.. So.. It was good! I really want to meet them super badly! It has been my dream to meet Leigh and Mia! I would be like very shocked!

Today's are work just running laying down jokes does anyone see where I am close my eyes take a bite grab a ride laugh out loud there it is up on the roof I've been there I survived suggesting my advice hang in there baby thinks I'm crazy but I know your futures bright hang in there baby there's no maybe everything turns out alright sure life is up and down but trust me it comes back around your gonna love who you turn out to be hang in there baby - Truly

It is cool. I like bridgit mendler. She is cool, nice, pretty, beautiful, generous, kind, smart, helpful.

I love good luck Charlie because Charlie ( mia talerico) is so cute and the song is awesome

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3 Liv and Maddie "Better in Stereo"

This song rocks

I'm under the spotlight! (Holler) I dare you come on and follow! You dance to your own beat! I'll sing the melody!

When you say yeah I say no when you say stop, all I wanna do is go go go

You say stop. All I want to do is goo.

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4 Kickin It "Kickin It"


best bro

It is awesome and super catchy! I new the whole thing off by heart after watching it once! I love this show and the theme song is my favourite! I can’t believe it’s only 4th on here!

It is awesome and catchy! Most of the Disney ones r ( not pair of kings though)

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5 Austin and Ally "Austin and Ally Theme" Austin and Ally

When the crowd wants more I bring on the thunder cause you got my back and I'm not going under your my point your my guard you're the perfects cord and I see our names together on every billboard heading for the top got it online make em say HEY and we'll keep rocking oh there's no way I can make it without ya do it without ya be here without ya its no fun when your doing it solo with you its like whoa yeah and I know i-i-i got the string cause i-i-i got you with me there's no way I can make it without ya do it without ya be here without ya - Truly

Most editing in a theme song video ever. I seriously love the editors of this show! Ross' singing is also really amazing. That kid has some talent!

I like them. They are kind, smart, cute, pretty, generous, helpful, beautiful, cool, nice. They are rock and roll. Musical.

Austin and ally is awesome I love both Laura and Ross they are cool

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6 Shake It Up "Shake It Up"

I love the show and the song! Absolutely deserves to be number 1! It just makes you want to get up and dance! Everybody, evrybody, get out on the floor!

I love. Shake. It up. Love. You your. The. Best

I love you zendaya as rocky blu and bella throne as cece jones

I love the theme song it's so catchy

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7 A.N.T. Farm "Exceptional"

I hate the show but love the theme - AliciaMae

I love the idea of this it's so cute

This song is okay

Wasn't super catchy but it had a good message to it.

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8 Girl Meets World "Take on the World"

This one is absolutely amazing, both the full version and the shortened one!

The best songs
Taught many things to me love it

It just makes me happy. It inspirational

This needs to be #1! You're just listing these as you go along. This is isn't a proper list. Take On the World definitely deserves to go before Hey, Jessie. SERIOUSLY, COME ON, PEOPLE.

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9 My Babysitter's a Vampire "Girl Next Door"

I bought this song iTunes and now I know it by heart. Only because she's the girl next door. Nice but naughty with a heart that's pure. - NiallersNandosXOXO

I think that the song shes the girl next door is awesome and I hope that the show really can start up on Disney Channel rory is a great actor

I always thought this was catchy. Who sings it?

I wander why the show stoped. I loved the show so much

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10 The Suite Life on Deck "Livin' the Suite Life"

It is the best Disney Channel Theme SONG, and it relates to the show so much.

The suite life on Deck is good episode to watch
and theme song is good sound to listen

I love this SONG. It is catchy and I could just listen to this SONG all day. It is the best.

Amazing! The first line is so catchy itself "come along with me, and lets head out to sea what this world has for you and for me now"

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? Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja is a Disney XD show created by Jed Ellinoff and Scott Thomas and produced by Titmouse Inc. The characters were designed by Jhonen Vasquez, a creator from a Nickelodeon show, Invader Zim . more.

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11 Gravity Falls "Made Me Realize"

I love the gravity falls theme song! It should be way higher on this list.

Seriously, #11? This should at least be in the top 10! It may have no lyrics but the beats and music is so catchy as call me maybe! (i'm so sorry). But still, this song is like an imagination generator. once you hear it it's like your in a journey through your mind and a place of wonders and mysteries, And it gets stuck in your head, in a good way..

I love the Gravity Falls theme song. It should be higher on this list. It’s so magical and mysterious which makes it perfect for the show. I juts love hearing and will never get bored of it.

The Gravity Falls theme song literally ties up with the theme animation and actually suited the show. Even though there's no lyrics, the theme song still stands out amazingly. Once you hear the theme song you can't get the awesomeness out of your head.

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12 Sonny with a Chance "So Far So Great"

This was a good song

So far, you have been so great, Demi Lovato. Heck, even greater than Sonny With a Chance.

13 Best Friends Whenever "Whenever"

This song is ok

14 Kim Possible "Call Me, Beep Me"

This is a classic! Honestly, it should be at the top. It's so catchy that literally EVERYONE knows it by heart!

What's with cartoons being so under-appreciated on this list?

This song s really catchy! The first time I heard it the song was in my head for weeks. I've heard it so many times that I know it by heart now.

Oh yes! A classic! Should be number 1! - gumballgal123

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15 Lilo and Stitch: The Series "Aloha, E Komo Mai"
16 Phineas and Ferb "Today is Going to Be a Great Day"

Who tf put this banger at 16

I Love the theme song it's the best

But it reruns on Disney Channel and Disney

I love this show. THE fact it going to end makes me sad. But old and new ones there all the best.

17 Hannah Montana ''The Best of Both Worlds''


It was the first song I liked the most... How is it not in top10. It is really a nice song... :-)

This show needs to be deleted

I always watch Hannah Montana at 9.00pm and when the theme song comes on I always jump out of bed and either sing or dance to it it's why I love it so much it gets me up and of my feet

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18 Jessie "Hey Jessie"

I heart jessie but not the person who said some of the theme song is really cheesy

Jessie is awesome and I love Luke he is so cool and cute

How is this not higher I gotta ask.

Yep, fifteen sounds about right. Honestly, Debby's so AutoTuned, and if you listen to the lyrics, some of it sounds really cheesy.

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19 I Didn't Do It "Time of Our Lives"

This song's much better than some stupid Sofia the First song.

20 So Random "So Random"
21 Pair of Kings "Top of the World"

This was the best


22 High School Musical "I Love Music"
23 The Suite Life of Zack and Cody "Here I Am"

I just love it
It's the best Disney Channel series!
It should be higher than High School Musical!

This song is just so FABULOUS!

How could this song be at 32?

This song is so amazing. You messed up people. LOL JK But this song's so much better than High School Musical songs.

24 K.C.Undercover "Keep It Undercover"

I like it

This should be next to Take On The World. Either under or above. U tell me.

Love the theme song

It's so secretive it amazing for K.C Undercover😝

25 Fish Hooks "Ring the Bell"

I liked this song :P

26 That's So Raven "That's So Raven (Main Theme)"

Love it. One of the best in Disney History. - Trucker55

It's so catchy!

So catchy

27 Jonas "Live to Party"
28 Violetta "En Mi Mundo"
29 Mighty Med "Mighty Med Theme"
30 Gravity Falls "Weirdmageddon Theme"
31 Cory in the House "Cory in the House"

Very catchy and makes you wanna dance.
you can tell it is old school rap
100% the best.

32 Wander Over Yonder "Wander Over Yonder Theme"

Even though it repeats the same thing, it is UNBELIEVABLY catchy.

The best theme song that repeats the same thing.

33 Phil of the Future "Phil of the Future Theme"
34 Bizaardvark "Let's Go Make Some Videos"

I love Bizaardvark's theme song, it is so catchy! Madison (Frankie) and Olivia (Paige) perform it so well!

35 The Little Mermaid "Under the Sea and Part of Your World (Instrumental)"

This show was so beautiful! Definitely did justice to the film!

36 Timon and Pumbaa "Hakuna Matata (Remix)"

Not the same version from the film, but good enough for the T.V. series.

37 Mickey Mouse Club "Mickey Mouse Club Theme"

The original Disney Channel show.

38 The Next Step "Stand Up"

Love the next step.

39 Wolfblood "These Veins of Wolfblood Grow"

Hate the show, love the theme.

I love this show and wolves

40 Sofia the First "I Was a Girl"

Weird title, awful show, awful singing = CATCHY!

41 Proud Family "Proud Family Theme Song"

One of the best theme songs so unique and so catchy how can you not sing to it!

42 Star vs the Forces of Evil "I'm from Another Dimension"
43 Boyster "Rather Extraordinary"

Mostly description, but catchy background music.

44 Duck Tales Theme "Ducktales"
45 Even Stevens "Even Stevens Theme Song" Even Stevens

I love the clay animations, and the song is amazing!

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