Gravity Falls

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Gravity Falls is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation that first aired on Disney Channel, and then on Disney XD from June 15, 2012 to February 15, 2016. The series follows the adventures of Dipper Pines and his twin sister Mabel in the fictional town of Gravity more.


I watch Gravity Falls ALL the time! I have almost all the episodes recorded and more coming soon because this is pretty much the only show I watch! I used to watch all the stupid sitcoms until this came along! I honestly think this show tops Phineas & Ferb. As this show has a new theme and plot every episode whereas with P&F as you grow up you realize it is very repetitive and they only throw in some cool 1-hour special or mix-up every now and then as some excuse to keep it fresh. With Gravity Falls they don't even need to to that! This show is an adventure every episode! But I would love a 1-hour girlfriend special. That would make the series so much better!

This show is one of the best cartoons on Disney Channel. No, wait I mean show on Disney Channel. No I mean cartoons on the television! It has great characters, awesome animation, and the best plot! It should be at #1 right now. This show has the funniest jokes made for both children and adults. Good Luck Charlie and Austin & Ally should be below #10, but NO. 10 year olds invade the internet and vote for them because some of the characters are "cute". Get real. Having a cute character doesn't make a show good. Gravity Falls has cute characters like Mabel and Waddles. Put this show at #1!

Only reason I watch Disney nowadays. This show actually has great and relatable characters and a good plot. HOW IN THE WORLD IS AUSTIN AND ALLY AND GOOD LUCK CHARLIE HIGHER? Both shows above don't teach life lessons. I mean, two teens getting famous is overused. The cliffhanger at the end of the first season was like a perfectly baked cake. Also, Waddles :3

Gravity falls is honestly the best show on disney channel. How can you not love it? There is new mystery every episode. The show is hilarious and will put you at the edge of your seats every time. The characters are hilarious! This show doesn't even compare the the awful show shake it up, now that is the all time WORST show ever! I absolutly love gravity falls and I hope that it NEVER ends, in my opinion this show should be number one on the best show chart

GRAVITY FALLS! I don't know why its number 6 right now, it deserves to be number one! Its really funny and I love the whole mystery aspect of it, and plus the chracters are really relatable, I'm a twin, and when dipper and mabel go through twin things (feeling jealous of the other twin being taller, wanting seperate rooms) I can relate, this is the best Disney show ever, talking dogs? Teens on a dancing show? COME ON?!?! GRAVITY FALLS! GRAVITY FALLS!

Gravity Falls is hilarious! It is easily the best show on Disney Channel. Not only is is funny and creative, It has great, lovable characters and a great plot for each episode. It is definitely my all time favorite animated show! It is WAY better than shows like Jessie and Shake it up. I love Mabel!

Weel... Who want's a lamby lamby lamby? I do! I do! Seriously people, this is one of those shows that you're going to remember well into your adulthood. Perfect. Just perfect. Mabel is my favorite character. Why? I guess she's just so... IRRESISTIBLE.

I love this show it is so exiting, and interesting. You never know what is going to happen next. It doesn't have a singer Thank God and when they do sing it's just a silly song. Any ways I like it.

Gravity falls is the only show I would watch on Disney. It is funny and mysterious at the same time. Every time a new episode comes on I am so exited. It also has good songs too. WATCH THIS SHOW!

Best show ever I love the twins. I am more like dipper even though I'm a girl I'm always curious I want to know the secrets behind gravity fall. I love soos! Mystery twins forever

Every single Disney Channel show sucks except for this and Phineas and Ferb. What happened to Disney? Their shows used to be so amazingly good. All of the new ones are just crappy sitcom style shows that aren't funny at all.

The best animated show I have ever seen in a long while, it's clever, creepy, funny, and very interesting and it keeps me on the edge of my seat, what else will happen? You never know in Gravity Falls

Please please please vote for gravity falls is the best Disney series! I love LOVE this series, mabel is fun and I love dipper is also very funny, I love this series

Honestly, one of the best shows on T.V.. I've never seen a show so detailed, beautiful, and mature on any channel, let alone, on a channel like Disney, which is full of awful teeny bopper sitcoms. - keycha1n

Come on guys. Everybody knows that this is the only good show left on Disney. How exactly is a&a number one and this number 6? This is hilarious! Stay strong guys. 2/15/13.

This show is funny and awesome. It has characters with different personalities. You have to watch the series from the beginning because all of the episodes connect. It is my favorite show!

I am SO GLAD this show is not on any of the Worst Disney Channel Shows Lists. This is the best show on Disney, how is this still number 4?

Gravity falls is way better than some of the rubbish Disney has produced! But some idiots like all that other stuff but we don't! - triggerhappy

Awesome show plus austin and ally = :( and good luck charlie equals :) but gravity falls = :0 anyone who actually gets it like and reply

This is the best show I've ever seen I watch all the episodes over and over again! It's so clever, and genius. It takes smarts to figure out the secrets that are hidden throuought the show and had a very thrilling and unexpected finale! Its great for older kids, I am 9 and it is my FAVORITE SHOW!

Gravity falls has so many hidden details throughout the series that sadly a lot of people miss.


This must be the best Disney Channel show ever!

MAN! If you haven't seen Gravity falls your weird! Me and my friends katryna and mikayla watch it 24/7. I have posters all OVER MY ROOM! I know all the words. To EVERY episodes. My ipod is full of gravity falls stuff and my lock screen is mabel and dipper and my home screen is mabel. I'm being mabel for Halloween. I recorded all the episode. YEP YOU CAN REALLY SAY I'm CRAY CRAY ABOUT GRAVITY FALLS! 2013!

Best. Show. Ever! I love this show and think this is their best show ever I give it 100 out of 10!