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1 Something to Dance For / TTYLXOX - Zendaya feat. Bella Thorne

I love Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman

This song so catchy! It's really fun to listen to. I'm glad that it is crowned.

I love them they are awesome every song they make is great I went to go see them in concert and I went to there dressing room because the security guard is my uncle so they let me in and I asked them some qustions they just touched my heart and I found out that they are my best friends/cousin I love you guys I hope you read this and the song is so catchy it calms me down when I am sad once they gave me a private tour of there house and I lived there for a week

Zendaya is so much better doe

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2 Party In the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus Party In the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus

Love Miley Cyrus she is a good singer go Miley

I hate disney, but if I had to pick this is fine


I have loved this song since I was a little kid.

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3 Double Take - Austin and Ally

Ross is so good this is not my fave song but its good I like billion hits

I think Ross Lynch is handsome, good at dancing and has a great singing voice.

I don't know but this song is so catchy and it is the first song in AUSTIN & ALLY

Great song. To tell the truth I love all austin and ally songs

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4 Hurricane - Bridgit Mendler Hurricane - Bridgit Mendler

I love bridget mendler and hurricane is one of my favourite songs. So vote for hurricane and this is coming from a 10 year old

Hi you are ok hi bridgit mendler I got to talk to you I have dog and cat will you like to come over my house. Love Bella Sparrow

It's a great song! I like Bridgit Mendler.

My friend and I love this song

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5 Don't Look Down - Austin & Ally

I like that song its the best one love you guys so much

I love that song because its like your at hollywood live.

I relly like the song because its cool

Best song ever

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6 Determinate - Lemonade Mouth

This song is just nice... I really love it. That's just the way it is. I so much love lemonade mouth. Wish most of their songs were on this list. You just gotta love these guys!

This song is great! I love dancing to it and the movie was GREAT 2! Best song on this list! #1

It's the rapping by Adam Hicks that I think is the most amazing. It's far better than what we got from "Let it Shine," mainly because Adam wrote it himself.

This brings back so many memories.

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7 Send It On - Disney's Friends for Change Send It On - Disney's Friends for Change

This is definitely number one because ALL the BEST and MAJOR disney stars are on it! SEND IT ON. SEND IT ON. SEND IT ON is most definitely the best how can it not be when you Demi the jonas brothers selena and miley all on it


I don't know I just think that it was a great song for the biggest stars on Disney to come together and sing! The next data I realize that I was not being a friends for change and needed to not only help the planet, but help the people on the planet

2009 was the last great year for disney

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8 Contagious Love - Zendaya & Bella Thorne Contagious Love - Zendaya & Bella Thorne

Love it best song on this whole album and the best song so far on the show I just love this song so much and I think it should be I in the top five at least but it is the second best shake it up song so far

LOVE IT. Every time I hear it I get up and dance even when my leg is bleeding and hurts bad. THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!

I adore this song. Zendaya and Bella have both awesome voices, but I have to admit that Zendaya is my favourite!

This is the Best Disney Channel song ever, these two girls can sing.

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9 Me, Myself and Time - Demi Lovato Me, Myself and Time - Demi Lovato

I love this song. It tells you that if you have a problem it's easier for you to stop it, nobody else. The first time I heard the song it spoke to me. The next day my problems all slowed down. It's amazing. Thank you.

It is a really nice song and it gets stuck in my head every time I listen to it with is sometimes annoying but it's probably the kind of song you want stuck in your head.

That song is amazing, it makes everybody dancing. I'm not ever a fan of Demi Lovato but that song is one of my top faves!

I love this song so much she is so beautiful sweet and kind wonderful person amazing singer I love her she sing I be this like her I love her I big fan I be her friend I love her she dance so believable popular.

BFFF best famous friend forever; Megan marrero

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10 You Can Come to Me - Austin and Ally

Love this song so much! Austin and Ally is my favorite show on Disney Channel! Of course I watch Disney or Nickelodeon. Mostly Disney. But this is an Awesome show!

I just fall in love with this song every time I hear it I sing!

I love it it shows the love between austin and ally

So romantic amazing cute earworm

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? Call It Whatever - Bella Thorne Call It Whatever - Bella Thorne V 1 Comment
? It's Me, It's You - Ross Lynch It's Me, It's You - Ross Lynch V 1 Comment

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11 So Far So Great - Demi Lovato So Far So Great - Demi Lovato

I love this song so much it motivate me to do my best and I just love Demi Lovato

Love this song, even have it on my ipod. Very motivational and I love Demis voice. Definitely should be higher than Contagious love and ttylxox, considering bella can't sing and shes even said so - dragonfly99

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12 Not a Love Song - Austin and Ally

All austin & ally songs are number 1

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13 Fearless - Taylor Swift Fearless - Taylor Swift

Best song
Just love it, and I love Taylor Swift! Better than any other voice here. Fearless is a beautiful song and has beautiful lyrics

This song is'nt disney but I really love it! taylor always doing great in her song..

Fearless is my favourite song in the world! I LOVE it! And I always will. It tells the story love, sweet love! It's beautiful, and I love it!

Thus is not a Disney Channel song

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14 Magic - Selena Gomez Magic - Selena Gomez

When I went to Disneyland they played that song, and it is a great song.

I loved this song when I saw the movie I was singing it forever

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15 S.O.S. - Jonas Brothers S.O.S. - Jonas Brothers

Joe brothers is the best I think they want to give a challenge to Justin bibber and emenim

Hi jonas brothers new fun nick love rachel

Not to be a hater but I hate it And I did not really like the inperation

16 Unstoppable - China Anne McClain Unstoppable - China Anne McClain

Nah its cool but it also is bad I mean yea Chyna sings this song but for what reason what did she ment to say that shes unstoppable or what this song kinda looks like Lemonade Mouths somebody and her song Dynamite is a cover but it stil looks like Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus My Crush looks like He could be the one by Miley Beautifull looks like Demi Lovato's song with joe jonas which I forgot what it was called like Calling All The Monsters looks like Tell Me Something I don't know but only the video so China Anne sings all these songs and they are nice but for what reason Please do NOT think that I hate her I'm just saying my option

This song always make me feel so much better! I feel UNSTOPPABLE!

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17 Watch Me - Bella Thorne, Zendaya & Cast of Shake It Up: Break It Down Watch Me - Bella Thorne, Zendaya & Cast of Shake It Up: Break It Down

This song helps me dance.. I'm a dancer you know... Love this song..

This is the absolute best shake it up song. - williamrozario

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18 We Can Change the World - Bridgit Mendler We Can Change the World - Bridgit Mendler

Love this song! I love Bridgit Mendler!

I love this song and I love Bridget mendler VOTE

I love this song) it made me help out more in my community

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19 The Best of Both Worlds - Miley Cyrus The Best of Both Worlds - Miley Cyrus

I think that the best of both worlds is a great song and I also think they shouldn't have taken away the show Hanna Montana from Disney Channel it was an amazing show please Miley or Hanna please come back to Disney Channel we miss you

The best of both worlds are based on the same person with two lives but I enjoyed the film and also Miley Cyrus is an amazing actress and singer and she needs to keep up the good work.
From kathleen, Miley Cyrus' biggest fan!

Miley I love Hanna Montana the movie. L can't Waite to see it again

I mean it's okay but it's not my favorite

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20 Me and You - Laura Marano Me and You - Laura Marano

Love this song laura marano deserves more of an acting career

Austin and Ally I love this is a love song Ally is my faverit fan

I love her she is so beautiful I at her singing career I love her I be her friend I big fan she talented and fun amazing song writer popular good singer I love her she is good singing voice
BFsF best famous singer friend forever;; megan marrero

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