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Austin & Ally is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Disney Channel on December 2, 2011, and ended on January 10, 2016. The series was created by Kevin Kopelow & Heath Seifert, the writers and producers of the Disney Channel sitcoms Sonny with a Chance and Jonas.


I love this show! Mainly because there is no other show like it. If you think about it, what other show is musical? Any way, I think it is super funny and all the episodes are really creative. The songs are so good and so catchy!


Someone below stated that dez was a funny RANDOM redhead. Now this person got one thing right, RANDOM. EVERYTHING ON THIS FLIRTY FAIL SHOW IS RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM RANDOM. Now this person also got one thing wrong more than one thing like how it is a good show but just lets stick to the topic how Dez is funny. DEZ IS NOT FUNNY. He is a creepy little ugly flirty guy who is the farthest from funny unless u have a horrible sense of humor, which from someone and most of the comments u sad that dez is FUNNY. Try people try. I'm not saying u HAVE to agree with me I'm just saying that in the real actual world, this makes much more sense. Now I was just picking on Dez. But now let's see ally. 1 horrible actor. 2 horrible singer. awkward nerd 4 horrible dancer. 5 horrible with guys. 6 ugly. 7 no guy would EVER be into her in real life. Austin 1 sucks. 2 u only like this shows cause he's on it. horrible singer. 4 horrible dancer. 5 let's admit if Ross lynch wasn't hot, u all would be against this ...more

Honestly, this show is just like any old 90's Disney sitcom. In stead of focusing on dumb, anorexic 13 year old girls, it actually have funny, interesting characters that aren't lame cliche stock characters, and pretty good music. It's child friendly, and the characters are amazing role models. Austin teaches us that with enough hard work and dedication, you can do almost anything. Ally teaches us that it never hurts to trust others and teamwork is essential. Trish teaches up that giving up is never the answer, and confidence takes you to high places. And Dez teaches us to not care what others may think of you

I love this show very much mostly laura marano as ally I respect your opinions but if you watch this show from the start til the end it gets better my favorite episode is the last part of season three. This show is about friendship, and they became partners and fell in love with each other I am so sad when this show is over I hope they will make another show like austin and ally and I want laura marano to be one of the characters. In my opinion at first I hate laura marano's voice but when she keeps on singing it get's better. I also like ross lynch as austin, I hope they will be a couple one day. And I also like trish and dez they are so funny. This is just my opinion I hope soon you will like laura marano. Thank you

I love Austin & Ally. It's so funny and entertaining. We have Austin, whom is a teenager that is propelled to stardom after he becomes an overnight internet sensation with the song Double Take. There's Ally, the brilliant and talented teenager whom is restricted to only writing songs because of her paralyzing stage fright. Because of this, Ally eventually decides to become Austin's songwriter. Then Trish, the girl with a loud fashion sense and attitude to match, who becomes Austin's manager. And Dez, the goofy and random redhead.

The cast all work so well together and it's always entertaining.

You'd think that this was gonna be another show where a bunch of kids can hardly act and need auto tune to sound decent when they sing- NO. I was surprised, myself when I found out it wasn't.
Turns out, this kids are crazy talented. Laura Marano (Ally Dawson) has been acting for 12+ years and still does acting classes, and has an amazing voice to go with her piano playing abilities. Ross Lynch (Austin Moon) has been in a band since he was very young, so he's an excellent singer and dancer- not to mention he can play 7+ instruments.
Those are just the lead roles! Calum Worthy (Dez) is a very talented pianist and actor, and Raini Rodriguez has been performing since 11 and has starred in various movie roles and guest starred in many T.V. shows.
So yes- this teens are legit talented.
To add to the show's awesomeness- the writing is amazing. While season 1 was rather quirky and funny, the second season focused on deeper subjects- such as romance. (Auslly! )

Like every ...more

I have to admit, before I used to judge shows by their covers.
But now when I watched it I actually like it! I Absolutely love the songs, Like:
Steal Your Heart
Don't Look Down
Finally me
Stuck on you
Right now I REALLY don't understand why people hate this show,
Auslly is my Favourite couple!
What I really like about the characters, is that they have there own style.
Austin: I like how he is Childish and Cool in the same time.
Ally: I like how she is shy, and really talented!
Dez: He is very funny and dumb but that's why I like him.
Trish: I Hate how People just say that she is ugly I get what you guys mean but, I really like how she gets a job and loses it again, and again.

Now Straight to the point, I Think this is a great show (MY OPINION)


Actually Austin and Ally did become a couple. I totally respect your opinions. Everyone has different opinions. in my case Austin and Ally is one of the best shows I've ever seen. It had brought me the feels. In my opinion Season 1 and Season 3 had best songs. Season 4 not so much, Season 4 just had random episodes but the end of season 4 was amazing. The whole show is basically a love story of two strangers that meet in a music store, become best friends and partners and eventually fall in LOVE. I thought it was a good show till the season 3 finale, after the season 3 finale I started to love the show. That finale was so romantic. My favorite actress is also Laura Marano. I know you might disagree and I understand. Laura is up beat and always positive. to be honest I am a bit similar to her in personality. I smile a lot and I know it gets annoying but I just can't stop. Laura Marano might have not had the best voice before but she has improved. A lot of my friends say that her voice ...more

I absolutely love Austin and ally! Austin (although it wouldn't matter if he wasn't) is very attractive, but Ross, you need a haircut! Even though your hair is a little bit too long, that does not stop you from being very handsome. ally, is also very pretty, and she looks a lot like her beautiful sister! This T.V. show is very engaging and cute. I also love trish and dez! Keep up the good work team austin and ally!
P.S. Ross lynch (Austin) and Laura Marano (Ally) make the perfect couple!

Austin and Ally was one of the only Disney Channel shows since Wizards of Waverly Place or Hannah Montana that actually was enjoyable. The actors on the show always gave their best. And Austin and Ally was a show who was played by four best friends who were actual best friends in real life. The show may have had some ups and downs but all in all it was a great show.

This show is funny, and has music in it! Seriously, what do people have against it? There is drama which I love! But I just wish Austin and Ally would date! Dez is the one of the funniest Disney Channel characters ever! I don't know how it's in top ten worst Disney Channel shows. This show is sweet and funny. Besides, not much shows have music in every episode, you guys should appreciate Austin and Ally more.

Austin and Ally is the best show ever. The actors are great and super funny. The series follows the partnership between polar opposites ��" Austin Moon, an extroverted musician/singer, Ally Dawson, a brilliant yet shy songwriter and their two best friends, Trish and Dez. Unbeknownst to Ally, Austin and Dez "borrow" one of her songs, record it, create a video and post it on the Internet, after which it and Austin become a local internet sensation. When Trish convinces Ally to tell the world she wrote the song, Austin pleads with her to write another hit for him. Instead, the two combine their talents to create a true musical tour-de-force. The whole group is completely different from each other, but they always seem to "click" with each other.

I love this show. It is amazing, like it is literally the best one on the show, Shake it up, is too unpractical like they are supposed to be back up dancers, but they are ALWAYS in the front, and Jessie is just too... Cheesy. Austin and Ally has romance, humor, and drama! It is the best show on Disney. I LOVE IT

I honestly think that Austin & Ally is the best show on Disney next to Good Luck Charlie. Every episode is amazing and the cast has so much chemistry. They are all very real and friendly in real life. I hope there will be 4 or even 5 seasons to it!

My entire family watches this show together. Having a 6 year old daughter, I appreciate the wholesome entertainment of this and all the Disney shows. This show stands out because of the music and the comedic acting talents of Calum Worthy (Dez). The episodes when Dez and Chuck go head to head are hilarious! The two actors have great on screen chemistry.

I'm in love with this show! That's my opinion anyways and I think that it should have a higher rating, personally because it has great potential and the story line is great along with all of the actors. They fit the roles perfectly.

Disney why the heck is there fail music is EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Austin & Ally is seriously a waste of your life. First of all it doesn't teach you any lessons in life, which is why they invented books and movies and Disney SHOWS(unless u count learning how to loose your boyfriend or girlfriend). Second of all, this show is way too unrealistic. Kids who watch this show think that there gonna become a singer, 1 out of a billion people get picked for that. They're giving this kid high hopes for himself/herself which aren't gonna happen and when this stinking kid goes to college they might go into music and fail the class and then become homeless. This ruins kids lives. Third of all, kids should not be watching a bunch of teenagers flirt. SERIOUSLY. All they do in this show is flirt and sing and fail at everything they try. I'm sorry to those who liked this show but, I just ruined your fantasy that Austin & Ally is actually a good show. Seriously wake up and come 2 the real world

FANTASTIC show made by Disney! The gang have amazing chemistry and they get into all kinds of adventures. Definitely one of the best shows on Disney! Ross Lynch and Laura Marano make an amazing job playing Austin and Ally including the relationship between them and all the comedic situations they get into! LOVE the show! LOVE the actors

The songs are great, The jokes are so funny and this is the only show I like from the 3d generation. I like it when you know that Austin and ally are gonna date but they are first friends but starting to fall in love :)) - lovaticX

Man, I thought the show wouldn't be great because I never heard of any of the stars on the show. But when I heard break down the wall it was awesome. Might I say they are good looking people too. SEASON 2 came ans every episode was too good. This is one of the best shows Disney has out now. Catchy music, good looking people, funny, and the romance between Austin and Ally was too much to handle. AUSLLY FOREVER YOS!

I love this show it makes me laugh and do when Austin sings it makes me feel like I want to be a rockstar one day in my life and I think that Ally is a amazing song writer when she writes a song I want to one day perform it one day because your songs Ally are amazing and they are also so cool and danceable

This is definitely the best Disney show ever. It has every think a show need ya I admit that the season 1 was not so good but season 2 and 3 are Amazing. Everyone in that show is so Amazing. Laura is so inspiring and so are the others. I seriously love the music and romance in the show. It has a purpose to everything and a meaning.

I do love austin and ally, it's so obvious that they are in love each other, Ally is a very great and funny girl even if she is a bit too shy, Austin is really a nice and cute guys, they are both really talented, there is no way they can make it without each other! One for all, all for this T.V. show!

Austin and Ally is definitely my favourite show on Disney Channel! I love the music, the characters, the plot line, the setting and the humour.
Team Austin (and Ally) have a great group dynamic and each one plays an important role. You have Austin-the cool and confident rocker who's extremely sweet (and hot! ) and he has matured throughout the show. Ally-she was the shy and quiet songwriter who overcame her stage fright and is the responsible one of the group. Trish-the funny manager who can't keep a job for long but she somehow manages to pull everything together for the group, and not to mention she is a great best friend. Then there's Dez- the awesome video director who makes the show absolutely hilarious. I love all the characters and their friendship is super solid!
AUSLLY- Austin and Ally as a romantic pairing. I'm obsessed with it! THey are actually the cutest couple there is and I ship it so much. They HAVE TO get back together ASAP!
This show should at least be in ...more