Girl Meets World

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Girl Meets World is an American coming of age television sitcom. The series made its debut on Disney Channel on June 27, 2014.


36! This and Gravity Falls are the only good shows on Disney Channel right now. I don't understand why kids these days are watching Jessie and Austin and Ally. What these shows teachings kids? Girl meets World teaches so much. It's already nominated for Teen Choice Award and it only has 3 episodes out.. Riley is just so adorable and I love Corey and Topanga. I just love how it's the same as Boy Meets World but it's a little different in a way.

What an AMAZING show! Girl Meets World is definitely one of my favourite Disney Channel shows. Not only does this show have amazing characters and comedic situations but during each episode there is the very important life lesson which eventually changes the way you look around you. Fantasic show with awesome actors especially the talented Rowan Blanchard!

It's basically my life. I love it like no other. It's an amazing show and has changed my life for the best. It's actually not only a show to me, it means a lot more. It has taught me a lot of things, has been life changing for me. I can relate so much to Riley. Fun, quirky, annoying, funny, solicitous on the outside but insecure, scared, afraid and unpredictable on the inside. Every character, I can relate to, but Riley is mostly. Some episodes such as GMRileytown, GMForgivnessProject, GMAChristmasMaya made me cry a ton and affected me, caused me to be more into the character's shows. I can relate a lot and it brightens up my day just by seeing their (the cast's) faces. I definitely want it to be #1 because it impacted and influenced me so much, made me an even better person, made me smile in my rough times, etc.

! This should be higher up! I love girl meets world! Some people think it's stupid! This teaches kids lessons but not in a totally boring way like some of the other shows. In my opinion kids of all ages can watch this. It has some lessons and has some really funny jokes and all the characters are funny and the actors are really good!

This show helped me get through eighth grade. It taught so much like staying positive and being true to yourself (a lot of not caring what other people think of me). I am always looking forward to the new episodes and watching them over and over again! By far the best show Disney has EVER made!

Honestly this one has to be in the top 5, for me this is my favorite show next to austin and ally, this show teaches kid lessons and you learn stuff about history, I have never watched boy meets world but I'm hoping it's just like this.

Girl meets world is an amazing, family friendly show. I find that it is not like a lot of Disney Channel shows these days, where all the jokes are insulting and overall, its very cute and can teach kids a lot. I love the diverse personalities and the actors are pretty good for Disney chamnel - soon this show will be at the top of the list!

Really the best show Disney Channel has ever seen. I especially like the fact that it does not have any holiday specials or anything it just sticks to the story like BNW. Great show and is already very popular. They have made a remix where the cast of all disney shows are dancing and singing to the girl meets world song.

This show is genius. The cast is perfect, the scenario, everything. Maybe it's because of my teenage feelings and my confused spirit but I can relate to every character in a certain way. The life lessons are great.

Honestly this show has like one funny scene an episode and it talks about one thing. Teaching a completely clueless bunch of kids how to survive on their own

My favorite character would be Rowan Blanchard because she is really pretty. On the show she is crazy in my kind of way. If anything this show should be number 1

This show is awesome!... Way better than most of the shows higher on the list, this is one of the few shows that actually teaches life lessons! This should be on the top ten

Girl Meets World, although unrealistic, helps teach important lessons with solid morals. It is not as good as Boy Meets World, but it is still a very good show. I enjoy this show as it does not ignore difficult issues, such as cyber-bullying and God (which most T.V. shows will not touch with a stick as they don't want to alienate anyone.) I still think that some of the characters can be a bit rude to adults (Maya, ever etc.) but it is still much better than most Disney shows out there right now.

Okay, now Girl Meets World should be higher than 25. Even though it does have a laugh track like all of the other shows. the cast is good with Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter as the two leads. Even though Girl meets Texas was to over-dramatic I feel that the cast might need to be real for a chance. But don't get me wrong it s a great show

The only good thing about this show is how they have the lessons they used to have on boy meets world. But I think the script needs work. The jokes are just corny. Don't understand it.

My all time favorite Disney show! It isn't only hilarious but also teaches us about the world. No wonder it has such a big fan base. "Take on the world."

I think that this show is really good because it has a good taste and it is a really good show and it's so cool into a different world and I like the way the show is created

This should be number one!
It's deffinitelly the best disney show!
It's exciting, funny, nice and I love that advices in every episode.
It teaches kids good lessons and by the way I love Riley's parents.
They're such a nice couple. And I want Cory to be my teacher.
This show is just brilliant

I like a girl meets world teaches you stuff like friendship problems that can be solved and what you might go through in school

I love girl meets world it teaches you a lot and I like this better than Jessie and dog with a blog this is one of my favorite shows on Disney Channel

This show SHOULD NOT have been cancelled! Disney was on drugs when they made the decision.

The show is so funny and Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter are the prettiest and most talented child actresses that ever existed!

This is the best show there is! Teaches us life lessons and there are so many great and gorgeous actors! Sabrina Carpenter has a voice!

This should be way higher. Gravity Falls is Disney. It teaches lessons about life in a great way.People who have watched Boy meets world will enjoy it the most. Riley and Maya have almost a greater friendship then Cory and Shawn! (Boy meets world reference)

Girl Meets World teaches many important life lessons that every teenage girl should learn in her life