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21 A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm A.N.T. Farm is an American teen sitcom which originally aired on Disney Channel from May 6, 2011 to March 21, 2014. It first aired on May 6, 2011, as a special one-episode preview and continued as a regular series starting on June 17, 2011. After airing as the preview of the series, the pilot episode more.

I absolutely love this show! The show is really funny, and the actors are so cute and talented.

This should not be number 20! At the worst I would give it a 5 maybe a 6 but not even close to 20. This show is the best show ever known. I love it because it is funny and because its about friendship. Its cool because they have really amazing talants. I love olive and flecher together they would make such a good couple I mean they have been friend more then chyna has with them. BEST SHOW EVER!

This should be like number 2 it is a really good show and it deserves to b 2! It is so funny and I love Fletcher with all his art of chyna (; I love all the episodes and olive makes me laugh everybody and anybody should watch this show chyna is one of the most talented people I have seen (;

I am so happy this show got taken off of T.V.. I hated this show! But the main character, China has a pretty good voice. - emmaricciuto

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22 Girl Meets World Girl Meets World Girl Meets World is an American coming of age television sitcom. The series made its debut on Disney Channel on June 27, 2014.

Girl Meets World should be higher up in fact it should be number 1. I know a lot of people hate it but it really affects some people and makes them a lot happier and make them a better person. It has helped me and my friend because at first we were down all the time and we weren't happy but the life lessons they teach are actually amazing and help a lot. They almost never have episodes that are copies of other shows and you don't see the same boring, lame, cheesy things you see in most kids shows. This show has changed my life it's seriously underrated and I love it and I wish I could tell Rowan, Sabrina, Corey, Peyton, Ben, Danielle, and August thank you so much. I hope the people who don't like it actually watch it and see how amazing and inspiring it is.

I love it when Girl meets world teaches so much not just about knowledge about life in general! The metaphors they make connects the lessons to the real life world which not only them as characters can understand but us as the audience can relate to. It is a beautifully constructed show and I'm sorry Lucaya all the way! The connection between the characters are so strong and the random flashbacks to Boy meet World is amazing. If you like Disney shows this is definitely not one that you should skip out on because Girl meets world makes life lessons entertaining and I think that anyone no matter what age will enjoy the show.

36! This and Gravity Falls are the only good shows on Disney Channel right now. I don't understand why kids these days are watching Jessie and Austin and Ally. What these shows teachings kids? Girl meets World teaches so much. It's already nominated for Teen Choice Award and it only has 3 episodes out.. Riley is just so adorable and I love Corey and Topanga. I just love how it's the same as Boy Meets World but it's a little different in a way.

I'm sorry, I thought that Riley liked the Texan not her best friend. The dad acts like he's hopped up on drugs probably because his brother's way more famous then him. The girl acts retarded and is sniffin' some rainbow crap because she acts insane. And there is no way in heck that Farkle is autistic, he just needs a slap across the face acting like some ADHD psycho! Give him a fidget spinner and tell him to just SHUT UP and stop quaking like some duck on weed.

I've got to say everything about this show is on crack! I mean, they pull you in with some quick humor at the beginning, and then it all goes to heck! Farkle and Maya are on drugs because their parents don't love them. I bet Maya only hangs out with Riley for a decent meal and a ride to school. Farkle's quacking is probably from his hangover! And if he can't get Maya just use your money to buy a stripper if u need one. I feel like Farkle only likes Maya to get a cigarette every once and a while! And what does that texan ...more

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23 Kickin' It Kickin' It Kickin' It is an American martial arts-inspired comedy television series that originally aired on Disney XD from June 13, 2011 to March 25, 2015. Created and executive produced by Jim O'Doherty, the series is rated TV-Y7 and follows the karate instructor at an under-performing martial arts academy, more.

Kickin' It is one of the fairly new Disney shows, first premiering in 2011, early June. From the start, Kickin' It had shown viewers the meaning of loyalty and friendship, clearly stating that this sitcom isn't just another one to laugh about, but has meaning and life lessons.

Like other Disney shows such as, Hannah Montana, Suite Life, and Wizards of Waverly Place, the show is K+ rated humorous - obviously, this is Disney. The lines aren't too corny, and each episode will have you smiling until the end.

Kickin' It is not only humorous and meaningful, but also includes martial arts and displays of love interests. The most popular between Jack (Leo Howard) and Kim (Olivia Holt). With that, the show reaches out not only to boys, but to girls.

It's always enjoyable to watch these Disney kids (and their characters) grow up, even if they are just reading their script papers.

Kickin' It I say is Unique... Every Single Disney show is about friends and friends and friends, but this has friendship and determination on saving what they love the most. This is creative putting Disney-usual classic of friendship but original.. The actors are amazing and some episode might even inspire you to do something you love even if your amazing and even if your not... A lot of the top ten should not even be in the top ten... But for me Kickin' it is BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST T.V. sHOW Disney HAS TO OFFER... If this would go to Disney Channel AN INSTANT HIT I WILL SAY!

Why are Kickin it Not in The top? Its one of The greatest Series on Disney Channel! The ideas are great, The actors are great, The story is great. It makes me want to start doing karate!
So please vote for one of The greatest Series of All time!
And if anyone from Kickin it Sees This, then I just want to say that I would love too meet you in Real life!
Greetings from Denmark!

I love almost all of the shows but this one is just great

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24 Lilo & Stitch: The Series

It is funny and I could watch it 10 times without getting slightly bored!

Original, funny, and creative.

Lilo and stitch is a really good tell because it is cute and funny and also sometimes very educational and Lilo and stitch have a very close bond with Lilo plays the role of a little girland stitch plays the role of a rat can wrap

I love stich so cutte - natasha18

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25 The Proud Family The Proud Family The Proud Family is an American animated sitcom that ran on Disney Channel from September 15, 2001 to August 19, 2005.

Why is this show at 32nd after all this other new crap. This show was one of the best ever. It should have replaced any of the neawer shows. That's So Raven should've taken the first place spot because it was actually comedy that made sense. Unlike this new junk where they yell out the most random crappy stuff on the planet. Also Proud Family should've been right behind it.


I love this show so much it was like a reality show in cartoon form it showed how Penny was with her friends how her mom was crazy along with her grandmother and the dad was jealous and always high alert about boys like a normal dad is and the little devils that were the babies miss this so much.

THIS SHOW WAS SO GOOD, THE JOKES WERE SOOO FUNNY! (especially Sugar Mama) But why Is this show under Austin and ally, That show is SO boring, this should be above the modern shows!

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26 Star vs. the Forces of Evil Star vs. the Forces of Evil Star vs. the Forces of Evil is an American animated television series produced by Disney Television Animation.

The fact that this got lower than bonkers hurts me! Star Vs the forces of evil is good. It wants to be the next gravity falls and with the serious moments such as Mewnipendence day and Storm The castle showing it might actually be. Its formula is odd sometimes it wnats to be funny and sometimes serious and sometimes stupid. whereas Gravity falls decided to go for funny in its first season and you get warmed up for when it drills you with serious in season 2 star vs the forces of evil doesn't have a such secure formula

Its still a great show to watch when gravity falls isn't on and I'm perfectly fine with gravity falls being cancelled if more shows like Star surface take its place

It's a really great show in this garbage of bad animations. Yet, it has to improve. The plot is kinda feels like it does not exist in first few episodes but time to time, it will definitely get better. It is funny and very creative. I enjoy watching this show a lot. I consider it as Gravity Falls and Steven Universe's baby. If you like these shows, you will love it. I HATE shows without plot because I think it makes no sense. In last few episodes you can see character developments and leaks from the actual plot. I think it is starting now.

Therefore, it grows on you, you either love or hate this show. If you have a child's spirit, I can guarantee that you will absolutely love this show which makes you feel yourself like a little kid again who waves a wand around and screams spells.

It has to improve to get better and I believe it will.


Better than wander over yonder.

This, Milo Murphy, Wander Over Yander, and the Mickey Mouse shorts should be higher. - Drawbox

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27 Cory in the House Cory in the House Cory in the House is a television show, which aired on the Disney Channel from January 12, 2007, to September 12, 2008, and was a spin-off from the Disney show That's So Raven.

I love cory in the house its very funny. I love the episode when Raven came to visit in the white house. I really liked it very much.

Probably one of the only shows on Disney that actually makes you laugh. - NoobPwner

Cory and the crew I love your show. Every time it's one I watch it.

The only good anime that has a consistent plot and good characters unlike all these other tumors

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28 Life with Derek

I have not seen that show in so long but I remember some and I loved it so please come back on disney...

I love this show it is the best show in the world, I hope in real life Michael seater and ashley leggat will date and never brake up. I wish this show will never end. I love life with derek.

I love life with derek - thedailypress

I had a crush on derek sister

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29 I Didn't Do It I Didn't Do It

It's such a horrible show, the plot doesn't exist and they teach kids to break the rules without getting into trouble, every time someone breaks the rules, someone gets into trouble, possibly for life, I Didn't Do It is doesn't show you what happens when you break the rules, Heck a few of Nick's shows are better than this, but Gravity Falls is the best one on Disney Channel and Wizards of Waverly Place should be number 3 or 4.

I must admit, the first season was horrible, but when the second season came, it was actually decent. It not Good Luck Charlie or That's So Raven decent but, it's actually good. I started watching this show because I heard that the writers of good luck Charlie we're going to start writing the show in the second season so I watched it and it was funny.

What another FANTASTIC show produced by Disney! One of my favourite shows on Disney Channel as the group has good chemistry and I love all the trouble and adventures they get into! Amazing situations AND amazing actors. Olivia Holt and Austin North keep doing what you do BEST!

I think its amazing and funny my favorite character has to be lindy - natasha18

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30 Boy Meets World Boy Meets World

How is this not higher on the charts? This show was funny, had life lessons, and was realistic. It had been on for years! You saw these characters grow up.

By far the best! Look it up on Youtube you will see why. I feel bad for the kids who haven't seen this. - ruth101

This is by far the best show. It is the most funny and the way Eric acts is so funny. The old Disney was by far the best but then they started trying too hard and the jokes aren't even funny, and they have laughs in the background at the wrong time. And I own all seven seasons.

Guys, the reason it is at 27 is because it is an ABC show, the spin off was Disney Channel. - 445956

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31 Pair of Kings Pair of Kings Pair of Kings is an American television sitcom that originally aired on the cable channel Disney XD from September 10, 2010 to February 18, 2013. The sitcom's target audience was teenagers.

My favorite series ever... I love this series.. The story is so nice ad king Brady and boomer are so mad evil kings... I love this series...
Till the end..

I agree. It's the best show ever. I am obsessed with it but It's to bad that the show aired late. I'm in my 20's but it's so hard not to love everybody especially king Brady. I love it forever and always.

I love this show with all my heart! I might be just saying that I love this show because I think Mitchel Musso is SEXY but ever since they replaced him with Adam Hicks... I've stopped watching it. it's just not the same anymore.


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32 My Babysitter's a Vampire My Babysitter's a Vampire My Babysitter's a Vampire is a Canadian comedy horror television movie starring Vanessa Morgan and Matthew Knight.


this show is sexy and dangerous! I thought it would be like a copy of Twillight and you know love! But it was so funny! I watched disney channel when I was in vacation and this show was AMAZING! But I live in Canada so... I searched it but there was only Family Channel and this show is not in this channel! cry with me :, (

Really good show Reminds me of my life and friends in general. So deserves to be higher up!

Even though it's not even a Disney show and only aired on it, it is still the best show on that channel, in my opinion. I never liked any other Disney show when I was growing up.

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33 American Dragon: Jake Long American Dragon: Jake Long American Dragon: Jake Long is an American animated television series. It was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation and created by Jeff Goode.

I love this but at my home Disney Channel does not come. But I love it. I watched it everyday. Their clothes are so cool. American dragon is the best show I have ever seen. It's so cool the way of turning in to a drago

I like the idea of being able to turn into a dragon plus it's a real good show.

This is the best show on Disney Channel. Jake gets to be a dragon and has the best life ever. I used to see the show all the time. They should make a third and fourth season. This is the only good show that Disney Channel has and ever did- and they canceled it.

Why don't they make shows like this anymore?

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34 Mickey Mouse Club (90's version, MMC)

Greatest show ever on the Disney Channel beside mickey mouse cartoons of course!

Shows kids great lessons, awesome show!

I looked up this show on YouTube and loved it! Little Cristina Augulara was sooo cute!

It's so cute

35 DuckTales DuckTales DuckTales is an American animated television series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. It premiered on September 18, 1987 and ended on November 28, 1990 with a total of four seasons and 100 episodes.

I loved this show when I was a kid.

Ducktales is getting a reboot! 2017!

A lot of people don't know how epic this show truly was

This is the greatest old Disney show of all time. enough said. - SionicRelations

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36 Milo Murphy's Law Milo Murphy's Law Milo Murphy's Law is an American animated television series from the creators of Phineas and Ferb, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh, which premiered on October 3, 2016 on Disney XD.

This show is really funny and WAY better than all the crap sitcoms that some how are said to be "better some how... disney is really raising the bar on there cartoons and is really paying off. with many gems on cartoon network ending like regular show, gumball, and steven universe (possibly) we are all questioning if this network will go downhill. And we say "ARE CARTOONS GETTING WORSE" well the answer to that is no. We all thought disney was the worst but now it is becoming the best. Disney is giving us AMAZING cartoons like this, Star vs the forces of evil, Gravity falls AND MORE! Another point for disney

I just watched a few episodes today and can I say that it's amazing. However hopefully it doesn't get boring quickly like Phineas and Ferb because you know the creators of the two shows are the same. - Anonymousxcxc

How is this show not # 1? It's funny, and is WAY better than Austin and Ally

It's perfect just keep it the same as it is.

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37 House of Mouse

House of mouse is, in my opinion, the best Disney Channel show, partially because of the nostalgia I associate with it. This was my favorite show when I was younger, and, watching it again years later, I find that it's still entertaining. Also, having a show where every single Disney character, even the obscure ones, come together, while mixing traditional Disney shorts in is a great and creative idea. This show basically took all of the Disney films, brought them together, mixed in Disney shorts as well, and, in addition, made she show extremely entertaining for all ages. I love this show, and I wish Disney Channel would bring it back, because all of the other Disney Channel shows currently airing (except possibly Gravity Falls) pale drastically in comparison. This show exemplifies what a Disney Channel show should be: It should capture at least a majority of the magic presented in Disney films, as well as be funny, Disney-related, and entertaining, regardless of age. This is why The ...more

I loved house of mouse as a child and now the only versions of mickey mouses you can watch is mickey mouse clubhouse which I think is rubbish. There should be more programmes around mickey mouse because that is what the whole Disney legacy was based on. As Walt Disney said, it all started with a mouse.

A great show case of the old Disney shorts, but also adds some depth to classic Disney movies and chareters. It was always fun to see your favorite Disney charecters interacting with each other.

Put this on number 1!

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38 The Emporer's New School

Easily the most awesome and most underrated animated series in the history of T.V.. - Sharkuzco

Don't be so stuck up. My favorite character is Malina. She is pretty for a cartoon.

My FAVORITE DC show of all time, I LOVE Kuzco he's HOT! - Hottie_Hot_Hottie

I remember this show

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39 Wander Over Yonder Wander Over Yonder more.

Wander Over Yonder is one of the best shows ever! I am really sad that they moved it to Disney. Disney needs to bring it back the original channel! I'm sad because Wander Over Yonder does not get as much credit than it should. For one, the promos are terrible for this show! If you are not used to the show and take a first glance at one of the commercials, then I don't really blame you for not watching it! But still, I advise everyone to watch this great cartoon. If you are really into animation and love to study things like cinematography, than this is defiantly a great show to watch! It is so clever and has some great morals and jokes! It is basically a combination of Roadrunner and Coyote and Looney Tunes and space. This show defiantly in the style of older cartoons. The animation and voice acting is wonderful! This show will defiantly surprise you! Go watch it now and I promise you that you will not regret it!

Wander Over Yonder is one of the best shows ever! Not only is this show great, but underrated too! Disney shows Gravity Falls more than Wander Over Yonder, and that show ended! This show is going to get cancelled because of Disney's stupid decisions unless the fans can support all the way! This show has memorable characters, interesting stories, has valuable morals, and a silly tone that will lift anyone's spirit! Not to mention how funny it is! I enjoy the voice acting and the animation is so creative, fun, and original!

Wander Over Yonder was one of the last Awesome shows on Disney along with Gravity Falls And The New Mickey Mouse Series. I just hope they don't fall into hell like Spongebob Squarepants.

This show is ridiculously underrated...

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40 JONAS JONAS Jonas, also known as Jonas L.A., is a Disney Channel Original Series created by Michael Curtis and Roger S. H.

The best ever! The Jonas Brothers are so real no matter what any one says. Now everything is just getting faker and faker like the stupid show Shake it Up. Now that Wizards is over disney channel is going way down hill and the shows are just so terrible. The only fairly good show I can think of right now is Good Luck Charlie, which isn't even that good, but we all know that will be ending soon and we will be stuck with Shake it Up, Ant Farm, Austin and Ally, and Jessie forever, which totally sucks. THE JONAS BROTHERS WERE THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO DISNEY CHANNEL!

I am obsessed with this show, it is hilarious and the characters are so likable, it will always be a part of my childhood. Jonas brightens my day and their songs are so catchy.

seriously best show by far EVER, I wish there was a season 3 because its like amazing

JONAS LA?! This was a great show! 😄 It was the Big Time Rush of Disney Channel.

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