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121 Ranny Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja

Okay so I don't like this show, but the people who wrote comments 1 and 2 are just mean. Of course a skinnier person could be friends with a bigger person, friendship is about what's on the inside not the outside.

Randy cunningham deserves higher I don't care about the haters I lot if people liked and loved this show should be in the top 10 how they say funny words it's the straight up cheese of awesomeness and coolness of a good cartoon

Best Disney Cartoon since American Dragon: Jake Long.

I like this show because of Randy! Even if I'm a girl! I'm 9 and I have a crush on him!

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122 Wingin' It

WOO WINGING IT IS AWESOME! Honestly, kids these days are into SpongeBob and stuff, but this is an amazing show. Look it up on YouTube!

Sound like chicken wings sausage party? - Trollsfan536

Ok show, deserves top 100.

123 8 Simple Rules 8 Simple Rules 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter is an American sitcom, originally starring John Ritter and Katey Sagal.
124 Stuck In The Middle Stuck In The Middle Stuck in the Middle is an American single-camera sitcom developed for Disney Channel, written and executive produced by Linda Videtti Figueiredo. The series premiered on February 14, 2016, and stars Jenna Ortega, Ronni Hawk, Isaak Presley, Ariana Greenblatt, Kayla Maisonet, Nicolas Bechtel, Malachi more.

Um stuck in the middle is number 123 so don't bother because it will never be as great as wizard of the waverly place, liv and maddie, austin & ally, best friends whenever and all the other shows

This show is not good. If you want to see a show about a big family then watch The Loud House. Now don't get me wrong The Loud House has its own problems but unlike Stuck In The Middle they actually put in the effort to make good characters and funny stories. - Anonymousxcxc

Isaak Presley/ Ethan Diaz is a really great actor and very cute!

This show sucks I am surprised nick hasent sued diseny yet - epictoonsfan1

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125 Future-Worm! Future-Worm!

This show sucks

126 The Famous Jett Jackson

Wonderful show, taught you life lessons and morals, had amazing characters and in general it was great.

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127 Best of Luck Nikki

Love both zeke and luther and best of luck nikki.both are best and funny. I wished having a sister and elder brother after watching best of luck and got very interested in staking after watching zeke and luther.both are best.they should share the first place

I can tell the person who has added this to the list is Indian! Because this is an Indian version of Good Luck Charlie which is still awesome!

Very very amazing, good, awesome show

128 Bizaardvark Bizaardvark Bizaardvark is an American comedy series starring Madison Hu, Olivia Rodrigo, Jake Paul, DeVore Ledridge, and Ethan Wacker. The series premiered on Disney Channel on June 24, 2016.

I've only watched one episode and it seems to be a nice show

Whoa super low but awesome show

That show just got added here after it came lol

Super funny! has potential to be one of the greats

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129 The Jersey
130 How to Be Indie

its amazing and I love the parts at the and when she does a fashion easter impression rock on indie and friends
- tanya123

131 PrankStars PrankStars PrankStars was a 2011 American 6-episode reality television series that aired monthly and employed the use of a hidden camera. The series premiered on Disney Channel on July 15, 2011, and was hosted by Pair of Kings and Hannah Montana star, Mitchel Musso.The television program portrayed scenarios in more.

I really like prank star because it is funny

You need a check up, it sucked in fact.

I thought this show was hilarious and cool, I don't know why they canceled it so early...

There was literally like 3 episodes. But they were great!

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132 Charlie & Lola

I love this show! Why 95? I have a calendar that's charlie and lola that I'm staring at right now!

I love charlie and lola really good show but I didn't even know it was a disney show are you guys sure about this however charlie and lola dominate the whole T.V. they are actually the cutest sibling and I love lolas imagination! X

This is the cutest kid show EVER! It's so adorable and it's so not stupid like Dora and it still teaches little kids cool stuff

Why is this 115? I watched this when I was a baby and I remember this was one of my favorite shows, I love lola and her friend

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133 The Doodlebops

Love this show - Trollsfan536

This should be higher a lot higher

I lived the doodlebops. I loved the doodlebops. I was a doodlebop. And this is what I get? Number 100 something? No. The doodlebops are more than that. They're more than a band of clowns. They were family. Don't pull the rope? Classic. This show made a difference in my life, and many others. May the doodlebop republic live on

134 Madeline

I love Madeline the little girl from France she was so cute and made my childhood adventurous I would love to see her back on T.V. so my children can enjoy it just as much a I did.

I remembered this cute show and I loved it - ShadowSwashy

135 Elena of Avalor Elena of Avalor Elena of Avalor is an American-Animated television series created by Craig Gerber which first debuted on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior on July 22, 2016 and is currently airing on those channels. Princess Elena, the main protagonist is the first Latin-American Disney princess. The city of Avalor more.

This show isn't bad, it's less irritating than most of Disney's other shows, but it's not necessarily good. However I think it will be good enough for little kids. - Anonymousxcxc

Love this show - Trollsfan536



136 Mech-X4

This show is so good! I thought it would be stupid but it's really good! it doesn't have a laugh track and stereotypical characters like the sitcoms, and it doesn't have faux drama and sappy romance like the soap operas. Plus it has great action and creativity. - cartoonfan101

Love this show - Trollsfan536

I agree with cartoonfan101. This, gravity falls, phineas and ferb, Elena of avalor and star wars rebels are the only good shows. At least it's not a crappy sitcom, like bizzardvark. P.s., the main character s' name is the same name as mine-trollsfan536

137 Descendants: Wicked World V 1 Comment
138 The Octonauts The Octonauts

Tunips are the cutest

Love it - Trollsfan536

139 Road to Avonlea
140 Spellbinder
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