Top 10 Best Disney Movies

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1 The Lion King

Here's how I think this list should have been made (in MY OWN opinion):
1. The Lion King, hands down. Nothing can dethrone this.

2. Aladdin, obviously. Amazing plot, amazing villain, amazing Robin Williams, and no it's not just about him. This movie overall is one of the best, regardless.

3. Oliver & Company. Surprised? Well, hear me out. When talking about my FAVORITE Disney movie, this one takes it. When talking about what I believe to be the BEST, it lands itself here in my book. Why? Because compared to most other Disney movies, it has much more of a realistic feel to it. It also has really great morals, such as how you can find love and hope anywhere no matter what situation you're put through. If you haven't watched this movie, you need to. You'll get what I mean once you do.

4. 101 Dalmatians. Seriously, how can this one be so low on here? I find the plot of this to be one of the most intense and epic story lines in Disney history.

5. I'd say a ...more

Amazing. True, deep, and emotional. Storyline is such an important topic, and the movie deals with courage, death, grieving, friendship, and many other topics besides princess gets prince. Best ever. - davidthenurse

This was one of my favorite movies growing up and it still is! Funny story: one time when I was four, I was at a playground and started singing the African part of the Circle of Life and a woman from Africa came up to my parents and asked them if I could speak Swahili

I feel like the only person in the entire world who really, really despises this movie franchise. - DylanB5

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2 Aladdin

Aladdin is a great animation feature, still have the first Lunch Box ever got to receive and it is an Aladdin one with the picture and the title still intact. The characters are real human and believable with each striving for things that would seem unfathomable and yet the miracle happens and are won a true fine finish. There is evil but the poor Aladdin becomes wealthy and Jasmine lowers the level complex and reach true admiration then together defeat that evil. Relationships and intrigues to follow through seems to change every time how they behave and maybe why they do so in those ways. Real rich presentation wish it the best for the sagas and the characters to succeed as they should. The castle, the carpet, the lamp, the genie, and the look out point are all magical details that play important roles in this feature animation as well. Good characters once again the dynamic and fluid nature of the Arabic couple are amazing. Interesting and smart to the sight or just hang to some of ...more - iliescu

I love the fantasy and adventure and how you put effort on trying to get what you want even if a magical genie has to help

Robin Williams as genie and jasmine made this my favorite disney movie

No no no no no! This list is messed up... Frozen at 2!?!? That movie was good but there is plenty of more great Disney films! And Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland... Really? What about the MORE FUN 1951 classic version?! And no Disney movies BEFORE Walt died!? REALLY! Somebody has to admit it and it might as well be me. THIS LIST IS TERRIBLE. - Disneylover1959

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3 Toy Story

Toy story in my opinion should be more than first. The whole trilogy is just a series of great color and emotoin. The characters are the most brave and kind hearted disney characters in all of movie history. And they are just toys but everything in this movie makes perfect sense and just thinking about this awesome disney movie makes my heart melt and my soul turn to jelly. This is the BEST disney movie of all time!

This is one of my favorite disney movie series

My top ten disney movies:
#1. Toy Story
#2. Wreck It Ralph
#3 The Lion King
#4 Toy Story 2
#5 Toy Story 3
#6 Big Hero 6
#7 Meet the Robinsons(yes, I know I'm crazy)
#8. Monsters, Inc.
#9. WALL-E
#10 Ralph Breaks the Internet

This is a good movie for adults, teens and kids and there is a new one coming out! #disney

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4 Beauty and the Beast

A great film and my all time favourite. It teaches children that looks aren't everything and that's a good lesson for them to learn. Its amazing and just the best Disney film. It should be number 1

Such a good soundtrack!

It is so gooddd

This is definitely my all time favourite. Beautiful, music is stunning, characters are great, villain is scary (even if everyone love you, Gaston, you are scary... ) Belle is so cool princess, bookworm, clever, kind etc. I can't tell how much I love this film. It's perfect.

Gaston's not scary he's a pedophilic creep character, no offenses towards the actor. - Anonymousxcxc

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5 The Fox and the Hound

This movie should be #1. It is the best movie not just from Disney but in general. It is beautiful, heart-warming, and entertaining. It also has beautiful animation and songs, lovable characters, the perfect balance of humor and heart, spot-on voice acting, lots of action, and the best messages about friendship and love.

This movie is the most wonderful thing I've ever seen. It's beautiful, charming, has a great moral, and is absolutely heartwarming! It features great role models, heck even Amos Slade (the closest this movie has to a villain) still has a heart that's touched by his two dogs, and he finally lets Tod live in the end, proving he's not completely heartless. The rest of the movie is even better. When it's not focused being utterly heartwarming, it's something hilarious. I'll give you an example. There's a subplot that involves the two birds Dinky and Boomer trying to catch a caterpillar and they fail in typical cartoon fashion. It goes back to heartwarming though when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly and it goes with the theme of the movie that you should respect nature. This movie is so good it even rivals Pixar's best movies like Toy Story and Finding Nemo!

I love this movie I am very surprised that this is only 6th place!

This one or like. King I love fox and the hound it has such a good story like real life two best friends soon try to kill each other it's pretty sad.

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6 Finding Nemo

This is a good movie I have it on vhs - trains45

A family favorite - blackflower

Hands down. Finding Nemo and Lion King are just the best! Both were never done before and it was something completely new and fresh and I love it! Here's why:
Finding Nemo was unique because of the characters. I thought dory was brilliant! A character THAT likable, just wow mate. Even with her flaws, like her memory, were great and we're all part of her brilliant personality! Marlin. Oh man he was done great too. He I think is the character that the parents like and relate to. He had some great jokes in there and I saw all the parents laughing. And don't forget Nemo! I think all the kids liked this guy, or at least I did. His headstrong personality was matted over by his even sweeter traits making him very likable. And don't forget one of the most brilliant characters Disney has come up with... CRUSH! Yes, he only had a small part, but if define you was one of the best parts. I don't know if it's just me because I'm a typical Cali surfer, but this guy was great! Disney turned him ...more

Love. Favorite movie of my childhood. - blackdragonwoman95

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7 Up

Even the name is cool UP

This and all the other Pixar films are behind Frozen? I get why they are behind The Lion King, but other than technically not being native-Disney films, there is no reason they should be behind Frozen. Let's face it - Frozen is very overrated and has earned way too much appreciation that it's come to this.

Saddest Disney movie in history

Looking at the preview for this: "Wow, this looks so dumb." Watching it: *wiping tears* "I, I love this move so much! "

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8 Big Hero 6

The only reason why this isn't as popular is because they released Frozen earlier than this, with wild promotions flying here and there in your face - they totally forgot to promote Big Hero 6 with as much attention as they did with Frozen. Diverse characters, good plot and life lessons taught.

How is this at 54? This is the best Disney movie EVER. This movie makes Frozen look like crap. This is one of those movies I could watch every day until the day I die. This should be #1 for crying out loud!

That ALL the comments here are saying how much better this is than "Frozen" and especially that "thank heavens I (and other Frozen Haters) are saved" one is why a lot of people think this only got popular because of Frozen Haters wanting the next Disney animated movie no matter what it was to dethrone "Frozen" and why there are few if any who actually truly like this movie on its own merits.

And plus, frozen is extremely overrated ( I hate frozen too it's just plain annoying) - IceFoxPlayz

I love that movie!

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9 The Little Mermaid

This was my favourite film when I was little and I got bored and found the DVD the other day. Not gonna lie, I enjoyed it

My favourite Disney... no my favourite film of all time and I'm 14!

Best disney movie ever made. Great storyline. Best music. Just superb on every level!

Lion king is for terrorist

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10 Tangled

Loved that she wasn't made the typical damsel in distress. Made me wish I could go on an adventure some day with a frying pan, pet chameleon and magical hair that heals all wounds.

I loved watching this in 2011 and 2012 I used to watch it all the time - trains45

Love this movie

Greatest movie ever! A lot of people say that Frozen is better, but I STRONGLY disagree! Frozen is (seen as) a girls movie, anyone can watch Tangled! Boys and anyone over the age of 7 wouldn't want to be caught dead watching Frozen because it's so sappy and babyish! Tangled was the first Disney Princess movie to be made a PG! It's also special to me because it's the first movie I watched at the cinema (I was 5 or 6). And for everyone saying "Well it doesn't actually promote feminism does it? " Neither does Frozen! In Frozen Anna decides to marry the first man she meets (even though she didn't go through with it, it's so damn messed up! ) In Tangled it takes Rapunzel days to even trust Flynn! And the songs in Tangled are incredible! They're not out of place (except for maybe I see the light, but it's still a great song! ) Every. Single. Song in Frozen is so damn sappy and gross!

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11 Mulan

Honestly inspirational and is just a great movie!

Best animated Disney film, hands down!

The most progressive Disney film of all time. A sharp change from the previous standard, Mulan was the first Disney Princess who didn't need to wait on an man to lead her to happiness. It's classic song, "Reflection," encourages young viewers to look deep within oneself to find who they truly are, while the self-empowering, ironically titled, "Make a Man Out of You" teaches young girls that women have the power to achieve anything a man can, and even lead others to victory. This is definitely a top 10 Disney film.

Mulan is great movie (though I prefer Aladdin) top ten at least! I love frozen, but 2!?!? No way! Look at the best disney animated films list, the places are better in my opinion. - baconyum

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12 Wreck-It Ralph


This was good movie - Luckys

Seriously, Wreck-It Ralph is so underrated. Easily Top 3.

It's adorable

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13 The Incredibles

I think you have not even seen the film mate, I mean Mulan is not even close to the potential of The Incredibles and even this classic not above Big Hero 6. I think it's a disgrace...


I love the Incredibles

Underrated, its very good

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14 Monsters, Inc.

Ridiculous how low this movie is


I can recite the whole movie from memory - Camaro6

Monsters, Inc at 41? This is where Frozen should be

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15 Toy Story 3

That incinerator scene... that was just theatrical art. This was hands down the best Pixar film ever produced. I have high expectations for Toy Story 4.

Toy Story 3 is one of my favorite movies! The saddest thing about it is that it didn't win Best Picture.

The Best Toy Story ever made and that means the bets animation of all time

Heck yeah, my favorite movie to date.

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16 Inside Out

Top 10 best disney movies

1. Inside out
2. Pinocchio
3. Wreck it Ralph
4. Monsters inc
5. The incredibles
6. Ratatouille
7. Toy Story 2
8. Aladdin
9. Dumbo
10. The Lion king

If I had an eleven I would chose Zootopia

Top best movies
1.Inside out
2.Ralph breaks the internet
3.The princess and the frog
4.Toy Story
9.Mulan 2
if I had 11 it would be ratatouille

I consider Inside out the best Disney movie of all time. Every where you look there is a creative new idea. The characters don't feel overly done even though they are an extreme emotion. HOW DO YOU EVEN DO THAT? This movie had me at the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. *Spoiler* When the main character was running away from home I felt like nothing could defeat that feeling to run free. The ending told us every emotion is needed. I felt the emotions riley was going through and that alone made me cry. I am waiting for a sequel to be honest.

Yeah I noticed that too. Also this isn't my favorite movie anymore, but still top 5. - GodFlowey

Why is this so low?

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17 Bambi

Less known in USA... sadly

Bambi is the most beautiful movie ever made. It should be #2 after Dumbo. It teaches us the importance of nature and what happens when people don't put out fires. It was the first environmental movie ever made. Even Walt Disney himself considered this the best movie he ever made.

This has 2 be in your top ten, I cried a lot and I think its just a really touching story, if u ever make top 10 Disney movies that makes me cry, this should be listed in the top 3.

Better than the lion king, frozen and all the Disney princess movies combined.

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18 The Aristocats

Duchess is to Hot

Amazing music and plot

Duchess is hot

Ev'ry body wants to be a cat! Love it. - Swiftdawn

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19 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Criminally underrated. What a great and bizzarrely dark movie with some of the best Disney characters. I mean, Frollo is easily the scariest villain. The soundtrack and visuals are also stunning.

Chances are the upcoming live action remake is probably going to ruin this sacred masterpiece.

This film ruined childhoods in the 1990s

How is this lower than The Aristocats?

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20 Pinocchio

I consider this one of the best Disney movies. How is LionKing first? - Jaker747

This definitely one of Disney's best I mean look at the plot a man builds a wooden puppet and comes to life and if I remember correctly I think he wanted to be a real boy and he does in the end and yeah I think this is classic and its definitely one checking out wait a minute I think everyone has seen but for those who has not check out.

Yay higher that wreck it ralph

Disney, you made an awesome second movie Bro. I am very happy to watch it when given the time. This Amazing Disney Timeless Second Classic should be much higher then 17.

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21 Wall-E

I wish more people knew about this movie as it is just spectacular!

This should replace Finding Nemo

This is Pixar. Still one of the best movies ever.

Hidden jewel!

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22 Frozen

For me, this movie blew my mind. It started right off the bat being an epic musical. I really felt for Elsa's character and when the Let It Go scene happened, it was like a huge release. Then the scene only escalates with the ice palace being built. I had to pause it after that scene. Then, the movie never reached that peak again, but we got to the troll song and for awhile, I was really confused at where the plot was going. They were trying to set up Anna with Kristoff when Hans seemed like a really good guy. But then, plot twist. So then, Kristoff was the act of true love, or so it seemed. It was a struggle watching them try to find each other on the ice, but to my surprise, it was actually the love between the two sisters. And that, was good, it fooled me twice. Now of the other twists in recent Disney movies got me like this, except for the Turbo twist. And the movie explains in the first song, the Frozen Heart, what the solution was. It's really an art how they set up this story. ...more

I can get why a lot of people like this movie, but it isn't as good as the real classics. A lot of people would rather be Elsa than Anna, but most of those people just want her fancy dress and ice powers over happiness and optimism. I feel like this movie is telling me that you have to be born special to have the adventure of a life time or know someone special, a lot of things discourage me this way but I guess I don't like this movie as much as others because of how much it discourages me. This movie is pretty cool, but it makes me sad because I'm just 12 and my mom is going to make me become a doctor when I grow up but I want to do something else with all of my heart, becoming an author and finally seeing my old friends that I haven't seen or talked to for a whole year. I just wish that there would be more movies that teach us that we should be who we are and and we don't have to be beautiful or born into something special.

The snow man was funny in frozen - trains45

Worst movie ever! Should SO be last on this list.

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23 Dumbo

Sweeter as sugar

Even though it was sad when People were teasing Dumbo because of his huge ears, and his mother was locked up in a cage with a note saying "Mad Elephant", It was really good! It was my favorite hand drawn Disney movie! I cannot believe they don't make movies like this anymore! They should've released Dumbo 2! It had funny parts like in the pyramid of pachyderms when the female elephants were falling a lot and sat on other elephant heads and faces. Overall It was perfect! Great plots, Great soundtrack (Especially When I see and Elephant Fly, Baby Mine, Pink Elephants on Parade, and Casey jr. This should be way higher on the list.

Dumbo should be in the Top 10. It's a beautiful story that shows how one can succeed in life despite hardships. Beautiful animation, story, beautiful songs, and an inspiring message are the reasons this movie is better than anything Disney has made since The Lion King. Forget Frozen. Forget Tangled. Forget about every Disney movie made since The Lion King. This should be #1.

In my world, this is the best Disney movie of all time. The animals in this movie are just heartbreaking cute, and the crows are really funny (love! the Danish voice-over, that is brilliant), but what really makes this movie a master piece is all the different ethical and emotional topics adressed: Being different and out of the crowd, gossip (I just love the smug faces of the elephants when they are sharing gossip, they are spot on! ), pride, selfesteem, and the whole thing about using animals for entertainment. making an elephant pyramid seem like a crazy thing that could only happen in a movie, but if looking at what real circuses force animals to it is not completely different from the reality. And the scene where Miss Jumbo freaks out because the kids taunt Dumbo is heartbreaking brilliant, I think it really illustrates that when animals attack humans it is often because humans are being jerks. Today, the movie is also a great picture of the culture and mentality of the 50's. In ...more

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24 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This is a great movie. It is the very first one which makes it a timeless classic and sure Snow White was waiting around for Prince Charming to come and rescue her but she still put up with her step mother who hated her, tried to find the best in everyone and was kind and sweet and caring. This film also has one of the best scenes which is when she is running through the forest and the trees come to life. This used to scare the crap out of me when I was younger and I couldn't watch it but I watched it about a year or two ago and I was able to really see how detailed and amazing they made this scene. The dwarfs are also extremely funny, cute and loving characters. I love how this movie really shows a bond between a family because that is what Snow White and the dwarfs are. This film doesn't just focus on the prince and the Snow White, it has more focus on Snow Whites new bond and friendship with the dwarfs and how friends can come in all shapes and sizes - dizzyditz14


Snow White's voice is so childish. - WorldPuncher47592834

When I was around six I wanted this movie I got it for Christmas a couple days later I watched I was scared to death now I am eleven and I was bored it was rainy then I came upon this movie and I was like what the heck I put in in my movie player and was like wow this movie is amazing that is how I came to love this movie now it is my favorite Disney movie please vote for it to be in at least the top 15

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25 Zootopia

Zootopia is my 2nd favorite Disney movie overall. SPOILER ALERT: This wasn't any average Disney film. It showed kids that if you have a dream to be what you want to be no matter what you are it can happen. Although the naturalist scene and the pregnant joke earned the PG rating it was still hilarious. It had beautiful CGI and great character development. It teaches kids what people in the city are like, con artists, low lived thieves, corrupt mayors, nudists, DMV employees, next door apartment neighbors, and people who discriminate against others. It showed that not just Rabbits are bullied by Foxes, but Foxes are discriminated and persecuted by every other animal. It made you laugh, happy, sad, and shocking. MY PERSONAL FAVORITE is Judy because she is constantly happy, can be naive, always excited, a deep understanding person, a good judge of character, and can be ignorant of what other animals can be like, but that doesn't stop her. The movie is just an enjoyment to watch either by ...more

Honestly, there are many brilliant Disney films created throughout the years. Zootopia is by far the most real and down to earth of all Disney films. The film's morals are actually extremely ironic to the Disney stereotype of achieving your dreams. I NEVER IN MY LIFE have seen a film with such a brilliant approach to modern day society. Also, the plot twist completely slipped under my radar. Everything was well executed and the CGI was exceptional. This movie is a solid masterpiece.

This is a good movie - trains45

This movie is amazing. Reviews online some people said 10 and up, then they described what made it like the real world.

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26 Lady and the Tramp

Should be number 1

Lady and the Tramp is another beautiful story that shows what it's like when two different dogs fall in love. It's kind of like Beauty and the Beast, but arguably even better. Totally belongs in the Top 10.

Why is this at 61? Why isn't it in the Top 10?

How is princess and the frog higher?

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27 The Jungle Book

Top 10

Should be top 10

How is this so low!? I think its just an older movie, but people got to pick it

Bests Disney songs ever

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28 Toy Story 2

I have this movie on vhs, this is a good movie - trains45

I've never understood why Toy Story 2 doesn't get the respect it deserves. People often think of it as "average" and inferior to 1 & 3. I completely disagree. I think it's much better than 3, and easily on par with 1.

This was the first Toy Story I watched, so it holds more emotional ties to me. - hiphopgod

Of all movie sequels. This is the best sequel to Toy Story 1.

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29 Oliver & Company

Super sad beginning, and a happy ending. This movie is great in many ways because of all these turns. Deserves to be in the Top 10.

Underrated! I love this movie so much! I love Oliver, dodger, Tito, Einstein, the two dobermanns, Rita, Francis, georgette and lol I'm getting away too into it.

THIS HAS THE BEST SOUNDTRACK! Should be higher than 28. The most underrated Disney animated movie ever.

This movie has a beautiful story, lovable characters, and a moral that you should always keep your dreams alive. Once Upon a Time in New York City is a better song than Let It Go, Go the Distance, Reflection, or even The Circle of Life. This should be in the Top 10.

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30 Sleeping Beauty

This should be number one just Awesome my favorite everything a Disney movie should be. Should be number one! - Awesomeman661

Romantic, Dark, Fun, Funny, Sad, Happy, Lovable, and so much more! This Disney classic is the best Disney classic. (I refer Disney classics as before Walt Disney died. ) It has romance like Snow White 1937, Darkness like Fantasia 1940, Fun like The Reluctant Dragon 1941, Funny like Peter Pan 1953, Sad like Dumbo 1941, Happy like Bambi 1942, and lovable like Cinderella! This movie is one of Walt Disney's greatest achievements! - WaltDisneytoptens1937

This movie is every Disney stereotype in one movie. Blonde damsel in distress, handsome prince who follows the princesses singing voice, Fairy godmothers, European setting, it's all there! I love this movie, it's a movie that I can watch again and again

My favourite Disney classic. TOP 3 overall. - SebC

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31 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

This list is totally messed up. this movie should be in top 10 at least

Pirates of The Caribbean is so awesome...I can't believe its just in 27...It should at least be at Top 10...

Really? This movie is below Frozen? This list is messed up - KingSlayer93316

Best. Movie. Ever

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32 The Rescuers

This is yet another beautiful Disney movie about friendship is courage. It's much more memorable than the likes Frozen, Aladdin, Mulan, or even Toy Story. This should be in the Top 10 after Beauty and the Beast.

This is just like The Fox and the Hound, a great movie a lot of people don't know about! This should be at least #12 or #13 on here. It's better than any Disney movie made after Finding Nemo.

This movie was my childhood, nothing beats the rescuers!

This should be higher than 28! This should be in the Top 10! It's better than Big Hero 6 and Mulan combined!

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33 The Princess and the Frog

This is my favorite movie tied with the harry potter/fantastic beasts and Aladdin. I have always loved this movie and I remember seeing it in theaters. It shows the importance of hard work and the balance of fun. And the growth of an unexpected love was just so beautiful. Plus, I've got friends on the other side and My belle Evangeline both hit me so hard.

I think this deserves to be in the top 15, at least. With the beautiful plot, music and characters I think it will always be in my top 10.

27...27? This movie excels in story/plot, animation, characters, character development, jokes, innovation, soundtrack, emotion, and message. The best Disney movie of all time. - GodFlowey

Solid top 3

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34 101 Dalmatians

WHY IS THIS AFTER THE PRINCESS DIARIES?! This movie has more than TWICE what The Princess Diaries got at Rotten Tomatoes!

101 Dalmatians should be #11 after The Rescuers. It is a brilliant masterpiece with a delightfully vile villain and adorable dogs. The Disney movies of today don't hold a candle to this.

My church has this movie

It is a brilliant movie and I'm disappointed it should be on number 3

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35 Hercules

I love Hercules! The movie has just enough comic relief with a mixture of some more serious elements, enough action, and a quite relatable main character. The female protagonist isn't all "lovey-dovey," and the villain is not your stereotypical "evil laugh" villain. (Love you, James Woods. ) And as for the title character, Hercules? Love him. Clumsy, loveable, sweet, etc. He's also hot.

There's a wonderful song from this movie, the name of which escapes me at the moment.

I am obsessed with this movie


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36 The Emperor's New Groove

Should be number 1. And that's all I'm gonna say.

Should be number 3 behind Moster's inc, and the Lion King!

This sucks

This should be at the top - YourCommonLoser

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37 Pocahontas

This is the most underrated Disney movie ever. It's so harshly judged among critics for its real life inaccuracies despite every Disney movie being fantasy re-imaginings of classic tales that insert magic and remove the tragic elements of the real life stories. I think Pocahontas was just a bit too well known that the changes didn't go down as well as they did in their other movies and it's a shame. If you can just detach the story of the real life Pocahontas and watch this movie for what it is then it is incredible and possibly Disney's best. It has a lovely story with a great message, the most gorgeous animation and art from the 90s era and the best songs of any Disney movie ever. Had they just given her a new name and not called her Pocahontas than this movie would be held in such high esteem among the top 3 of Disney ever.

I loved this movie. I thought it was beautifully atmospheric and ambient, and I really like the music, characters, and animation. I even liked the comedy. It's only problem was that Walt Disney Animation Studios got their facts mixed up in this movie. First off, Pocahontas in real life was never in love with John Smith, she just wanted to make peace between the English settlers and the Powhatan tribe. She was also twelve when that happened. In the movie, she was way older than twelve and loved John Smith romantically, but they got the peace part right. Second, Pocahontas in real life sadly died at 22. In the movie, she was definitely a bit older than 22. She also never had a friend named Nicole or something in real life or had any animal sidekicks (which I actually really like by the way). Sorry if this is super long. - PhoenixAura81

The most underrated Disney movie for suure.

She deserves better. She really out here stopping a war between the natives and stinky whites. PLEASE she is a queen like Mulan is badasss and deserves more attention than Pocahontas but give this girl something because shes also badass.

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38 Mary Poppins

This should be in the top tens, even more so at number One, why? you ask?
The characters, wonderful!
The storyline, imaginative!
The songs, memorable!
The atmosphere, astounding!
The animation-live action combination, spectacular!
The music, engaging!
The dancing, impressive!
And the cast, AHHH! (SCREAM OF JOY! )
And especially never forget,

How is this not in the top 10?! It's one of Disney's best movies! - RogerMcBaloney

No! It gets 10 for ours

Mary poppies is in 6th for me!

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39 Cinderella

Ik some people say she didn't save herself she needed fairy godmother and the prince but remember in Cinderella 3 she saved herself she needed to go to the castle and make the prince remember her and the step mom cursed the prince she even made one of her girls look like her after the prince remembered her and sent Cinderella to the pumpkin car wit a evil cat turned into a evil cat human cat that drove the car and then she went back to the castle and saved herself so at the end she went throe all this for true love she reminds me of a princess Supergirl what a hero

Cinderella is the best Disney movie ever! It teaches you to never give up on your dreams, and it also teaches kindness and how to turn the other cheek when others aren't all that nice. Cinderella's ball gown was most definitely the most beautiful Disney Princess dress in the world. Cinderella is so kind and graceful, and I love how it was love at first sight with her and Prince Charming. One look and they knew they could never love anyone else more.

I like this movie because I believe in Cinderella and when I go to Disney land Paris if I see Cinderella I will never let go and if my mummy says you have to let go I will cry. Cinderella and her fairy godmother is my favourite out of the movie I just think the movie and Cinderella and her fairy godmother are the best

I don't know, the lesson isn't that great. I mean, she had to wait for a magic fairy and a prince to come and save her. Sure, she stuck in there for all those miserable years, and she always made the best out of any situation, but she didn't really contribute much to her happy ending. I'm sure she definitely deserves a fairy godmother, but lots of people deserve one as well, and I'm fairly certain they don't have one. - LeiaSkywalker

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40 The Great Mouse Detective

I really love this movie. I used to love detective stories, most specifically based on either Scooby-Doo and Sherlock Holmes, and since this was based on Sherlock Holmes, I couldn't pass this up. I watched this movie and fell in love with it. The main character is so enjoyable and the main villain is just so entertaining. This movie is painfully underrated and deserves more attention. - Daviddv0601

It's a shame this is so underrated. This is a smart, clever movie that takes its audience seriously and is not at all predictable, unlike a lot of Disney's other movies. Plus, it has one of the best villians ever, with Vincent Price starring as Professor Ratigan. He is hilarious and very fun to watch. He's kind of like the Joker- he just loves being evil so much that he steals every scene he's in.

Depressingly underrated. A great protagonist, a fantastic villain, and a plot that never feels boring or predictable.

It doesn't talk down to its audience either.

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41 Finding Dory

This was a good movie, wonder if they will make finding marlin, lol - trains45

This movie is excellent! The Rescuers Down Under was my favorite Disney sequel until I saw this. It's a heartwarming story that talks about friendship, family, and teamwork. It has great characters, especially Destiny the Whale. The ending was wonderful! This is an outstanding movie!

This movie sucks, it's not even original for a sequel, and it's the same plot as the original, the only difference being who the main character is.

You will see the real rating soon.

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42 Bolt

I think the kids can take Bolt to all of the schools, colleges and a step forward also.

I watched this movie when it first came out and it was sad to me. I've seen some awful things that have made my perspective on the world stone cold, but two things still yank the strings of my heart: children and animals. I cry whenever I watch Old Yeller and my boy showed me that one Full Metal Alchemist part where that one girl dies after she gets combined with her dog and I was shaken. This movie actually made me upset at it's most emotional parts. I was chanting for the girl to keep the dog (it's been like 7 years I don't remember any names) and was smiling when she did. Great movie but doesn't have the overall essence of Fantasia. - hiphopgod


I love the movie

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43 The Brave Little Toaster

I love this movie so much

Wait, this is Disney? Disney, really? - KingSlayer93316

I admit when about this movie I thought it sounded a bit stupid and it does but does it in such a serious way that it becomes a little, that clown is pretty creepy and I like the song you know with all the cars and that singing car yeah this one out.

Why does this even exist? I have to admit, I've never watched it, but the title is too much. WHY? - Merilille

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44 Lilo & Stitch

Lilo should not be 44 it is way better that that

My favorite Disney movie by a long shot! Only my 2nd favorite movie overall, behind How to Train your Dragon.

Awesome movie

This is is really good movie. I have like an entire collection of stitch stuff and I meet stitch every time I go to disney. it kills me to see this way down on the list.

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45 Maleficent

Best Disney remake movie. It's magic. Want to watch it over and over.

No one should hate it. It's better than overrated trash like Wreck it Ralph, Cars, The Incredibles, Wall-E and Lilo & Stitch

Best remade movie ever due to the fact it has the right amount of drama, action, and adventure. Plus it has a drop of comedy. I'll recommend this any day

It should be on number 2 I love this movie so much I've watched it 9 times and I still wanna watch it

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46 Peter Pan

This is among my top 10s. This is among my top 5s! Peter Pan is an amazing story all centered around the topic of never growing up. We got an island where freedom is everywhere. We got pirates, Indians, mermaids and even flying! Neverland has always been my dream place to go to when I was just a kiddo. I liked the romance between Peter and Wendy. It looked exactly like the kind of romance you would find in real life among children. The boy would be the egotistical hero of the story while the girl would be the reasonable and mature one to keep the boy in check. However, my favourite thing about this movie is Captain Hook. Just because your singing is annoying, he will shoot you. He is extremely cunning, seeing as to how he was able to manipulate Tinker Bell, even though she knows he was not to be trusted, and every moment he was paired with either Mr Smee or the Crocodile were hilarious. When he is around the Crocodile, it is some of the best slapstick you could watch. However, the ...more - Daviddv0601

I loved what made the red man red

ONLY 52?! This belongs in the Top 20!

Peter Pan is brilliant for children and adults. It isn't humerous, entertaining and interesting. It shows passionate feelings about a specific topic of 'never growing up'. I don't understand why this film isn't in the top 10. Films such as Big Hero 6 and wreck it ralph are higher in ranking, the only characteristic she of humans this shows to children is robotism and violence. No child should have to watch something that involves violence.

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47 Flight of the Navigator

I heard its very nice science ficton, fantasy film and also I've heard its very nostalgic the plot sounds pretty cool I mean its about a boy who falls into I can't remember what and finds he's 8 years into the future and that year is 1986 the year this movie was released and he has a little alien, ok spoiler spoiler I may be spoiling half of the movie for you guys maybe even for myself but I will check out the movie one day and say if its good or not I have a feeling might like it.

The best movie you could ever watch! I've seen this 10 times from Jul. 6, 2014 - Mar. 22, 2015! If you haven't seen Flight of the Navigator, you should watch it because it's so awesome! - RockFashionista

Is brilliant need it on dvd if I could find it it's a really cool movie involving aliens time travel science basic star he chases the dog into the woulds then falls in a ditch and gets knocked out... is a cool film and is good quality for its age if u can find it watch it

48 Brave

My only problem with the Movie is that the villain is so forgettable.

It is really an amazing movie featuring so much old legends and amazing plot and the suspense grasps you the whole time. Little merida looked so cute and I guess that thisovie deserves more views

I love her best Disney princess but the movie makes me cry

Should be higher, seriously, how is this behind The Black Cauldron!

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49 Moana

Alan likes Millie Bobby brown


This should be way more up! This list is so not accurate... maybe cause it's still new? I don't know but like this is 2 wrong! :(((

Wait, wait, wait so Bolt is higher up than MOANA? That is...really shocking I know this film is somewhat recent, but it should be way higher

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50 Cinderella (2015)

I really love the 2015 cinderella. The actor and actress are so good and its still loyal with the original story. Also the soundtrack titled "Strong" is like the best Disney song ever!

Cinderella sucks together with Frozen Fever. It should not be here.

Um NO.
Disney turned an awesome classic into a very weird movie that I would not recommend at all.

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