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221 High School Musical 3: Senior Year

No just No. It's not even Pure disney its Disney Channel "the greatest place on earth"

High Tool Musical sucks

No high school musical is the best movie ever

222 The Game Plan V 1 Comment
223 16 Wishes V 2 Comments
224 Hannah Montana: The Movie

Ah I hate Miley Cyrus.

It should be on number 5

225 The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
226 Brother Bear 2
227 Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
228 National Treasure: Book of Secrets
229 The Cheetah Girls
230 The Cheetah Girls 2
231 The Cheetah Girls: One World
232 Lemonade Mouth

This is one of Bridgit Mendler's early movie, but she did amazing!

Deserves to be WAY higher than this

Amazing the best shouldn't be this low

233 Princess Protection Program
234 Radio Rebel

The best movie should be in top ten

V 1 Comment
235 High School Musical

This should be higher and you need to fix the whole list all movies are in the wrong place!

Wow congrats for making #613 mamas so proud - Hanasaki

Extremely low really this should be in the top 20

236 Home on the Range

Severely underrated. This and Chicken Little are considred the worst Disney movies of all time and I can understand why with Chicken Little. But Home on the Range? Why!? Is it because it's a western and westerns aren't that popular anymore? Is it because of the comedic villain (that Disney has done several times before)? The haters never give any good reasons why they hate this movie. I could sit here all day and write a book in defense of this movie, but I'll just say that this movie really isn't as bad as people make it out to be and it's definitely worth a watch or two.

It's the best movie ever

It should be number 1 it's the best

237 James and the Giant Peach

Is this really the worst Disney film ever made? I'm pretty sure it's better than The Cheetah Girls 2

V 1 Comment
238 The Avengers

Why is this so low? Is it because people forget it's a Disney movie

Also known as Marvel's The Avengers or Marvel Avengers Assemble - mcvito


239 Teen Beach Movie

Holy crap, what the heck is this? Why is The old yeller named after Cars 2 and Cars 2 is named after Teen beach movie. Who mixed up the posters?

Generic and boring


Appeals to all the teenage girls, much like Justin Beiber.
Then Lip Syncs (generic cloning process) the lyrics (generic film plot) and makes cash off of it. - mattstat716

V 2 Comments
240 Another Cinderella Story

Amazing and should be top fifteen because Selena is amazing in this with all the compotition

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