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41 Burter Burter

Third favorite bardock number 1 vegeta no.2

Burter is the FASTEST in the UNIVERSE!


42 Jeice Jeice

Who wouldn't love a red alien with an aussie accent?

One of my favorite villians

43 Bulla Bulla

Pointless character. She is a brat just like her mother, but unlike her, her mother is at least useful.

She's kind of bratty and pushy like her mother. Don't like her. - GoldenApples_05

Bra is beautiful.

Kid of vegita (strongest warrior) and that makes her a saiyen. Kid of bulma and one day will be a super saiyen.

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44 Boo

Why is buu's name spelt wrong, it's buu people not boo, sheesh

I have to that your forgeting one of the most awesome carachters ever.
MR. Satan! Not only is he the world champ... But without him the Z fighters
Would never of killed boo. Considering he was the only person to convince the people of Earth to create the Spirit Bomb.



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45 Android #16

Just incredibly moral, so unlike the other androids. Not to forget that he beat the crap out of cell when nobody else could, then walked away with a hole in his head!

Totally underrated. I believe he should of been repaired and become friends with goten and trunks

Said let it go before it was cool.

Seriously, Cui has higher votes than Android16? what the hell?
This is one of the best characters in DBZ!

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46 Launch Launch

I love Launch! I'm so sad that Toriyama forgot about her. I really wish we could have seen her and Tien have a child and raise him/her around the same time Goten and Trunks were born!

Launch, she is a grunge werewolf! I just love launch as I was later... 13

The babe. She was fantastic and her dual personalities were incredibly unique. I wish there was more of her, but alas, Toriyama forgot about her...

That's Jemela Bacchus's favorite character at dragonball z. The blonde hair girl at dbz.

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47 Goku Jr.

How can't you like him he's like the next Goku

Yeah I like Goku jr because goku jr is a direct descendant of gohan / videl and Goku / chichi

Who is pan daughter / son?


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48 Recoome Recoome

"My name is Recoome, it rhymes with doom, and you'll be hurting all too soon. I really am a man of many many talents. "

He's a weirdo, indeed. I love how he's missing some teeth after fighting Vegeta and the Z fighters.

He is so funny and I like that he is toying with Vegeta.
"Looks like a vegetable ready to be picked, hehe. "

To sweet

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49 Turles Turles

Turles is the beast! The way he blasts away a spirit bomb with calamity blaster. But I guess without the fruit he would lose.

I think Turles is awesome because he easily beats a kaio-ken x20, his calamity blaster beats spirit bomb and he is an original saiyan. He is stronger than Frieza's third form when he eats the fruit of the tree of might.

Turles is an evil beast, but he's still cool in my opinion! Definitely a saiyan. He looks like an evil version of Goku. Eating from the tree of might enhances his power!

Turles is a beast, I think I said enough.

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50 Nappa Nappa

Nappa's not one of the coolest characters, but he's definitely a Saiyan. Arrogant and loves destruction. Apparently, he used to have hair at one time.

Let's face it: the only reasons anyone cares about this guy are because 1. He's part of over 9000 and 2. his appearance in Abridged. At the very least, though, in Abridged, he get's some of the best lines and moments in the whole series. I always laugh whenever I watch the My Turn and Planet Arlia scenes.

He's the best character in dragon ball z!

The fact that someone actually commented saying that Nappa is only liked because of the abridged and the 9000 meme annoys me to no extent.

Nappa was and still IS my favorite DBZ character.
Or at least the best minor antagonist of the series. Sorry Ginyu

How about a list of all of the cooling qualities about him.

His moves are awesome. (Nappa cannon and the double finger explosion is badass. )

He killed Piccolo, Tien, technically Chaotzu and beat up almost every OTHER Z fighter.

He destroyed a whole military force without breaking a sweat.

He's the companion of this list's number 1.

The abridged Nappa IS funny.

He's a Saiyan. Being that makes him awesome.

He's a total bada** and doesn't take crap from no one. Apart from Vegeta.

He returned from the dead to fight Vegeta KNOWING that his power level was FAR superior than his. That's ballsy.

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51 Majin Buu Majin Buu more.

Seriously how is he so low, he is one of the most unique characters of the series whilst the other Buu's are just the usual angry bad guys who want to destroy everything. - Pastryblender

Why is he so low 128 - ikerevievs

How is he so low
95th, really

Freeza & cell are so overrated. Their arc & powers I guess is interesting, but their characters themselves are so boring, unmemorable, & uncreative. Both just evil creatures that want to rule the universe because day r pure evil. YAAWN! Buu seemed to b evil because of bibbilty & bobbity having him all he could ever no to do is destroy things & get what he wants without paying. & really, he just was playing & having fun when he destroyed his master. Also, he's such a memorable bad guy because he's so hilarious. Freeza was never hilarious. I actually laughed when his own attack sliced him in half, & that's the only time freeza was funny. Most of what buu does though is hilarious though.

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52 Zamasu Zamasu Zamasu is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama, Although a Supreme Kai from Universe 10, he is the true main antagonist and the catalyst of the Future Trunks Saga in Dragon Ball Super, being responsible for Goku Black's existence, working alongside him to restore "justice" more.

He's cool I guess

53 Mystic Gohan

So Mystic Gohan is different from Gohan? - Goku02

First of all the real name is ultimate gohan or super gohan I think he is stronger than kid buu

Most powerful unused character in the end - favouredlist314


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54 Janemba Janemba

How could janemba not be in this list?! Janemba is very powerful fighter

He is a boss he would have destroyed the universe if it wasn't for Gogeta - PeekieJ

He altered every dimension in history just by existing

55 Pikkon

Anyone forget that this guy helped destroy janemba? And also gave Goku a run for his money in the world tournament? Pretty slick cat I you ask me.

56 Black Goku

Goku black SS rose looks super hot

57 Jiren

He beat ssjg goku effortlessly and deflected the spirit bomb charged by universe 7 and was on par with ultra instinct goku and effortlessly beat hit - ikerevievs

He's new to the list. So it'll take time for him to get higher. - LightningBlade

58 Nail

He fused with piccolo so that makes him part of the strongest Namakien.


59 Guldo Guldo

I know you all will laugh but couldn't he really be the best? I mean all he has to do is freeze time then get like a sword and cut his opponents head off and bamm he wins without even really trying?

Gulfport for all your dog treat needs

60 Kibito Kai Kibito Kai

What do I say

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