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41 Goku Jr.

How can't you like him he's like the next Goku

Yeah I like Goku jr because goku jr is a direct descendant of gohan / videl and Goku / chichi

Who is pan daughter / son?


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42 Turles Turles

Turles is the beast! The way he blasts away a spirit bomb with calamity blaster. But I guess without the fruit he would lose.

I think Turles is awesome because he easily beats a kaio-ken x20, his calamity blaster beats spirit bomb and he is an original saiyan. He is stronger than Frieza's third form when he eats the fruit of the tree of might.

Turles is an evil beast, but he's still cool in my opinion! Definitely a saiyan. He looks like an evil version of Goku. Eating from the tree of might enhances his power!

Turles is a beast, I think I said enough.

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43 Nappa Nappa

Nappa's not one of the coolest characters, but he's definitely a Saiyan. Arrogant and loves destruction. Apparently, he used to have hair at one time.

Let's face it: the only reasons anyone cares about this guy are because 1. He's part of over 9000 and 2. his appearance in Abridged. At the very least, though, in Abridged, he get's some of the best lines and moments in the whole series. I always laugh whenever I watch the My Turn and Planet Arlia scenes.

He's the best character in dragon ball z!

The fact that someone actually commented saying that Nappa is only liked because of the abridged and the 9000 meme annoys me to no extent.

Nappa was and still IS my favorite DBZ character.
Or at least the best minor antagonist of the series. Sorry Ginyu

How about a list of all of the cooling qualities about him.

His moves are awesome. (Nappa cannon and the double finger explosion is badass. )

He killed Piccolo, Tien, technically Chaotzu and beat up almost every OTHER Z fighter.

He destroyed a whole military force without breaking a sweat.

He's the companion of this list's number 1.

The abridged Nappa IS funny.

He's a Saiyan. Being that makes him awesome.

He's a total bada** and doesn't take crap from no one. Apart from Vegeta.

He returned from the dead to fight Vegeta KNOWING that his power level was FAR superior than his. That's ballsy.

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44 Mystic Gohan

So Mystic Gohan is different from Gohan? - Goku02

First of all the real name is ultimate gohan or super gohan I think he is stronger than kid buu

Most powerful unused character in the end - favouredlist314


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45 Janemba Janemba

How could janemba not be in this list?! Janemba is very powerful fighter

He is a boss he would have destroyed the universe if it wasn't for Gogeta - PeekieJ

He altered every dimension in history just by existing

46 Nail

He fused with piccolo so that makes him part of the strongest Namakien.


47 Dr. Briefs Cat

It's just waiting for the right moment to strike. And then it will rule the universe

All hail our feline overlord.

One day it shall rule us all. they all said I was crazy, well now whos crazy mom!

48 Pikkon

Anyone forget that this guy helped destroy janemba? And also gave Goku a run for his money in the world tournament? Pretty slick cat I you ask me.

49 Vados Vados

Vados is hilarious! Her attitude is both badass, cool and funny at the same time. - Goku02

50 Kibito Kai Kibito Kai

What do I say

51 Videl Videl

Why is Videl this low? She was annoying at first, but she has changed for the better, and she is one of the most determined and strong-willed anime girl I've ever seen. She is one of my favorite anime girls. - Goku02

Her attitude is cool, calculating, and she's a good person. She learns how to use ki quicker than any other human in the series. She's hot, too!

Sexy, powerful, and has a badass attitude. What more could you ask for in a girl? Aim for #1 Videl! - 8Gon_Soku8

Videl and pan are my female characters in dbz / super

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52 Captain Ginyu Captain Ginyu

He is Awesome! And I think he is one of the most powerful if someone is stronger than him all he has to do is body change into them. (as long as there are no frogs around) think about it what if he body changed with broly!

Leader of the ginyu force "CAPTAIN GINYU"!

53 Nuova Shenron

Umm hello? He is so strong, he almost destroyed omega shenron, was born bad, became good, is really fair and awesome! Manipulator of the sun? Come on now, that's awesome.

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54 King Vegeta King Vegeta

Beard. It was awesome.

That beard was pretty sweet.

I sucks that he lost to Frieza and was killed. He was pretty cool. And he was the Saiyans' king as well as the father of Vegeta and Tarble.

55 Chichi

I hate her... but there is ONE thing I like about her is that she give birth to Gohan. Without her Gohan would never be born so I will give her credit on that.

I agree... She's my least favourite anime characters, not just DBZ. She ruined Gohan's potential. Without Gohan and Goten, she's trash though. - Goku02

Worthy. Not worth anyone's time, as you can see from watching DBZ and how Goku gives no fxxk about her. Good on Goku.

Best character ever. I love when she gets mad, very entertaining - cjack229

Without Chi-Chi, Gohan wouldn't be so smart.

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56 Beerus Beerus Beerus is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama. Beerus made his first appearance in the 2013 feature film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Beerus is the most badass person in all of Dragon Ball

Beerus is god of destruction and cool

I think people are giving vote to there favourite
Characters because beerus is stronger than goku
and vegeta

57 Garlic Jr. Garlic Jr.

Garlic Jr is my favorite villain.

58 Omega Shenron Omega Shenron

Do people even care what number characters are?!

He beat goku prett badly and is the best villain in existence!

59 Hit Hit

I don't know why he is this low

60 Dende Dende

He can heal people. Awesome!


Darnet I put his name down,Well, anyway, this guy is awesome! - Magenta_Flame

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