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Vegeta is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.


He is my best character because he always stand like a tough warrior but deep inside him there is a sensitive side

Hell yeah! Vegeta deserves to be high on my list of DBZ characters I like. The reason I like him is because he's like in terms of personality.

The people who hate are closed-minded and self-righteous liars who seem in black and white. To hell with those haters!

It's wrong to see everyone, every place, and everything in black and white. Doing that causes major and unnecessary harm to yourself and others. And so, I see Vegeta in gray. Sure, he has a violent temper. But deep down inside, he's a softy.

Since I treat Vegeta like a favorite character, I wish that he could kill his haters. Another reason why I like him better than Goku is because he's more of anti-hero while the main character of the Dragon Ball franchise acts like a goody-goody.

In this day and age, most people prefer anti-heroes to true heroes because they're more relatable. But if that's true, I don't fully understand why there are people who bash Vegeta. It sounds like they're ...more

Vegeta is an impressive ensemble dark horse. He was a standout antagonist, raising the stakes to previously unseen heights and was of very short statue despite his strength, which immediately set him apart from previous villains.

As a protagonist, Vegeta was a poignant reflection of a complex aspect of the human condition: Failure, and redemption.

He constantly chastises the other z warriors, often with humorous results, which made for a welcome change of pace between fights. "Naturally, it's a Super Saiyan Bargain Sale! "

Vegeta's character revolves around his unwavering resolve, learning from his mistakes, and his rivalry with Goku. Almost all of his development stems from his failures rather than his victories.

Vegeta literally grew as a character in his efforts to surpass Goku. In the end, Vegeta's wish wasn't simply fulfilled, he became wiser and outgrew his pride. Coming to recognize Goku as an equal through comradeship.

Vegeta exceeded his own limits like no other saiyan, he struggled his entire life to achieve the perfect form, when he became super vegeta with his final flash, it should have overwhelmed cell, because the one handed kahemameha was a lot weaker, the final flash could destroy the world if he threw a little more more power in it, and vegeta is the best but because of vegeta, gohan destroyed cell with his *distraction attack*, he lost focus and gohan gave it his all, all the credit goes to vegeta, actually.. Gohan ssj2 is bullshit, vegeta should have been the one t ascend to SSJ2, because he saw his own son die, and he had that inner speech, that he mocked him, and make fun of his ancestry, but that he crossed the line for what he did to his son, at that moment he exploded and charged cell he should have turned SSJ2, and finished off Cell, gohan had hidden potential but they should have saved it for the Mystic part

Vegeta is n1, from bad ass gonna kill you all
To, let me ...more

Vegeta defines the very essence of masculinity! He values integrity, sheer hard work, respect, and deeply embedded saiyan pride more than insignificant "feelings" and sensitivity. Just observe the way he raises trunks, through discipline and authority just like how a fatherly role model should be! This is a man! This has been my masculine role model my whole life? I am just salivating at the idea of vegeta being given the spotlight for once. He has transcended his limitations and boundaries like no other saiyan, lets not determine vegeta's accomplishments relative to that of Gokus's, look at the big picture, which other saiyan other than Goku, out of the whole entirety of saiyan existence has achieved the super saiyan form let alone transcended it?! You all need to realize that vegeta trains harder and puts his body through the harshest circumstances just so that he can increase his strength, validate his pride, and preserve his integrity! His character symbolizes to me personally, ...more

Vegeta is too deep and real. You watch DBZ as a kid and immediately root for the good guys because you're innocent and you're suppose to but then you grow up and reality hits and you realize, Vegeta is the real deal. Vegeta with his never ending determination to be the best that he can be. He has such high opinion and expectations of himself and those are actually good things. Who else but yourself can get you to the best places if you don't strive to be the best, no matter how hopeless it seems. Vegeta got to be a Super Saiyan and is now on Godly level because he never gave up and never stop believing in himself.

And in the end, Vegeta wins something far greater than battles against strong enemies: a family -a wife who accepted him for who he is and helped him reach his goals and a son who admires and consider him to be the best. And in return, Vegeta began changing for the better, thanks to these two people who loved and cared for him and showed him he's worth it.

Vegeta is an arrogant, self-obsessed, egotistical, vindictive individual, but his character progression is really one of the greatest things in dbz. Vegeta starts off with evil intentions, or more specifically, intentions to take the dragon balls and gain immortality. However, by the majin buu saga he had became a father, and had a son of which he was proud of (was gonna say he loved him but that's kinda the wrong word given the character) to point he sacrificed his life in an attempt to save him. This transition from evil villain, to the kind of person willing to defend the earth is one of the best parts of dbz. Also, more simply he's a badass. I mean come on, how many times did he get crap kicked out of him in the series, and each time he would not let it damage, his oh so vital saiyan pride.

Vegeta is my favorite character because although he has a tough, rough, no-nonsense exterior, he has a noble heart on the inside. His voice may be gruff and often cold-hearted, but on the inside he knows how to feel. He is a powerful warrior with a bitter, Malice-plagued past who must strive to become who he truly is inside: a valiant fighter with the ability to have the very same emotions as the other characters in Dragon Ball Z. He is powerful and brimming with potential. His arrogance is not only amusing, but it really builds up a liking for this pompous Prince. His ego is rather big, but that's just who he is. And that is why so many of us favor Vegeta over even the main character! - abbymarchetti

Vegeta embodies many admirable qualities such as discipline, determination and pride. He is a great foil for Goku and his central struggle involves an effort become a super elite fighter whilst fending off the invaders of the Earth. In the contention to stay on a par with Goku, he never ultimately surpasses him despite his incessant drive and intense training. While Vegeta is often portrayed as Goku's selfish counterpart, as a character he has more wit, passion and conviction and refuses to give in and it is kind of a shame that he did not determine the outcome of more fights. One interesting thing about the series is that Goku seems to bare all the conventional qualities of an ideal hero, as he is humble, apparently selfless, noble, strong and determined and he is quite carefree, naive and unobjective, while Vegeta seems to have the qualities of a more realistic hero. - Kahl_Drogo

I like him very much. I think if not count in power or ki then I'm sure he is better than Goku a lot

Vegeta is the strongest DBZ character because he himself doesn't know his own power. Many people did not notice this in Cell Saga. The 'Full Power Final Flash Attack' which was diverted from hitting the earth. Many people think it hit a planet and the flash seen in distant sky was of planet. But it is not true in the end of Cell Saga while using Dragon Balls to revive others, King Kai laughs and says that "I guess, after returning using the Dragon Balls I have to revive the galaxy destroyed" I guess the only attack that went so far was the Full Power Final Flash. Cell was created on earth and dint leave it until the end. And when King Kai's planet is in the galaxy same as earth so the self destruction didn't cause a big damage.

For those who want to sat Vegeta is no one favorite character I would say they are worst for they always think Vegeta as a great character forgetting Goku and other character's contribution as well Dbz fans don't notice Goku Piccolo Tien Krillin Yamcha's contribution only giving credit to worst Vegeta That is first Secondly there is no reason to appreciate stupid Vegeta because fans claim his determination to surpass Goku but his jealously with Goku only did not make him surpass Goku Even if anyone else is jealous they lose their head to think rationally Fans blame Goku Sure may be Goku did only one to mistakes at the most but the rest of the things as fans blame Goku do not understand the anime and the reasoning behind Goku doing that Also Goku thought of always protecting Earthat is what made him better person than Vegeta and strength wise too Like it or it is also the truth So Vegeta is still worst only people talk only about him sacrificing in buu saga but he also killed hundred ...more

For those who think Vegeta is only great For one dbz fans don't want to credit to other characters's contribution in anime That is first Secondly people claim his rivalry and determination to surpass Goku is great But idiot dbz fans don't realise the basic reason why Vegeta was not able to surpass was because of his jealousy only. When a person is jealous he does not think rationally that is also truth Goku might have made only one or two mistakes but the rest of the things which fans claim do not understand reasoning why Goku did it Fans also claim Vegeta's sacrifice in buu saga but he also killed hundreds of people in stadium just so that Goku should fight So dbz fans are coward to ignore Goku had to stronger determination to protect his family and friends better than Vegeta which is why he surpassed Vegeta something which dbz fans don't understand deeply So at the end dbz fans are idiots for thinking Vegeta is greater than Goku for stupis dbz fans never understood Goku So in ...more - deepati

Vegeta is far more interesting than Goku. When I was a kid I watched dbz first. Then I loved Goku and hatef vegeta for his rebellious nature. But later for nostalgia I watched it again on TOONAMI..(i became an adult) then I realised how much dedicated vegeta is. He is an absolutely great character. He made an unbelievable character development. He had too much pain. Almost every villain laughed at him made fun of him. He was always left behind by Goku. Everyone on the series never trusted him except bulma and trunks because they saw through what vegeta is made of. Some might think he is arrogant but it's not his arrogance it's his pride of being a sayan which is much more nobel than arrogance. He is extremely clever and self respective. The people who hate him I request you to please put some observation on him through the series. Then you can realise why we voted vegeta not Goku. ( Goku is of course a very good hero. I do not mean any humiliation to him nor his fans.)

Vegeta's development is truely the greatest aspect of Dragon Ball. Granted, the whole damn show is great, but Vegeta's story stands out in paticular. His transition from a brainwashed soldier who desperately clings to the memory of his fallen race, to a rebel with nothing to lose and everything to gain by killing his former master, to a lost soul who feels that his destiny has been stolen from him, to one of Earth's mightiest defenders and actually having friends and family that he cares about. I love Dragon Ball, and Vegeta is a big reason as to why. Is he the strongest? Well, no, both Gohan and Goku have him beat there, but he's definitely got the best writing behind him. So yeah. That's why he's the best character.

Vegeta defeated Goku in their first match up if Gohan Didn't appear and became a Great Ape. Goku wouldn't have enough strength to fight Frieza if Vegeta didn't heal him inside the chamber. Metal Cooler could have killed Goku if Vegeta wasn't there. Goku could have died in the hands of Android 19 if Vegeta didn't save him. Gohan only had a chance to defeat Cell when Vegeta distracted Cell with his Ki Blast from behind. Vegeta wished on Shenron to bring back Goku's stamina in full condition to defeat Buu via spirit Ball. No Vegeta no Vegito, No Vegeta no Gogeta/Gogeta 4.

Probably the underrated and that is saying something. Vegeta is highly regarded as great character in this anime. Now that I look back I realize I was right to have him as my favorite character. The development he has through out the whole series is second to none. And will and determination to be the strongest made him even more awesome. Goku pales in this regard because of lack of character development. Vegeta represent more then that of how evil someone can be yet still in the end redeemable and bad ass to boot. So hail the prince...

Vegeta is the best. His character keeps growing. In super, he turned down training because he didn't wanna leave his family for too long while Goku didn't give a crap about his own family. His time with his family has made Vegeta a better man and warrior; the best husband and father. It's so amazing to see how much he's improved and changed for the better. He's gotten so much more badass and his protective-ness towards Bulma is so cute! #1 DBZ couple.

There is more to Vegeta's character than any other character on the show. In the beginning he was cold, arrogant, and an all around ruthless villain. This was at least what we saw until Frieza shot him through the chest. His character opened up so much as he was dying and we learned that there was actually some "human-like" qualities to him, when he explained how Frieza shaped him into who he was.

Then of course when he was with Bulma, we got to see more of a soft side from him.

The first secondary character to be better than the main character. I agree with all the top comments above. Vegeta is simply the best character. He may not be the strongest but he's definitely got the best and most supportive family. I love his and Bulma's relationship. It's what got me into the series, to be honest.


Vegeta in a sense became the main character of DBZ. He changed over time where as Goku never really learned a character lesson, he was the same character from the first episode to the last. The real moral of DBZ and victory at the end was how Vegeta put aside his bigotry and helped Goku start the Sayian race over again. He finally "fought for someone other than himself".

Vegeta is the best DBZ character: not only in terms of entertainment and badassery, but in terms of being the best developed character in the whole series. To turn him from major enemy, to rival and uneasy ally, and then to friend and hero without losing the rivalry, is fantastic. Goku might be stronger, but that's what makes Vegeta so great: despite being the badass, he also seems to be the eternal underdog. For all the good Goku does, none of it compares to Vegeta sacrificing himself against Buu: maybe the best moment in the entire series.

If you think about it vegeta is the one that makes the difference like when he is the only one that actually distracts cell with his attack so that finally gohan sends his final blow. Vegeta is simply badass and without him I wouldn't of had seen dbz. Vegeta is admirable and has really made me into a person that never gives up and follows a single goal just like his goal is to be the best.

His determination and character development make him one of the most compelling of the DBZA Characters. Watching him grow in his relationships and get the crap beaten out of him are some of the special pleasures of the series. His struggles to transition from warrior to husband, father and protector are bumpy and never straightforward. Ultimately he ends up understanding family better than even Goku, who never really saw his wife as more than a friend. Vegeta really finds a human side and becomes stronger for it, but not without an awesome struggle. he is more powerful than Goku, just maybe not in the ways he wants.