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1 Mapúa Institute of Technology

Mapua in the beginning is a very difficult school especially once you are inside of it, your life will be black and white. MATHs are everywhere, and there are more Exit Exams (more of like a pre-board style of examination) plus Correlations (which is like a board exam style). In the end, you will realize that once you graduated in Mapua, it will all be worth it and everything is going to be easy in the real world for you because you survived all the hardships. In Mapua, it is all about hard experience that will tell you that in the real world, it is not always your birthday and that the survival of the fittest will do.

Being a Mapuan takes a huge amount of guts, bravery and a great amount of mental fortitude. This institute is really a great training ground in entering the rigorous and stressful world around. Staying here, you will realize that the most essential purpose of education is to teach us how to critically think, many thanks to these great and inspiring professors. It will be a great character building as well here in this institute. The pride of being a Mapuan isn t just about boasting but rather a way of mind setting which elevates your confidence that is greatly needed in the workplace. You will see that when you put these graduates in the workplace. They definitely have a great presence of mind and sense of dedication to their craft. VIVA MAPUANS.

I don't think I need to say anything when it comes to MIT's recognition back home. But I used to work in the middle east in 2004 to 2009 and people from different major global firms know what Mapua is. When they see my ring and ask about it, they mostly say "oh that's the best Engg school in the Phils! ".

I've been here in the US since 2010 and it's the same, the acknowledgement you get from people here being a graduate of Mapua is unbelievable. I didn't even imagine people in construction here in NYC is aware of it.

I worked as consultant for New York City Transit, MASSDOT, TXDOT and most of their lead design engineers are Filipinos and majority are Mapua grads. Viva Mapua!

It's the first ABET accredited engineering school in the Philippines that would reflect its standards and values.
Its really a challenge how to learn everything in a span of 11 weeks a quarter. Students here wont last long if they don't have the capability to do so.
As far as I remember, we didn't have the pre board subject before graduating like other schools do, thus the reason we don't have the 100% percent passing stuff but I can assure you, everybody from mapua is capable

2 University of Santo Tomas

Engineers that graduated from UST aren't bloated with air and self-entitlement like graduates from other universities. Therefore, they excel and learn more in the field because they have a certain degree of humility that doesn't compromise their competence. Thomasians are the top choice if you want to hire professional engineers that can easily be managed and generally better to work with in the field or work place.

Beyond learning and involvement, Thomasian Engineers are protected and guided by Christian values imbued by the University. They perform duties as well-geared Engineers but within is the imparted truth of social conscience based on strong faith and respect to Christian truth and professional ethics.

This is not a reliable source. Search (In Google) for top performing universities in Civil Engineering, you'll find The 2 UPs at first, followed by UST, DLSU, PLM.
Compare us to Mapua? They produce topnotchers, what we produce? Higher percentage of passers.

Certainly one of the best because of its wholistic engineering coupled with management approach! Best of all, graduates are transformed to God-fearing and pro-people leaders of the community. Go UST!

3 University of the Philippines - Diliman

I think the only downfall of UP--both Diliman and Los Baños--when it comes to engineering courses is the lack of facilities. But overall, UP is still the top university in the Philippines based on the QS university rankings. UP Diliman also records a 100% passing rate in this year's Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering board exams. Most of the professors in other engineering schools are from UP.

This survey is ridiculous, UP is no. 1. It is incomparable to other engineering schools in the Philippines in terms of quality of education. Professors here are very well known and established in their field. It is a fact that many teachers in other engineering schools are from UP and it is a testament to the quality of UP Engineering students.

I'm not an alumnus of UP but I always visit UP Diliman because my daughter is presently enrolled in Mass Comm major in Broadcast.. As what I observed and based on my daughter's feedback, professors in UPD are ALL intelligent in their field and thus professors from other universities are product of UP Diliman and that's why I know that UP Diliman is the BEST institution for engineering, mass comm, law, etc... and deserves to be the TOP 1!

UP Diliman is the best university in almost all fields in the Philippines and with many recognized graduates working for Silicon Valley based and other companies abroad. UP graduates are trained to be resourceful and independent so expect them to accomplish objectives with minimum management supervision.

4 De La Salle University - Manila

Lasallian engineering graduates are becoming way better now. In recent years, they perform very well in every board examinations providing topnotchers and even a top performing school. The only private university recognized by international organizations.

Student-mentor relationship is one of the best... No " terrors" as the faculty respects learning as mutually co-extensive. Academe of world-class recognition of excellence.
They really love to teach, whether you are rich or not.

DLSU must be on the top 4 followed by UST. I am not an alumnus of this school but for me DLSU belongs to the TOP 5 engineering schools in the Philippines.

Lifetime income post graduation?

5 Saint Louis University

Engineers from SLU are no doubt one of the BEST in the Philippines or even Globally. In fact I can say that they reallyare the best if we will consider ATTITUDE. Some Engineers especially from those schools that are so full of themselves are often rude and tend to look down on others. Just saying

Where is SLU now in the list. We are globally recognized not only in the Philippines! SLU is losing its trademark. Becoming more commercialized rather than academically excellent.

This should be in the top 10. I don't study here but looking at the results they give every year, they deserve to be in the top 10.

SLU is one of best engineering schools in the Philippines. SLU must be ranked no. 7. If you include the performance from 1970's up 2014.

6 Technological Institute of the Philippines

Technological Institute of the Philippines is one of the pioneer in outcomes based education in the country. Its 18 offered programs mostly engineering and ICT are accredited by ABET, a US-based engineering and computing accreditation institution which means, TIP is capable of giving students quality education that is of global standards.

TIP has also proven to be one of the bests by producing licensed graduates, even topnotchers in different engineering exams given by Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Despite offering teaching methods that comply to the global standards, TIP remains to be one of the cheapest school to study for truly aspiring and talented engineer and ICT students, compared to other engineering/computing schools.

TIP is now one of the top schools in the Philippines when it comes to engineering because aside from itoffers a high standard education, it also provide a low cost tuition fee that will enable every Filipino youth to attain an excellent training. Why do you need to enroll to an expensive engineering school if you can attain same standard and high level of education with cheaper price?. And take note when it comes to competition TIP is leading... TIP is the best! We got ABET accreditation!

The professors are not afraid to share their knowledge to the students. I am a transferee, and the reason that I transferred to TIP (from a school also in the rankings) is that they provide quality education, and when they say "quality education" they mean it. You can't see a professor who doesn't know how to teach, plus the fact that they monitor their students' progress and the employees are courteous too. I didn't regret transferring to TIP

20 ABET-accredited engineering and computing programs, the most number of internationally accredited higher education institution in the Philippines!

Level IV Accredited Status in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

CHED Center of Excellence in Information Technology, computer Science and Information Systems.

CHED Center of Development in Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering

ISO 9001:2008 Certified in the provision of all its academic offerings

7 Bulacan State University

One of the best universities for Engineering! Many thanks to the brilliant professors/teachers (especially Mechanical Engineering department) who devoted and continues to devote themselves in teaching & molding students to be future engineers!

Best Engineering School here in Central Luzon? Having high percentage of board passers and topnotchers in most fields of engineering. The UP of Bulacan. Affordable Fees with a good quality of education.

Producer of high quality Engineers in any field. Even though government budget is not sufficient to allocate effectively to every students. BulSU also apis the State University with Top notchers in Engineering field almost every Board Exam.

Engineering is equal to Bulacan State University! Bulacan State University is simply the best! Proven with the large number of top notchers and board passers in any field of engineering

8 Technological University of the Philippines

I graduated with a degree of Electronics Technology here at TUP-Manila. I acquired a highly competitive skills for which I've been using it on my current work. I've learn a lot of knowledge and skills beyond my expectation that's why this is one of the premier state university in technology here in the Philippines.

Since then I studied at TUP, I proved that tuition fee is not the basis of the excellence of the school. Even though TUP does not have the best facilities, I can say that it has the best professors who produce best future engineers

Focuses not only in academic subject but more in actual application training and technical skills of individual. Graduates can easily adapt the actual working environment.

Well, graduates from the other universities sure know how to derive formulas. But I can assure you, graduates from TUP not just know how to derive complex formulas, we are more than capable of using them!

9 University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

Best engrs comes from university of the Visayas...try to check who are the owners and teachers of the best review centers of engineering...they came from this University...

We are one of the Top perfoming University Overall Engineering board exams 2015 in the Philippines and Visayas with a passing rate of 33%.

PH Top Rank # 67
VISAYAS Top Rank # 15

10 Batangas State University

As I may say, Batangas State University is a Very good school if you are to enter the engineering world. But be sure you entered their Integrated School.
It offers 2 Math Subjects (from the second year to the last) and 2 Science Subjects (from first to the last year) It is a Technology Based Curriculum for the Engineering and Technical Education For Special Science Highschool of Batangas State University. The IS Department is making sure that your child is ready to face their course especially the Engineering world for it's designed to shape its student to excel in that field.

The Batangas State University-Batangas City (PBMIT) got the highest percentage of passing rate with 100% passing rate, with 76 total passers. BSU was followed by UP-Diliman with 95% passing rate, while the Saint Louis University got an 89.58 passing rate. Bicol University-Legazpi has a passing average of 84.29%.

The only university outside of Luzon that made it to the Top Performing schools is the Technological University of the Philippines-Visayas who got 82.29%. TUP-Visayas ranked at no. 5 as top performing schools in the recently concluded Mechanical Engineer Board Exam.

Batangas State University is the Top 1 Performing School in Mechanical Engineering for the last... well.. for so many years and counting.

Not just in Mechanical Engineering, Batangas State University was named as the Top 1 Performing School in Electrical Engineering on September 2014 board examination.

Batangas State University is also home for more than 100 topnotchers on different majors in engineering.

Well, who wouldn't want to spend 6-7 years in engineering with some professors who takes out their anger on students? Or professors who can't explain why students running for exemption simply fails? Or those who simply favor girls who are always hanging out with them? Or one who... nvm I could go on but you get the point. We are still the top performing in Mechanical Engineering.

The Contenders
11 Polytechnic University of the Philippines

PUP, the Country's largest state university in terms of student population has paved the way for less fortunate students to be granted a college degree in a very affordable tuition fee which is 12 pesos per unit, the cheapest tuition fee in Asia, yet offering a quality education. Among its achievement was being the 3rd best of the world in a contest held at France, and now, the Cyber SEA games.

PUP is the only university that gives better opportunity for those who cannot afford the very high cost of education, but you must have a brain to get accepted. Thanks PUP, I give back by helping start up companies in the Philippines grow. And I will always serve for the best interest of our country.

PUP continues to offer quality Engineering courses at a very affordable fees. And I tell you, it's the resilience of the PUP Graduates that puts them above the rest in any field of Engineering. They will work on the problem while the others watch.

PUP nurture those who have a lot of potentials and brains but can't afford "commercial" quality education, impressive performance of the graduates can be seen in the local industry or even globally.

12 Adamson University

The Adamson University chemical engineering department has long been internationally recognized as a distinguished and groundbreaking center of research and higher learning. Most of Adamson University graduates have gone on to careers in private sector in Middle East include petrochemical engineering, medicine, electronic materials engineering and biomedical research.

Each school year there are more or less 200 freshmen who enroll in each engineering program, but only few of them graduate. Graduates from Adamson University performs competently in their chosen field because they are well-trained survivors. In addition, alumni aren't only skilled but they also show the Vicentian values taught to them in Adamson.

The Adamson University ensures that their Engineering graduates are not just skilled and sharpened by experiences, but also possess the core values wherever they go and whatever they do. That's why it is one of the best engineering schools of the Philippines.

The laboratory facility is excellent. Professors are brilliant in their field of expertise. A God centered engineering school. Graduates are very competitive and at par worldwide. You can see the difference from other engineering school graduates.

13 University of the East

I am currently Civil and Structural Engineering Lead for Q2022 World Cup Stadia in Doha, and former President of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers - Qatar Chapter, the most active CE organization in the Middle East. The topnotcher of the CE Board Exam in the Middle East held last September 2016 is a product of PICE-Qatar Review Class and also an alumnus of UE. I'm proud to be a graduate of University of the East!

I am not a graduate but studies in civil engineering, and I am doing great compare to other nation in the world. UE is great in education!
Thanks for all the knowledge from my very young professor then. I give credit to them all for what I am now.

UE Caloocan will always be in my heart and in my mind, I learned not only classroom knowledge, theories but also learned how to survive the real world of employment. UE engineering graduates are knowledgeable both in theories and actual (hands-on).

I'm an alumnus of UE civil engineering batch 86 and most of my mates experienced working abroad as I am. Proud of my school and truly UE belongs to the cream of the crop.

14 Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology

Engineering in MSU-IIT started only at 1977 with its first batch of graduates at 1982 with only a few taking the board exams. Now it is already topping the engineering boards and almost always on 100 percent passing rate. Students here are poor but deserving students from the countryside with graduates working mostly in the the vicinity and some abroad and a few in NCR.

Most of the students enrolled in
MSU are honor students in high school plus instructors here are with doctorate degrees. Brain is the number one requirement to survive here, students are trained to solve with the most difficult problems.

The tuition fee here is 10-20 times cheaper than those belonging to the Top 4 of this list. Value for money should be included in the factor aside from performance in the PRC exams, equipment, quality of education and readiness to global competition.

The Best Quality education in the entire Philippines with Lower Tuition Fee and produced Top Students in the Board Exams...consistent in the Top 10 Universities of the Philippines...I love my Alma Mater...I Love MSU-IIT.

15 Cebu Institute of Technology

CIT University gives affordable, quality education. With its meager resources (low tuition fees), it managed to deliver quality education. Many of its graduates occupy top positions in private and government sectors, not only here in the Philippines but through out the world. Chances are, wherever there are Filipinos in any part of the world, there will always be a Technologian doing his part to make this world a better place.

CIT University has 661 Board Topnotchers with 72 1st placers (majority with engineering majors) to date since 1946.

CIT University is the first higher educational institution (HEI) in the Visayas and Mindanao classified as Category A (t). This places CIT as a mature teaching institution under the CHED-IQUAME framework. IQUAME is Institutional Quality Assurance Through Monitoring and Evaluation, a system of higher education quality assurance and classification.

Yes, the best engineering educational institute in the Visayas and Mindanao, particularly in the field of civil engineering. CIT would have not been a university if these were not for its various excellence attained through the years. One manifestation is the high passing rate percentage of CIT-U graduates achieved in every PRC engineering and architecture board exams.

The best engineering educational institute in the Visayas and Mindanao, particularly in the field of Mechanical engineering. CIT would have not been a university if these were not for its various excellence attained through the years. One manifestation is the high passing rate percentage of CIT-U graduates achieved in every PRC engineer
Ing and architecture board exams.

16 University of the Philippines - Los Baños

In Civil Engineering No other school maintained a 12-year 100 percent passing rate in board exam. We have very few graduates but we have better quality than any engineering school in the country.

Despite the sorry state of education budget and lowest tuition considering high standards of teaching, UP is the best.

Fact: UPLB's average passing rate for civil engineering lincensure exams, for the entire existence of its CE department, is over 95%. Highest ever by far.

Best engineering school in the Philippines, consistently providing topnotchers every board exams and providing excellent background before exposure to work

17 Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Most, if not all, of the students of PLM during my time belong to a meager-income family of Manila. There must always be an edge over ours those established colleges and universities in terms of learning facilities, engineering equipments, etc. , because our subsistence in the school depended on how much the local government of Manila could provide us. And until these days the situation is still the same. However, despite the odds, PLM is still producing fine graduates and board topnotchers in some fields... Proud to be a PLM alumni.

Of course I'm a graduate of BSCE Batch '88 and am proud of my Alma Mater. Currently am working here in the UAE ME for the past 7 years now and in an American Program and Project Management Consultan. My knowledge learned and trainings recieved from PLM helped me a lot in securing and keeping my job in this highly competetive field. Congrats and thank you to my dear school.

Congats! PLM newly Architects and Top placer in June 2014 Architecture PRC Board Exam. Always do your best for the contribution of technical skills and interest of our country Philippines.

Congrats' PLM and my fellow alumni. I hope we see each other again. ME Class 81' I work in Singapore American Company, Oil and Energy.

18 University of Batangas

Best Engineering school in the whole Philippines!

University of batangas for me is the best engineering school,

Undeniably the best!

Undeniably the best

19 Far Eastern University - East Asia College

The modern facilities this school has can prepare you to real life engineering problems when you graduate. With constant development in the curriculum, you can expect the best and consume your college life in an orderly way. As a student of the said school, I can guaranty the support of the professors to their students and train them full kindheartedly. FEU is not really a popular choice as an engineering school but dare I say it's one of the best.

Recently, FEU-EAC became FEU-Institute of Technology. As of 2014 it is still undergoing facility improvements and developments such as the construction of the new 17-floor building for FEU-IT students. I think it is not the best engineering school YET but has the potential to be, especially since the professors are very professional which makes the quality of education great.

Proud iTAMARAW. Imagine Invent Inspire be an Innovator. Far Eastern University - Institute of Technology college of engineering and computer studies, where industry meets academe.

This is a new school but it deserves a higher rank here. Even though the school is not that much established, this school is one of the most promising because it always FIT (s) itself to the needs of this generation when it comes to technology-driven engineering education. It has, not to brag, COMPLETE and WORLD-CLASS Facilities (e.G. Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab)! Now, this school even upgrades itself to a new level, rather, to a new dimension, by providing its students with a world-class 17-STOREY TECHNOLOGY BUILDING. If you think this school is baby-sitting its students, well, you're wrong. The school is actually training its students, not only technically, but also morally in terms of experience and quality out-of-school education. As I, personally, as one of the top performing students when I was in first year, is now struggling in Structural Steel Design (having 2 consecutive failures). It's not that I'm no-brainer. It's just that there's so much laziness in me. But with ...more

20 Bicol University

Bicol University College of Engineering has an outstanding track record of topnotchers, placers and passers! It also boasts of outstanding alumni who are gainfully employed all over the world, with extraordinary skills and competencies as Engineers. Others are now owners and/or managers of their own construction and engineering agencies.

Bicol University, as a whole, is a premiere university in the Bicol region and the only university which is ISO certified since the year 2011.

This university may not be outstanding in facilities not like other universities but it can give a really strong assurance to its students for a high-quality,not just high-quality but a word class education that is why over the past years it has produce topnotch graduates and successful ones.

I may be not be a graduate of this university but still proud. They produce topnotchers not only in the field of engineering but also in other courses.

The best school in Bicol Region.

One of the universities producing top notch students for the past years...

I can say I'm proud to be an alumni of this school

21 Silliman University

Not only does the College of Engineering and Design imbue you with the knowledge that equals none, but the instructors hone and sculpt you to be a person with good moral character.
- graduate of BS Computer Engineeing in SU

Teachers and professors are not just great and excellent, they always become. Our parents, brother, sister, in short, family. And it is beyond the four walls of the classroom

In this prestigious institution, you are taught the way of the Spider-Man: "With great power, there must also come great responsibility."

... the is just getting better in silliman university especially in The College of Engineering and Design.
We have great facilities, great mentors and great atmosphere..
Its up for the students to use it wisely for them to be at the top of their carrers...

22 National University

It should belong to the top ten in engineering school in the Philippines as the top one in Sanitary Engineering. In Architecture NU is recognized as one of the top five university. Wherever you go in the world in the field of engineering there are always a graduate of NU. It's graduates founded several engineering schools in the Philippines and established engineering curriculum in several colleges. Look at the records of NU's passing rate in Engineering & Architecture.

One of the engineering university in the Philippines which got very rich and well known tradition in engineering. Look at the board exams results and you would be amazed of how many topnotchers in engineering and architecture NU had produced. NU's graduates are employed all over the world in technical field. One of their graduates is Ex Pres. Fidel Ramos (BSCE) and also a graduate of West Point or US Military Academy.

1. Owner of University of the East is a product of NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, please correct me if I am wrong.
2. Owner of Technological of the Philippines is a product of National University, please correct me if I am wrong.
3. And others.
4. A lot of engineering graduate of NU works in Oil and Gas abroad.
5. 90% of NU grad working in Maynilad and Manila Water.

It should not be rank on this number its inside 10 not below you can count topnotchers in board exam.

23 Negros Oriental State University

NORSU's Mechanical Engineering course is just so strict but all worth it with an almost guaranteed passing rate in Board Exams... Norsu have been keeping its 100perent passing rate

NORSU for me is the best school for Engineering courses in the Province of Negros Oriental.

Norsu are home of topnotchers specially in engineering and architecture.

Awesome passing rate percentage!

24 Bohol Island State University - Tagbilaran City

For me, BISU is one the best engineering school because it is a newly in engineering program, but always in a high passing rate especially in ME. BISU keep it up! From well known engineering school in Manila class '81.

Bohol Island State University is one of the Top Engineering School in the Philippines in terms of board exam passers.

Does bot fail to qualify every year for the top 10 performing schools in the Philippines based on ME and EE board exam results.

25 Malayan Colleges Laguna

Most people here think that passing rates is proof of being a good school. Well passing rates is based on 2 things, the students and the school.
Since we are only talking about being a good school, I will not use the passing rates as a proof, although we have good passing rates.
Malayan Colleges Laguna (MCL) entrance examination is very easy, an average student could pass it easily without reviewing unlike other schools which have very hard entrance exams which can only be pass by smart people. My point here is that most student in MCL are only average students while other schools like UP and other schools have many intelligent student so it is expected for them to reach success after they graduate, but in the end MCL graduate could compete with UP graduates. The only reasonable explanation here, is that MCL very good engineering school that it can make its average students compete with other schools which have many intelligent student. In fact, some of MCL boardtopnotchers have ...more

Mapúa Institute of Technology at Laguna (MITL) molds its graduates to become globally competitive, future leaders, dedicated, socially responsible and result-oriented engineers. At MITL, students are trained and guided by their experienced mentors through outcomes-based curricula and immersions in different companies.

This kind of learning environment will help the students in generating answers to the most challenging technological and socio-technological problems of various local and international industries.

Via W. Mcl. Edu. Ph

Engineering graduates of MCL are fully equipped to handle not only their respective board exams but also the duties and responsibilities of engineers in the field.

Most of the professor's here are from UST, Mapua, UP Diliman, UP Los Baños (about 95%). They are not only graduates from those schools, some are ex professors, and some are teaching in both. Some of these professors have admitted that Malayan Colleges Laguna is capable of being one of the best.

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