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1 Mapúa Institute of Technology

Mapua is excellent when it comes to engineering. It's true that once you're in, you will truly experience hardships to the extreme, everything is hard in mapua, math in here will make you go crazy, but in the end, you will realize that it's all worth it. Nothing beats the feeling of surviving mapua.

The best way to measure the quality education a school is to know how their alumni performs in the industry.

Among all the schools in the Philippines, most famous Filipino engineers gloabally are graduates of Mapua Institute of Technology! Here are some of them:
Engr. Dado Banatao - the Bill Gates of the Philippines. He invented the microchip which is one of the reasons why the Internet is possible, then it later bought by Intel Corporation
Engr. Eduardo San Juan - the inventor of the Moon Buggy
Engr. Jose Ronaldo C. Roque - designed the engine harness of luxury cars such as Jaguar and Land Rover

Mapuans are very distributed across the globe. Here in the Philippines, most of the engineers working in technical companies are graduate of Mapua..
PLDT - 90% are Mapua grads
Meralco - 90% are Mapua grads
SMART - 90% are Mapua grads
ABS-CBN - 90% are Mapua grads
GMA Network - 90% are Mapua grads
And other companies.. (Too many to mention)

This ...more

While school can offer good curriculum.. It still depends on the support of the school on the learning limitations and real capabilities of students it has accepted plus the desire to learn of these students to pursue their dreams...

No doubt Mapua is still the best ABET accreditation and other accreditations and other other accreditations made the institute a global center of excellence when it comes to maths and other applied sciences. Do I need to say more?


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2 University of Santo Tomas

Engineers that graduated from UST aren't bloated with air and self-entitlement like graduates from other universities. Therefore, they excel and learn more in the field because they have a certain degree of humility that doesn't compromise their competence. Thomasians are the top choice if you want to hire professional engineers that can easily be managed and generally better to work with in the field or work place.

Certainly one of the best because of its wholistic engineering coupled with management approach! Best of all, graduates are transformed to God-fearing and pro-people leaders of the community. Go UST!

UST is consistent in producing competent engineers as shown with the results of every board exam.


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3 Technological Institute of the Philippines

Here in TIP, we are proud to say that we've got ABET.

TIP always stand tall... TIP is the second engineering school who got ABET of course the first one was MAPUA..but we are proudly say that WE GOT ABET..!

TIP is always an option of every college student especially in programs like engineering

TIP are life long learners!

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4 Bulacan State University

One of the best State University in the field of Mechanical and Civil Engineering.

Engineering is equal to Bulacan State University! Bulacan State University is simply the best! Proven with the large number of top notchers and board passers in any field of engineering

Despite the fact that the budget allocated for this university isn't that big, the quality of graduates produced here is impressive

Proud mother of an Electrical Engineering graduate, now REE

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5 De La Salle University - Manila

Civil Engineering. Enough said

Lifetime income post graduation?

DLSU is definitely the best in terms of this profession so I further suggest that it will be seed on top

Best employment opportunities after college

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6 University of the East


I'm one of the graduates

Tomorrow begins in the East.

Best In Engineering Field

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7 University of the Philippines - Los Baños

Despite the sorry state of education budget and lowest tuition considering high standards of teaching, UP is the best.

In Civil Engineering No other school maintained a 12-year 100 percent passing rate in board exam. We have very few graduates but we have better quality than any engineering school in the country.

Consistent high passing rate

Da best talaga

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8 Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Most, if not all, of the students of PLM during my time belong to a meager-income family of Manila. There must always be an edge over ours those established colleges and universities in terms of learning facilities, engineering equipments, etc. , because our subsistence in the school depended on how much the local government of Manila could provide us. And until these days the situation is still the same. However, despite the odds, PLM is still producing fine graduates and board topnotchers in some fields... Proud to be a PLM alumni.

Low tuition fee and provide quality education and values

Has one of the highest passing percentage, if not the highest, among all schools.

Provides quality education

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9 Batangas State University

--- Formerly known as PBMIT --
--- Up 'till now, carving it's victory among engineering schools in Southern Tagalog Region.
--- One of the Top Engineering Schools in the Philippines

Ung iba jang assuming na sila pa ren magaling sa Engineering
E tumimo na kasi di na mabenta and ganyang marketing strategy.

Board Exam Result speaks for the school's quality of engineering education.

And why is it BatState-U not included at least in the top 10?!
Be true to yourselves guys.

As I may say, Batangas State University is a Very good school if you are to enter the engineering world. But be sure you entered their Integrated School.
It offers 2 Math Subjects (from the second year to the last) and 2 Science Subjects (from first to the last year) It is a Technology Based Curriculum for the Engineering and Technical Education For Special Science Highschool of Batangas State University. The IS Department is making sure that your child is ready to face their course especially the Engineering world for it's designed to shape its student to excel in that field.

Batangas State University is the Top 1 Performing School in Mechanical Engineering for the last... well.. for so many years and counting.

Not just in Mechanical Engineering, Batangas State University was named as the Top 1 Performing School in Electrical Engineering on September 2014 board examination.

Batangas State University is also home for more than 100 topnotchers on different majors in engineering.



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10 Polytechnic University of the Philippines

PUP is the only university that gives better opportunity for those who cannot afford the very high cost of education, but you must have a brain to get accepted. Thanks PUP, I give back by helping start up companies in the Philippines grow. And I will always serve for the best interest of our country.

PUP is undeniably one of the best performing Universities which offers engineering in the Philippines. It even produces board topnotchers and best quality engineers.

I think pup has the quality in teaching engineering and it has low tuition but high quality

Polytechnic University of the Philippines is said to be the "Greatest Game Changer" so watch out for the next years. We may not be suprised if one day, PUP will be in line with the Big 4.

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11 University of the Philippines - Diliman

UP Diliman is the best university in almost all fields in the Philippines and with many recognized graduates working for Silicon Valley based and other companies abroad. UP graduates are trained to be resourceful and independent so expect them to accomplish objectives with minimum management supervision.

It's unanimous, when it comes to percentage and number of examinees, although it is cheaper compared to other schools, but when it comes to knowledge UP is the best of all and also it is the highest ranked university for the Philippines when it comes to international rankings, so all of the other courses, UP is the best institution

Even with the lack of government funding the faculty and students are still able to cope with the demands of the industry... "Engineering at its best! "

99.2% passing dito tapos mapua 80.7 lol ano to joke? I am not degrading MAPUA but my point is, UP should be in the top spot

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12 University of the Visayas University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

We are one of the Top perfoming University Overall Engineering board exams 2015 in the Philippines and Visayas with a passing rate of 33%.

PH Top Rank # 67
VISAYAS Top Rank # 15 - jayben

Visayanians! Best engineering in the Philippines

Because it is the first university in visayas... the best ever

Proud product of this university
electrical engineering batch 2000 October
RME board passer

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13 Adamson University

Adamson University is number 1 when it comes to Chemical Engineering and Computer Engineering.

The Adamson University chemical engineering department has long been internationally recognized as a distinguished and groundbreaking center of research and higher learning. Most of Adamson University graduates have gone on to careers in private sector in Middle East include petrochemical engineering, medicine, electronic materials engineering and biomedical research.

Adamson university was very good in chemical engineering then the other engineering courses also good! :)
And university have brilliant professors!

The best school in Engineering is Adamson

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14 Eulogio "Amang" Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology

They have all the engineering courses. It envisions to become the center of excellence in engineering education and be accessible to qualified students in the field of engineering. It should be also recognized for its excellence in quality of instuctions, research and extension services and likewise contributes for the betterment of the community and of the coubtry. It aims to provide the highest quality for engineering instructions, to produce marketable graduates who possess the needed professional, technical skills and ethical standards and who are best fit to the demands of the industry, locally and globally. It has low tuition fee.

Affordable tuition fee and has a high quality of teaching.

This school have the potential to become a greatest engineering school here in the philippines,

This post is insane. How did this school get into this list?
P.S. I'm a student from thus school.

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15 Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology

Most of the students enrolled in
MSU are honor students in high school plus instructors here are with doctorate degrees. Brain is the number one requirement to survive here, students are trained to solve with the most difficult problems.

Many poor but deserving students are enrolled here. They may not be as popular as the universities in Manila but they produce quality graduates.

The school that so far has the lowest tuition fee but produces quality engineers at its best.

I don't believe it isn't included in the top 10, together with UP diliman. UP Diliman should be 1st or 2nd, CIT of Cebu should b in top 10 also. These schools had produced many topnotchers.

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16 Technological University of the Philippines

Focuses not only in academic subject but more in actual application training and technical skills of individual. Graduates can easily adapt the actual working environment.

Excellence in academic focus on engineering and sciences, strong research and development through it's Integrated Research and Training Center.

Graduates, aside from passing the board exams, are highly competent and can easily adapt to the real working environment because of the excellent training given by the university.

You'd think you're stupid while studying in this school but when you get the chance to know how other students from other schools do, you'll be amazed that you're far from being stupid. This school excels in hands-on activities, professors are highly competent. Just studying in this school is enough to pass the board exam. No kidding.

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17 Cebu Institute of Technology

Cebu Institute of Technology - University is a Filipino First University. Even after declining offers of partnership by various international mega (Forbes top ranking) companies engaging in shipbuilding, Manufacturing, EPC and R&D did not stop CIT in providing quality Filipino style of education that have been proven for years to be one of the best service providers all over the world.

Simply because CIT strongly believes in the Filipinos, thus keeping its education the Filipino way.
And that is why CIT-U should be considered as the true BEST Filipino University for Engineering!

However, CIT is also engaging in exchange student programs by Japan Universities as some students are being offered by Japan due to their excellence in the field.

CIT currently have 200+ Academic Scholars, 370+ Non-Academic Scholars (Working Students), 430+ Sponsored Scholars (Company Sponsored Scholarships), 250+ Freshmen Scholars (High school Top Students) with a total of 9000+ ...more

It would really be my greatest accomplishment to graduate in this university even though that it took me so long because its really difficult and its everyday survival but it's part of the training that fits us students to be ready for the real engineering world

CIT University has 661 Board Topnotchers with 72 1st placers (majority with engineering majors) to date since 1946.

CIT University is the first higher educational institution (HEI) in the Visayas and Mindanao classified as Category A (t). This places CIT as a mature teaching institution under the CHED-IQUAME framework. IQUAME is Institutional Quality Assurance Through Monitoring and Evaluation, a system of higher education quality assurance and classification.

Well training and equipped with latest engineering technology

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18 University of Batangas

90% above all engineering courses

University of batangas for me is the best engineering school,

They produced best engineers in the Philippines


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19 Silliman University

. Silliman is one of the undisputed school when it comes to engineering!

Teachers and professors are not just great and excellent, they always become. Our parents, brother, sister, in short, family. And it is beyond the four walls of the classroom

Silliman is the best!

In this prestigious institution, you are taught the way of the Spider-Man: "With great power, there must also come great responsibility."

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20 National University

It should belong to the top ten in engineering school in the Philippines as the top one in Sanitary Engineering. In Architecture NU is recognized as one of the top five university. Wherever you go in the world in the field of engineering there are always a graduate of NU. It's graduates founded several engineering schools in the Philippines and established engineering curriculum in several colleges. Look at the records of NU's passing rate in Engineering & Architecture.

My brother told me this was the one of the best engineering courses

One of the engineering university in the Philippines which got very rich and well known tradition in engineering. Look at the board exams results and you would be amazed of how many topnotchers in engineering and architecture NU had produced. NU's graduates are employed all over the world in technical field. One of their graduates is Ex Pres. Fidel Ramos (BSCE) and also a graduate of West Point or US Military Academy.

One of the best architecture univeristy.

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21 Bicol University

Bicol University College of Engineering has an outstanding track record of topnotchers, placers and passers! It also boasts of outstanding alumni who are gainfully employed all over the world, with extraordinary skills and competencies as Engineers. Others are now owners and/or managers of their own construction and engineering agencies.

Bicol University, as a whole, is a premiere university in the Bicol region and the only university which is ISO certified since the year 2011.

This university may not be outstanding in facilities not like other universities but it can give a really strong assurance to its students for a high-quality,not just high-quality but a word class education that is why over the past years it has produce topnotch graduates and successful ones.

One of the universities producing top notch students for the past years...

I can say I'm proud to be an alumni of this school


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22 Far Eastern University - East Asia College

The modern facilities this school has can prepare you to real life engineering problems when you graduate. With constant development in the curriculum, you can expect the best and consume your college life in an orderly way. As a student of the said school, I can guaranty the support of the professors to their students and train them full kindheartedly. FEU is not really a popular choice as an engineering school but dare I say it's one of the best.

Now named "FEU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY" is considered one of the top Engineering and Computer Science University. FIT offers a great curriculum and amazing facilities for students.
It is true that the entrance exam is easy but believe me staying and finishing the program is easier said than done.

Recently, FEU-EAC became FEU-Institute of Technology. As of 2014 it is still undergoing facility improvements and developments such as the construction of the new 17-floor building for FEU-IT students. I think it is not the best engineering school YET but has the potential to be, especially since the professors are very professional which makes the quality of education great.

Best engineering school in the philippines!

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23 Saint Louis University

Best school in norther luzon

This should be in the top 10. I don't study here but looking at the results they give every year, they deserve to be in the top 10.

SLU must be ranked no. 7. Best in ME, CHE and Architecture

Top 5

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24 Malayan Colleges Laguna

Already produce 10 topnotchers from 3 batches of graduates

You can't pass a certain subject unless you are putting effort in studying.

We have the fastest point guard as a prof

Engineering graduates of MCL are fully equipped to handle not only their respective board exams but also the duties and responsibilities of engineers in the field.

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25 Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University

Best school in Engineering..

Best school in architecture central luzon

A student lead the Mechanical Engineering Board Exam 2013 and he is a topnotcher RANK 1

Top 6 and top 10 from 2017 Civil Engineering board exam.

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26 Negros Oriental State University

We belong to the top school

Awesome passing rate percentage!

Home of the top notchers

Its shows already whos always top in engineering board exam in PRC

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27 Central Philippine University

"The only Shool of Engineering in the Philippines adopting two additional Engineering courses ABROAD... High Class Laboratory of its Chemical and Packaging Engineering... The only school offering SOFTWARE ENGINEERING in the Philippines... And a consistent bar TOP!

Central Phil University engineers are mostly successful overseas. Some would opt to work in Manila, but many are still opting to work overseas. They are seen in the list of top performing schools for board exams as they normally have less than 15 graduates for EE, ME and CHE courses, but there passing rate is very high. In Dubai, Singapore and Australia, they have a solid network. it is top one eng school in western visayas and undeniably top ten.

The only school offering Software Engineering AND producing competitive graduates

First school in the Philippines to offer Packaging Engineering.

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28 Bohol Island State University - Tagbilaran City

"Bohol Island State University is mandated to primarily provide advanced education, engineering, agriculture, fisheries, environment, arts and sciences, accountancy, cooperative, business and entrepreneurship, technology and other relevant fields of study in the undergraduate and graduate levels; and to undertake research and extension services, and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization to meet the needs of the Province of Bohol and Region VII. "

Bohol Island State University is one of the Top Engineering School in the Philippines in terms of board exam passers.

Does bot fail to qualify every year for the top 10 performing schools in the Philippines based on ME and EE board exam results.

Yeah right. students were very discipline and profs were very dedicated. congrats. # proudtobeboholano

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29 New Era University

New Era University top the Engineering Board Exams, 1st Place, since year 2000, all 1st Place World Topnotch ( Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering), all got exa%(1, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000%) and continue rising more than 500 exa%( 500, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000%) all are recorded in Professional Regulation Commission and United Nations. Ranker Community search (w. Ranker. Com), proof New Era University, one of the biggest Universities Worldwide listed in Ultimate list on "Best in Engineering Schools". QS World University Rankings (w. TopUniversities. Com) also proof New Era University are lined up with the best Universities Worldwide, placed on the top of the triangle of 1st group of 1st triangle, its Qs Stars:Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Followed by Harvard University ( Qs Stars:Cambridge University ) no.2 and Cambridge University (Qs Stars:Harvard University) no.3 for ...more

New era university upholds the Christian values incorporated into academic knowledge.

Long live New Era!

New Era University freshmen open for being scholars of Department of Science and Technology (half scholars and full scholars ). For being scholars of DOST. New Era University have close relationship w/ the DOST thru research program.Nothing proven. New era University was the best!. Top 1 Worldwide. number 1 n Engineering (500 exa%) No.2 n Law(peta%) and Top 10 all other Department of any courses (500 exa%). Yes to New Era University!.

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30 Rizal Technological University

This is the School who molds my intellectual and shape my future without this institution I cannot achieve what I am now... Thank you so much for teaching on how to stand with my on foot and to all the knowledge and wisdom I acquired and from all the professors, deans, classmates, batch mate and to all the staff and faculties in Engineering and all other department for teaching all I need to bear and carry during my journey... Thank you always to my best buddy(a best classmate and a best friend) who give his affection, care, comfort and love that I never had experience during my childhood except my father(his the first man who express love and comfort to me and my best buddy here in RTU is the next person to my father expressing their love and compassion to me)... I love this school so much I learn enough knowledge and gain much wisdom... This is the best school and University that I knew and I ever had not only here in the Philippines but all around the world... Mabuhay ka Rizal! God ...more

Rizal Technological University also looking forward to produce best engineers all over the world

-Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Rizal Technological University teaches its students not just mentally but also physically. As early in there first year in college, the students are capable of doing actual things. That's because RTU provides great facilities and always follows an outstanding modernized curriculum.

Has the best Instrumentation and Control Engineering in South East Asia, the pioneer of Electrical Engineering in the Philippines, and the pioneer of BS Astronomy, and the home of Philippine Instrumentation and Control Society of the Philippines

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31 Ateneo De Davao University

The tuition fee may be higher compared to other schools but the knowledge you obtain is on par with Universities outside the country. Ateneo de Davao University is the home of the most beautiful female engineers.

One of the best schools of engineering and architecture in the country consistently producing high caliber and excellent graduates.

They don't care if they have less students

ADDU is consistently producing nearly 100% board exam passers.

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32 Western Institute of Technology

Produced Some of the Best Mechanical Engineer in the Philippines & Abroad

Best Mechanical Engineering Schools.

Best in civil engineering


33 Pangasinan State University

This is the best school for engineering

Eto and number 1

Quality of education is world class!

PSU urdaneta is the most silent school but best record in board exam. Perfect record (100% passing rate) for how may years. But underrated because of the number of Graduates per year. They belong to Top 5 Eng'g school nationwide

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34 Camarines Norte State College

Even if it has a low rates of tuition fees.. The quality of education when it comes on engineering degree is still intact.

"the happiest place to study and learn"?

An institution to be proud of..

And pogi ni Ed Roland Rodolfo

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35 Southern Luzon State University

Definitely not the best, but this school tries its hardest to keep up. despite the lack of facilities and equipment SLSU - College of Engineering continues to show its quality in board exam results.

High passing rates in board examinations. Continuing to develop with its new facilities and equipment.

The home of bright students in Southern Luzon. Produces quality graduates and topnotchers in Engineering board exams. One of the top performing schools in ECE, EE, CE and ME licesure exams.

36 Don Bosco Technical College

Good Teaching in Engineering Application in the Real World. Excellent Laboratories

The best facilities even better than industry standards,

DOn Bosco Technology Center has Excellent Technical teachers and has Good Technical Laboratories. Also Teaches Basic Engineering in Highscool Level.

Technology with a soul!

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37 Mindanao University of Science and Technology Mindanao University of Science and Technology Mindanao University of Science and Technology commonly known as MUST is a higher education institution in the Philippines.

MUST best in Mechanical Engineering. For me must ranked no.25

Yes. This school is made for mechanical engineering. They have undeniably excellent teaching in thermodynamics. - joshsanz


Culling system here in MUST is very open that's why I'm still proud of this school.

MUST is really standard when it comes to grading system.They even culled those students who are not really deserving. #PROUDtobeMUSTean

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38 University of Southeastern Philippines

It must be in the top 10 based on my experience. I am an engineering student here and I didn't survive. Because of the terror profs that I encounter.

My brother is attending in this school and I don't know if I can say that this is a good school. They don't even have laboratories to do lab works.

Yes it is.. I think this School must belong to Top 10 best engineering Schools.. Because of its High Quality of Education..

This school must be in top 10.

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39 Far Eastern University Institute of Technology

It has a good quality of education and it can make your life successful because of its performance when it comes to teaching.

World Class facilities and high quality education

We got worl-class Facilities

40 Quezon City Polytechnic University

Engineering students' practical learning and hands-on experience definitely put them right on the top. Building Transceiver and power supplies with surprising twists.

School promoting basic engineering skills for the students, BS Industrial Engineering BSIE and BS Electronics Communication Engineering BSECE for the empowerment of our country and for the future of every citizen.

Engineering students are trained with excellence, they are thought to be mature and competetive in their respective areas

Low tuition by high quality education

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41 University of Rizal System

It should be on the top 20 schools

Consistently above the national passing percentage and school na ito!

Top passers on board are from University of Rizal System

Parang sa militar and training ng engineering dito.. mitarEEry training

42 University of Mindanao

One of the best Engineering Schools in Davao!

The pride of Davao City when it comes to Engineering school.

UM is a great school of engineering than ateneo de davao in region 11.

One of the best engg school in mindanao

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43 Western Mindanao State University

Produce quality graduates of Engineering.

One of the best engineering school in mindanao and even the Philippines with affordable tuition fees.

Will be a graduate here.

44 Catanduanes State University

Passing rate is always higher than the national passing rate

Always have board topnotchers,

Consistent in producing Topnotchers, not only in Engineering but also in Nursing, Midwifery, Fisherish but also in Accounting. No University has produced Top-3 ever like CSU.


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45 Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University

The best School in Region I Northen Luzon

Dmmmsu, as of now, has an improvement when it comes to facilities and level of intelligence of the students... FYI, few from them tops the board exams, in ME and EE.. ☺☺

46 Capiz State University

Top 1 geodetic engineering licensure exam 2018

47 Mindanao State University - Gensan

Best among the rest

Best of the best..

"known as the breeding ground for the future greats of the society.


48 Central Mindanao University

I think CMU is one of the best universities in terms of engineering... Especially in agricultural engineering course.. WOW! They bring out the best in you

The best engimeering school is central mindanao university!

Best accumulated school ever

Truly the best! proud CMUan!

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49 Lyceum of the Philippines University

Lyceum of the Philippines University College of Engineering has an outstanding track record of topnotchers, placers and passers! It also boasts of outstanding alumni who are gainfully employed all over the world, with extraordinary skills and competencies as Engineers. I'm proud to be one of the alumni of this school.

LPU produces great graduates.. Aside from technical aspects when it comes to engineering, graduates of LPU have soft skills and work values and ethics which most company needed most.

BesT scHOoL in Asia - pRoF. JOeY phiLOsOpY

50 FEATI University

Feati is one of the few pioneers in Engineering courses. I cannot argue more when other schools like MIT, UP, etc. , claims they're the best schools its only because Feati crafted the best mentors for them. Their best professors were graduates of FEATI UNIVERSITY.

Many Engineering Manager of different industry studied at Feati University

Feati is the first school for Textile Engineering in Asia. A school with actual textile machine inside the campus lab. Plus the actual plane inside the campus lab also.

Viva Featinian

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