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41 Camarines Norte State College

Even if it has a low rates of tuition fees.. The quality of education when it comes on engineering degree is still intact.

"the happiest place to study and learn"?

Gain top 1 - electrical board exam
Top 4 - civil engineering board exam
Higher percentage of passers, what else can you ask for? CNSC is the best

CNSC is one of the most HIGHEST passing rate when it comes to enginnering pero bakit pang 41 lang?

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42 University of Rizal System

It should be on the top 20 schools

Parang sa militar and training ng engineering dito.. mitarEEry training

43 Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University V 2 Comments
44 FEATI University

Feati is one of the few pioneers in Engineering courses. I cannot argue more when other schools like MIT, UP, etc. , claims they're the best schools its only because Feati crafted the best mentors for them. Their best professors were graduates of FEATI UNIVERSITY.

Many Engineering Manager of different industry studied at Feati University

Feati is the first school for Textile Engineering in Asia. A school with actual textile machine inside the campus lab. Plus the actual plane inside the campus lab also.

Viva Featinian

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45 Lyceum of the Philippines University

Lyceum of the Philippines University College of Engineering has an outstanding track record of topnotchers, placers and passers! It also boasts of outstanding alumni who are gainfully employed all over the world, with extraordinary skills and competencies as Engineers. I'm proud to be one of the alumni of this school.

LPU produces great graduates.. Aside from technical aspects when it comes to engineering, graduates of LPU have soft skills and work values and ethics which most company needed most.

BesT scHOoL in Asia - pRoF. JOeY phiLOsOpY

46 Southern Luzon State University

Definitely not the best, but this school tries its hardest to keep up. despite the lack of facilities and equipment SLSU - College of Engineering continues to show its quality in board exam results.

High passing rates in board examinations. Continuing to develop with its new facilities and equipment.

The home of bright students in Southern Luzon. Produces quality graduates and topnotchers in Engineering board exams. One of the top performing schools in ECE, EE, CE and ME licesure exams.

47 Central Mindanao University

I think CMU is one of the best universities in terms of engineering... Especially in agricultural engineering course.. WOW! They bring out the best in you

The best engimeering school is central mindanao university!

Best accumulated school ever

Truly the best! proud CMUan!

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48 Catanduanes State University

Passing rate is always higher than the national passing rate

Always have board topnotchers,

Consistent in producing Topnotchers, not only in Engineering but also in Nursing, Midwifery, Fisherish but also in Accounting. No University has produced Top-3 ever like CSU.

Consistent in producing Topnotchers

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49 Isabela State University

I think University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao is on top of thisUniversity

50 University of Saint Louis Tuguegarao

This university yearly produces top notcher or top performing school on engineering programs. This should be in top 20.

Best engineering school in Cagayan Valley region.

Best quality education on engineering course in the Philippines.

51 University of San Carlos

I personally consider USC as the best Engineering school in Cebu. It is equipped with the latest engineering materials. It is also comprised of quality professors who are thoroughly trained in each of their fields of practice. Most of all, USC is composed of highly-practiced students who are not only good at engineering practices but also good leaders, community serving, and God-fearing.

USC is the best even though their students cannot be in the top 10 notchers but the passing rate in the boarding is always 60% up but pretty this university gives quality education for engineering and one of the best here in CEBU

USC is one the best engineering schools in the Philippines. Must be ranked no.6. The best in Chemical engineering, ECE and Architecture.

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52 Cavite State University

2014 board exam topnotcher in Agricultural Engineering studied here. Also, marami na ding board passer na engineering na dito nag-aral.

Magagaling and mga professors, mahigpit sila di tulad sa ibang schools.

Friendly environment, updated facilities, near in cavite, affordable tuition…

53 Sorsogon State College

Best school for civil engineering!

Dedicated towards works, best in technical knowledge

54 Holy Angel University

Holy Angel University is the right school for you when it comes to Accountancy and Engineering

Indeed, since aeronautical engineering got 2 consecutive 100% passing rate already as of 2014 and 2015.

We have 100% Aeronautical Engineer Board Exam - engrdino1205

I know it is best, and it always be the best

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55 Ateneo de Naga University

A premier School in South Luzon that offers three engineering programs - CE, CpE and ECE. It produced topnotchers and most of the time if not all of the time above national passing rate comparable to other known major universities of the country. It prides itself with the kind of graduates it produces formed by Jesuit education - a student who is characterized by competence, conscience, compassionate commitment to change and Christ-centeredness.

Ateneo de Naga University boasts its strong holistic Jesuit formation that produces students who are not just academically competent but as well as morally upright and Christ-centered. The curriculum of ECE, CpE and CE is comparable to other top universities in the country. The instruction is the best. There is a good relationship between students and faculties and there is a real "consultation time". The students are not spoon fed and majority of the board exam results are above national passing rate. The projects especially for ECE students are relatively hard making them prepared in their job. The thesis is also greatly screened. Faculties are also pursuing graduate studies to produce better teaching instruction. It is considered the top Ateneo school for ECE because of its very excellent performance.

Most outstanding school in Southern Luzon

OBE is greatly observed.

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56 Columban College, Olongapo City

I am a product of this College and I'm proud of it, I have been around the world being a Civil Engineer and this is partly of how my alma mater have molded me into a better Engineer.

My alma matter, Columban College, really has the competitive and quality education.

I went here and they has all what I need. And they really got quality education.

They have their high standards in producing a high quality graduates.

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57 Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges

The best school in terms of theoritical instruction as well as practical applications of knowledge because of hand-on and laboratory experiments. Thus, the graduates are able to meet increasing demand for highly technically equipped workforce, critical-thinkers, and dedicated professionals.

Its ladderized curriculum prepares its students for the most challenging jobs that awaits them...

58 Caraga State University

For agricultural eng. And geodetic eng.

Best in geodetic engineering in mindanao!

High quality education!

Caraga State University-Cabadbaran Campus also produces young, talented engineers here in mindanao.. :-)

59 Mindanao State University - Gensan V 2 Comments
60 University of Luzon

A very good school that shows a top notch graduates working in one of the biggest engineering companies in the world. Viva Luzunian

I know this school UL is one the most beautiful school because they have a good facilities modern learning and they teach us

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