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21 Eddie Pulaski
22 Hilary King
23 Lamar Davis

He was hilarious! Him and Trevor made me laugh the most in Grand Theft Auto V. Especially at the beginning when he sees that Franklin made employee of the month. Just his facial expression alone was priceless.

He deserves higher he is on Grand Theft Auto v and Grand Theft Auto online.

Lamar davis or LD in hood safari he killed and robbed the famous mc clip rides then he is funny as hell and friends to trevor

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24 Mark B Dup Wayne

This guy was awesome

25 Catalina

I believe Catalina is the daughter of Marty and Louise, because she has Louise's eyes and nose and Marty's personality... Maybe after her parents died, Mary-Jo couldn't cope with her and gave her away, but had a cruel new family and decided to rename her to Catalina, or Mary-Jo married to a abusive man.

I believe Catalina didn't die from the explosion, I think the gunshot was her, to kill Claude and Maria.

Completely crazy. I don't wanna know what she did with CJ.

"ow! Eh! Ooh! Aw! Ouch! Damn! Oh"

Memorable female antagonist in Grand Theft Auto 3 and san andreas.

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26 Bryan Forbes
27 Luis Fernando Lopez

He was a cool character but not the first Hispanic protagonist. The brother of Lance Vance, Vic Vance, was actually the first since both he and his brother are Dominican

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28 Chunky Lee Chong
29 Chop (the Dog)

He Has franklin'S Back When YOU Feel Like Going On A rampage.

I named my rabbit after him.

I love chop :3


30 Curly Bob
31 Tony Prince

Tony was gay but funny character with anger issues

Tony is the most forgotten Grand Theft Auto tbogt charater but he is good

32 Couzin Ed

He is named after Eddie the Head, Iron Maiden's mascot he was the Host of V Rock in Vice City Stories and just like Lazlow he is a real person. - christangrant

33 Kenji Kasen
34 Mike Toreno

I think he's the best CIA agent on Grand Theft Auto

35 Lazlow Jones

The only character to be in every single 3D game

36 Cesar Vialpando

I liked this guy he was okay

He was a huge help to cj deserves higher rank.

CJ my favourite character and this guy is his homie for life

Coolest character ever least 4 me.

37 8-Ball

This guy is dope

38 OG Loc

You are not voting for him because he's GANGSTA.

What a trip. The guy is hilarious.

He is hilarious, he and maddogg's beef is my favorite part of the game.

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39 Maccer
40 Huang Lee Huang Lee

The first Asian in the Grand Theft Auto Series! How can he not even be on this list! Here be Dragons! A loyal Triad forever!

Huang is totally the strongest because he's the one survived facing the large amount of enemy and he is rarely aided

This guy needs to be higher up on this list

I RUV HIM! Grand Theft Auto Chinatown is so dope

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