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41 Shystie
42 N-Dubz

Fazer and dappy have the sickest flows and tulisa is hot

Theey should be number 1 they have produced such meaty grime songs!

43 Yungen V 5 Comments
44 Lady Soveriegn
45 Dappy

Dappy needs to be up in the top 5- have you heard his freestyles man
Tarzan freestyle 2 so hard it went into the charts

46 Crazy Titch

One of the best flows in the game. From the old school days when grime was at its best. He merked Wiley and dizzee so has beaten two of the best. Would have been the best MC if he didn't go jail.

If titch didn't commit murder, he would've become one of the most sick grime MCs ever - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Titch is the king of grime, he should be number 1


Talented, sick flow, unfortunate he got locked up.

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47 Sneakbo

One of the best in his generation

Sneakbo is just so sick met him he is just so down to earth!

Dent understand y he is so far down he is bad rahh at least 10th sneaker all depends way family

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48 Krept and Konan

They're freestyles say it all should my second favourite grime artists

N.A. lie higher way higher Der bars are maudd n they rap from experience (my story)(listen to it)

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49 J Hus V 2 Comments
50 DJ Ironik

He's such a great artist with brilliant songs. Such a down to earth guy who really appreciates his fans. So much love for him x x x

51 Joe Black

Joe black came to Swindon with his CDs man shot them off like the food he raps about

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52 Flow Dan
53 J Maverick

Literally the best there is! Take him away there's nothing left in grim

I heard one of his songs with cee called mortals it's better than dappy

Well what can I say I'm j mavrick I'm not as good as skepta, jme, wretch 32 or kano and chipmunk but I think I'm pritty good and my brother cee he's 15 and I'm 11 and we are cruising to show biz and I'm white.

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54 Trim V 1 Comment
55 Griminal
56 Example V 1 Comment
57 Roachee

Roachee's flow is sick. No-one is as brutal on the mic as roach!

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58 Johnny Gunz
59 Jaja Soze

No grime artist at the top ten is like jaja soze except lowkey speaks the truth and is betta dan most of dem rappers and he don't rap about booze n weed raps from the heart

You can just tell he's been there and done that, he's basically a brixton akala and a black lowkey

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60 Dirty Dike

Magical Rhymes, lyrically illest

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