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81 Face
82 Rival
83 DVS

Him and jaja are just in another level when it comes to the underground grime scene, he's something that only people who are in his struggle can understand and you can just feel the emotion coming out the lyrics

DVS is one of the best grime artist of our generation he always raps the truth and never life everyone can relate to his barz.

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84 Stylo-G
85 Ard Adz
86 Cee

He's a right don he's beats are monstrous so raptastic and j maverick ain't bad as well

Now I'm good but cee my older brother is on a next leval he could battle skepta and the rest of bbk he's a god boy total boss

87 Dru Blu aka Don Strapzy

Ganna blow in 2013 englands answer 2 eminem. People ratin benny banks he's got nufin on don fam...

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88 Big H

Disappointed in LOTMs against P but look back to his Meridian Crew Sets and all
Of his sidewinders, practice hours he's about

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89 Tiny Boost

Pure gun talk! Rate him a lot as he speaks the truth and explains gritty roads! Listen to his freestyles he kills it

90 Jaykae

Sick lyrics brummie style and proud bout time we recognise talent from North of Watford gap

91 Kozzie
92 Elro
93 Bossman Birdie
94 Sh?m

Haha, You guys listen tot grime but You don't know Sh? m lol

Listen to resurgence by Sh? m if you'd like to know what REAL grime sounds like

95 Novelist

Top 10 MC! Hands down one of the rawest grime artist out there. wouldn't say he was the best but he "comes from the road" big in his postcode and every MC knows his name. A lot to see from him if you haven't listened to his tunes check this one out, "Novelist endz"

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96 Lunar C V 1 Comment
97 Pjay
98 Fuda Guy
99 Grimsta
100 Ratlin
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