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1 Halo 3

Something in this game fizzles with the epic sci fi moments and memories and make this game the best. Not much of a replay friendly one, but I keep thinking and trying to revisit the nostalgia I first had while playing through this game. The intro of this game told me that fight was going to be finished and when the chief crash lands, I get invited by the covenant Ina satisfactory manner. It was a cool feel playing through Sierra 117, beginning the end. Crows nest introduced to the plot and I knew Earth was under danger but an even bigger threat reveals, the fate of not only the human race, but the universe. I felt that Tsavo Highway had the same cool feel as the Sierra 117, it made my sci fi experience so memorable. The storm was like a Call of Duty (yep, Call of Duty). It added another flavor to this game, that Call of Duty feel, the fast paced duty. This mission I also felt was the big build up to the epicest of epic sci fi moments. Floodgate brings back the flood and reminds us of ...more

The Campaign seems to be building to an epic conclusion only to fizzle out into a couple of Flood levels. The Multiplayer and feature set of this game, however, are unsurpassed. Bungie built the greatest online experience of all time with this monumental achievement to interactive entertainment.

I like this one because it has a lot more action in it while Halo Reach all you do is go around and battle. On Halo 3 there is the awesome warthog run and the scarab battles. This one is the best in my opinion. - haloman4321

I bought an Xbox 360 when this game came out specifically for this game.
I didn’t even have a hard drive. I basically challenged myself to play as far into the campaign as possible before I’d have to quit to go to school. - 8chAnonymous

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2 Halo Reach

Yes halo reach is the best halo game ever out rank 343 halo 4 I mean throwing out the best parts of halo I mean me and my friends and brothers love campaign scoring but it just not their I mean it the best looking halo game for sure and customize your own Spartan and new armor abilities and the pistol scope absent in halo 3 and firefight is back better than ever and the new weapons and machine to drive plus the amazing great multiplayer that always custom layouts voting on maps and throwing in New game modes which are awesome one of which I happy about is infection previous absent well kind off it was in the custom games option in halo 3 but it just not the same as reach not the mention the groundbreaking amazing campaign it definite the best and easiest to follow how halo 3 is rank higher I will never know plus forge is just so much more awesome two it and I'm glad to see halo 4 put in its place and also glad after 5 years tons and tons and tons of people play halo reach proving that ...more

This is, overall, the best Halo game out there. Everyone may say Halo: CE and Halo 2 are better because they're the ones that made Halo what it is, but I'll say this: Halo: Reach has the best multiplayer in the whole franchise. I remember when I was little, I played this game just about every day, and I eventually stopped at Field Marshall. That was only because Halo 4 came out. When Halo 4 came out, there was nobody on Reach... For a few months. Eventually, people started migrating back to Reach because it's the superior game. You can still find thousands of people playing Reach, even though it's around 6 years old! Halo: Reach is definitely the high point of the Halo franchise. Bungie really went out with a bang! - SunfireCobra

Jumping onto the Halo bandwagon recently, I have finished all but ODST's, as that got me bored. Reach is undoubtedly the best Halo game ever created, as it has such diversity and is so in depth, with no plot holes. You are gripped until the end, and the game plays with your mind with so many parts of the game. It has the best campaign, and the second best multiplayer, second only to Halo 5. Halo Reach has something the other Halos never gave you, and that is the emotional immersion into the game.

I remember I’d always get on my Xbox 360 campaign mode after school

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3 Halo 2

It sickens me to see Halo: Reach further up on this list than Halo 2. It's not because Halo: Reach is a bad game, it isn't as deserving of its current placement on this list as Halo 2. Halo 2 was incredible. Halo 2 was a game that was so incredible that reverberation of its momentous innovations echo still not just in the Halo franchise, but also the FPS genre. The ranking system in Halo 2 was marvelous and the map designs were remarkable. Who can forget about that 1-50 ranking system that you can feel invested in because it was strongly and firmly reflective of your skill? Who can forget about those classic maps such as Lockout, Midship, Ivory Tower, Beaver Creek, Ascension, Zanzibar, and Coagulation? Not to mention all the good map packs that came later! However, no game is perfect and Halo 2 had its faults like horribly ugly graphical textures, terribly inconsistent gameplay glitches, and awfully bad design quality. Over all though, Halo 2 was an unbelievably incredible game and ...more

Halo 2 was the absolute pinnacle of the Halo series, it took the first game and expanded upon it while keeping things simple. maybe on a technical level Halo 3 and Reach are better games, but Halo 2 just has a certain air about it that makes it a true classic and standout in the series

As someone who didn't start with the first Halo, I have to say that going back to play it makes it feel fairly... Empty. Don't get me wrong, it is still very fun, but it feels very clunky and dated.

Halo 2 changed the game mechanics drastically, and they were so good, that to this day Halo 4 still feels similar to 2. Everything from beam rifles to brutes to scarabs that has shown up throughout the halo series first appeared in halo 2.

Halo 2 also expanded the story greatly; showing us the inner workings of the covenant, creating the story of the arbiter, etc.

It's hard to choose one game from this fantastic series, but I'd say Halo 2 is mine.

Me and my best mate were 13 when this came out and we have the best memories from playing this campaign co-op together.. a real great online experience as well

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4 Halo: Combat Evolved

This is lower than HALO 4?! Seriously?! This is the game that started it all! This had more action than any other game! Yeah it had stuff that we didn't like but it was still AWESOME! I remember the first time playing 343 guilty spark when I encountered the flood. but nowadays when I play it I still get a chill up my spine hearing that eerie background music and the noise of the infection forms crawling around! Then at those intense moments when there is a zealot in the room invisible with a sword, THAT moment taught me. "if you see ANYTHING moving that isn't human, shoot it"

But honestly I thought this was the most MAJOR jump in the FPS series and was the best game I have ever played! - Zombieman99

Best fps ever, and one of the greatest games ever. Had the most open campaign, with levels that are still a blast to play today. Multiplayer is also great, with outstanding maps such as Hang em' High, Sidewinder, and of course Blood Gulch. LAN parties with this game are to date one of the greatest experiences you can have in all of video games. Truly a masterpiece which deserves to be higher on this list.

The game that started it all. The nostalgia, the music the grunts running away like cowards while you attempt to stick them. No better feeling when you first step out of that pod and see a huge ring whilst that eerie music plays in the background. Who could forget the waves of covenant falling out of the gravity lift. I could go on and on. What a game

Halo combat evolved is the best it is very simple and the sound of the assault rifle is better than other halo games. This game is the first halo game I have played I still want to play it.

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5 Halo 4

I love the campaign, it is the most emotional story out of all the games. I love the graphics and the audio, also the best in the series. The multiplayer and forge took a step back but it was still satisfying and fun. Oh, there's also Forward Unto Dawn.

Halo 4 campaign was very good, and Master Chief/Cortana moment at the end was one of the top 2 moments in Halo history. The enemies were crap to fight, and the multiplayer wasn't as good, but the campaign story specifically, was filled with some of the best dialogue and content to date. I would suggest people look past the enemies and give this game props for the story elements and the ending.

Halo 4 is seriously a fantastic and epic game. The graphics, soundtrack, sound design combat, story, controls, environments, enemies and just about everything in this game is amazing. I'm in love with the campaign and I will play through it many more times, it's that great. Halo 4 is among the best of the best!

Wow, great game. It's graphics are something never seen before, the assassinations are cool and gets rid of the annoying flood! I think it's actually better than Halo 5

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6 Halo 3: ODST

ODST is truly a masterpiece and shows that good games do not really require massive online multiplayer. The gameplay actually requires you to think like an ODST in the Legendary difficulty, whether it's about planning stealthy routes to the next clue behind the mystery of your squad, or strategizing before running head first into battle (something no other Halo game has truly accomplished).

The soundtrack is fantastic, and is undoubtedly the best in the series. Check out Skyline and The Rookie.

The storyline is also much different, and is truly gripping and makes us feel like real humans, not genetically modified cyborgs (Chief is still epic, but ODST just has a better feel). The no-win scenario situation is also a good idea. The characters are quite interesting and relatable, and the Rookie is a badass.

Fire fight was also pretty great.

I love how this game speaks it's own language - it's brilliant how Bungie came up with a different style for Halo... But improving it? Darn, this is by far the best Halo game yet. - UlfricStormcloak

While I liked it, I would say it was the weakest game in the franchise. Open world was a good idea, but I wish they did something with it, besides of course running around. They could've had bonus missions that you could find by exploring, like rescuing a few surviving civilians from being executed, or something like that

I like how your as the Rookie, he doesn't talk much so you feel like you make up your story more than in the other games. You feel what it is like to be an ODST, rather than a SII. It gives you a feel for what being an ODST is like.

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7 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Best combatting options and a you feel so great when you parry an elite using melees since they do so little damage which is awesome. Grenade commonness made you love them and not get frustrated when you miss the elite you were trying to stick with your plasma grenade. It also felt like an staple part of combat since you can care so less about how many grenades you have. An awesome fast paced campaign was what this had and the sixth mission was the only time I enjoyed fighting the flood. That was awesome. This game made plasma pistols so fun to use while you repeatedly pop an elite's shield and finishing it off with a pistol headshot or sticking it with a plasma grenade following a satisfying explosion. Of course I would choose the anniversary version over the original because of bettered graphics

Here is what it is: a game recreating the original best selling combat evolved. The game that introduced us to the one and only master chief. And what the anniversary here does is recreate the best campaign ever created into the same gameplay, just with WAY better graphics. Not to mention adding a great multiplayer the original game never had. Plus achievements and terminals, and if you have a Kinect, then I reccomend you to try out the inspect feature that will let you check out things in detail! Great game!

Best story, best physics, best level design, best A.I., and the updated graphics make it one of the better looking Halo games yet. The simplicity of this Halo makes it the best even 7 games in this series.


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8 Halo 5: Guardians

Got the game day 1. I hopped straight in to Arena and immediately could tell that there were no issues in matchmaking. I got a match in under 2 minutes, but that would be pointless is the so-called "match" was boring. Let me tell you, it was anything but. Team Arena was amazing, with all of my favorite game-modes, except strongholds (eew...). Of course the classic Slayer did not disappoint. Halo 5's premiere mode, Breakout, was almost so intense to the point where you thought it was the championship game of a pro tournament, with $1,000,000 on the line. The classic F.F.A. was amazing, as expected. Making a return was SWAT, the classic no-shield game-mode where you aim for the head. It was fun as ever. Warzone, the big new addition to Halo 5, was intense and fun the whole round. The REQ system, while involving microtransactions, was balanced. You may as well throw $80 down the drain, but at the time you feel like the coolest spartan in town. Warzone Assault was not very ...more

At first when I got it I was super excited to play it. It took my Xbox one over 4 hours to download it. And all of my favorite halo games were the ones where Master Chief had to stop the rings from firing or something that involved the rings. Halo 4 and halo 5 disappointed me in that 343 moved away from the massive empire of the halo games bungie created involving the halo rings. I was also disappointed because when I saw the trailers for it, I was expecting some Spartan on Spartan combat. I thought Locke would kill the chief or the chief would kill Locke, but the campaign focused nothing on that. Which I was very disappointed in. 343 made an all around good game because of the matchmaking and multiplayer but the campaign is what made this game one of the worst.

Well you have to admit that the story was okay. Just compare it to all sorts of other games on the market eg. Call of Duty, boyfriend, borderlands... It's just that this story couldn't compare with the other halo games. So with the worst story out of all halos, this actually deserves a lot more credit and should be higher, a lot higher, possibly the top. This is my reason why. Fortunately, this game was saved by the amazing gameplay, cool new Spartan moves, squad commands and... Aiming down sights! I know that sounds like Call of Duty, but, it's a good mechanic that other shooters like. I have to admit that this game is not a classic halo title which is the main reason you guys are disappointed, but with the amazing gameplay, this is possibly the best shooter around.

Ps. Just because I don't complain that this game is not the original halo we loved for years and love the new mechanics just like a Call of Duty fanboy would do, doesn't mean I'm not a fan of halo. It's the best ...more

The campaign was decent. I’ll admit there are some flaws. But multiplayer? It’s the best I’ve played since Halo 3. Firefight, Warzone, Arena... I’m absolutely engulfed into the multiplayer and Forge of this game!

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9 Halo Wars

Strategy games are what I play. Shooter Strategy = Epic masterpiece. Completely clever and high end strategy game. And it's not as violent! So mommy plays too! - UlfricStormcloak

Completely underrated. I could spend hours playing private game with my friend in this.

My first Halo game! How I loved the skirmish and Campaign!

Possibly the best halo game. Very fun and addictive

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10 Halo: Combat Evolved Custom Edition

You can play Halo 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 in it! You can play the game however you please, and the community is always making custom maps and mods for it!

This is amazing. The Master Chief collection may have 1-4, but Halo Custom Edition has ALL of them! Custom campaigns, custom firefights, custom multiplayer maps, custom user interface, custom models, CUSTOM EVERYTHING! Halo feels so much more engaging when you know you can play with others on what you created!

Why is it that this outstanding game is beaten by halo wars, I mean halo wars is not even first person and its not halo. Halo custom edition is awesome it is a new way of playing halo its still first person also you don't need to mod the game to get cool vehicles like the pelican, the phantom even a fuel rod ghost and a dropship


Best halo ever, as you could find some way to edit the tags of other games is, there is a couple of halo 4 maps out, bigass is amazing, and CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS. The accuracy with a mouse and keyboard is unparalleled, those damn snipers. This is an awesome game, and it needs more votes.

Kind of nice.

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11 Halo: The Master Chief Collection

This game is for real cause you can play 1-5 halo games and you can change the looks halfway through halo 1 and 2 to look old and back again!

I love it I've been playing it every day I am in LOVE with these 4 halo games but too bad halo reach wasn't in it.

It got all of them in the game, so obviously it is the best

Its got halo 1 2 3 4 and another so beat that

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12 Halo Wars 2

This game is the best combination of the halo master chief universe and the original halo wars. It has a brute which is smarter and stronger than three of the best Spartans we have seen to date and goes back to everyone's favorite place in halo lore, The ARC which if you remember has been assaulted many times by the covenant and this one ship is doing what a fleet could not claiming the creator of the halo rings.

This one game has been waited for by fans for seven years and only if 343 industries made it sooner they could have saved the halo franchise from falling into a pit created when master chief woke started chasing Cortanna.

Halo wars 2 is the pinnacle of creation its only rival has to be halo 3 its self, we all love what Bungie did with halo but I look forward to playing this game and I also look forward to 343 industries next release afterwards!

Like Halo Wars with better graphics and troops that have eyes and can walk from point A to B without making a loop around the whole map. Sounds great

I will be getting this game February 2017 and then I will have all the console based halo games until halo 6 is released - mneilan

good game

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13 Halo: Spartan Assault

I know Spartan Assault is bad but how is it worse than 2 games that haven't even come out yet

Because we saw the trailer

14 Halo: Rebirth

It is coming in 2018 and has every halo weapon made, including three new weapons.

15 Halo 2 Anniversary

If Halo 2 is the 3rd best, then why is the Halo 2 anniversary 15th? It has better graphics and the same story.

16 Halo Online

Pretty good action, armor and weapons choice.

Does not exist and it would suck because halo needs a good campaign and a good multiplayer and if you were thinking a mmo I think that would suck

Add me I'm StrollingAsp388

17 Halo DS

Great campaign love it 10/10

18 Installation 01

New Fanmade game coming to pc

19 Halo: Spartan Strike

Improved on its predecessor and if you forget it is a sim it is a pretty good story that makes a true halo game

Gives iOS players a chance to get in the action of halo unique halo title

I think it is a amazing mobile game and improved on its predecessor

I think it should have a online multiplayer

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20 Halo 2600
21 Halo Infinite
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