Top Ten Best Insurance Companies In Australia

These days its important to have insurance and especially when the one company can insure almost everything you have with a deal or something.

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Just because their rates are low, does not mean it is great! READ your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)! ;)

Been with GIO for a while with very comprehensive cover, I thought. Went to claim on a lost top of the range MacBook Air (MBA) and was told the like for like PDS does not cover the replacement of a high end product as the newer basic entry level is just as fast as my older MBA.

My $2,400 MBA was replaced with a $1,300 MBA, even though we insured it as a custom made product and for $2,400. Further, we were also paying the appropriate premium for this cover and was told we could nt be refunded either as it is my responsibility to check PDS and ensure I am insuring correctly!

I am searching for an insurance Co which replaces a quality item with a quality item.

As a side note, during our discussions, claims officer stated our $2,000 Panasonic Viera can be replaced with a $800 Panasonic Viera if it meets the "like for like" elements.


I have been with GIO for years now, they always deliver excellence when it comes to car/home and contents cover for our family. Had an at fault claim a few years back and the service that was given was fantastic. Easy to deal with, friendly customer support and claims are no hassle what so ever

Now this is a very popular company and it does have great rates so it makes the top ten list - mattro

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Look I know it's not that popular but it has some great rates and offers -

Fantastic company, and they do have my back! - I've been with them for a long time, and they do protect their customers even when it comes to claims! - Great customer service!

Been with them for years, claimed twice, easy no fuss, Had Allianz on my home insurance, trouble, trouble, trouble! Never got back to me with their claim decision. I called again and again, even lodged a compliant, then they got back to me pretty quick, and that was six weeks later, told me my claim was declined! I had a leaking roof in the middle of winter. Could have told me earlier so that I would get it fix five weeks earlier! Allianz is bad, don't get anywhere near!

Greatest insurance company, very reliable and friendly. It is an honour to have them as my insurer!

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3 Truckers Insurance HQ

Truckers Insurance HQ is a leading general insurance broker agency in Australia & expert in Insurance to the Transport Industry. They provide you risk effective and cost effective insurance service, according your needs.

I had a good experience with Truckers Insurance HQ. Went with Truckers Insurance HQ because it was the cheapest but best. Request a free quote.

We offer the lowest rates with the best insurance plans.

You added a wrong website url. Right website url is

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4 Allianz

I really enjoyed the excellent service provided by Allianz. They exceeded my expectation when I applied for my car insurance. Their care for the customer, easy getting the transaction done and their price made me change from GIO. I don't really agree with the author, whose house was robbed and he mentioned he was asked to FIX "fix" the house himself and then he went to GIO - doesn't make sense. I really spend some times making a decisions I encourage you do so.

Well these guys are fair on price and fantastic on service, staff members are trained really well and have the best claims department in the insurance industry. No wonder they have been voted best general insurer in Australia 3 TIMES! Including 2011! Remember its not all about premium price when it comes to insurance!

The house was robbed, contacted allianz they said they would send out claim forms, after 2 weeks I rang back, sorry about the delay will send the forms out right now, 2 weeks later no forms, I ring back and I am told to fix it myself and send out the bill, so I did, I fix it myself and then I fix allianz and went to gio and have been there ever since

Not happy with these guys no communication and after 10 years with them and 2 months waiting unsuccessful

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Shocking customer service. VERY long story short, after someone drove into the drivers door of my car at an intersection AAMI sent the car off to their repairer who had the amazing idea to remove the compliance labels from the drivers door sill to conduct repairs. when they gave the car back the handed me the compliance labels on a sheet of A4 paper and told me to keep them in the glove box! I took the car to be valued with the compliance labels removed and it was worth $10,000 less than it should have been. In the process of removing the compliance labels they were ripped (sticker type label) and had pieces missing so when the repairer insisted on attempting to refit them it was a disaster. AAMI don't want anything to do with it and it is now in the hands of the ombudsman. Don't get cheap car insurance thinking it'll give you the same policy as the better companies, you get what you pay for I guess...

Don't Bother! Landlord Insurance claim has been has been a nightmare with this company, they state they cover Malicious damage by bad tenants.. I had superglue put in my door locks, 5 months of unpaid rent, new kitchen bench tops vandalised with paint stripping chemicals, cook top smashed, holes in walls, a court order pending to evict the tenants, the list goes on.. AAMI claims they do not believe it to be Malicious damage? Couldn't believe my ears when they tried to say the bench top would have been damaged when the tenants cleaned the bench tops.. What cleaning? The place was left in such a state I had to pay professionals $1000 to clean. This company is extremely rude and and I am certainly taking my 3 policies elsewhere. Goodbye and good riddance AAMI.

Terrible 2 years later, I am told door hinge problem due to lube. Door still doesn't sit flush to drivers side which effects the petrol electronic primer within volks Wagon door electrics. Then I'm told at Preston assessment its a 2003 model car and they can't get me a hire car again.. And they are somewhat surprised when you get upset.. Low grade company never again.

I'd been with Aami for my car for approx 15 years and house, contents for 7 years, I had a single motor vehicle accident and after 2 weeks they finally assessed the car and it was made a total loss. I was told by the assessor they would call me the next day. Didn't happen. I had to chase them about inspecting the car and getting my money.. Took a month from the accident for the cheque arrive and they had deducted the unused rego money from the agreed value - I'm a pensioner and don't pay rego - took 14 days to get that cheque. 19 days to get the CTP refund cheque. I was that disgusted with the lack of service I sent a 5 page letter ; no reply from Aami so I sent it again and after 6 mths I still haven't heard. Lucky for me I've taken all my business eslewhere..

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Just keep driving the prices up and keeping the value of my car down even though I could sell it for more than the value they are putting on it after years of having my insurance with you guys I'm taking my business elsewhere see ya later NRMA!

Appalling if you claim on your policy. I am currently taking them to the Financial Ombudsman as they have declined a claim based on lies and an incompetent insurance assessor. Never again will I insure with NRMA

Still waiting for repairs following April storm in Newcastle. Neighbors fortunate enough to be with GIO, and of cause theirs is fixed already. Looking for new insurer after 15 years with no claims, ever!

Customer for 45 years, yes! had a few hick-ups, some cause I did not read the policy, other, all companies increase policies, received half value of camera, damaged away from home that was not covered under my policy. In the past 4 houses, 6 cars,2 boats. Its NRMA for me, for now.

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7 Superannuation Warehouse

Superannuation Warehouse has great advisers for financial service, especially for smsf. This is one of the best small business accountant and the most trustworthy financial planners.

SMSF Insurance at wholesale rates if you signup with SMSF Warehouse's Code. It is compulsory for SMSF Trustees to consider insurance for every member. The insurance premiums can be paid directly from your SMSF.

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8 TradeCover

There are many companies that are emerging in AU in insurance field and one of the unique is the that provide some valuable services to the Aussies in terms to make Aussies financial strong.

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9 You.insured

Don't agree or believe your comment,

It's so bad, the sales won't stop calling and they gave me a extremely high price, and asked for my banking details just the first time I want to ask general enquires. Bad, and afraid not to have a service with them.

My wife smashed our navara total right off. They were excellent. Gave us a very fair price, quick payment no issues. Even the tow truck driver said "oh you have youi, you will be fine" I kind of figured he would know and he was right.

Worst insurer ever for car insurance! Wanted to use their own dodgy repairer who would replace with second-hand parts (and the assessor was rude and arrogant), even though the car was 2 years old! Had to fight tooth and nail to get who we wanted for a repairer. Youi valued the damage at half the price our repairer said it would cost to fix it properly as new standard. Needless to say we promptly changed insurers! Will never insure with them again.

10 Suncorp

Absolutely terrible when it comes to making a contents claim! Have just had to make a claim for a lost engagement ring with a valid valuation certificate. Suncorp is refusing to pay what the valuations states as their "Jeweller" (I use this term very very very loosely) said the ring retails at $12,500 but they can remake it for $7724. Don't know how this works when the valuation certificate states the value of the ring is $9380. Am in the process of going through dispute resolution to get the full value of my ring. DO NOT INSURE YOUR JewELLERY WITH THEM! I am taking my insurance somewhere else.

Well I guess they are not just a bank cause they have insurance rates and they arent great but they arent bad -

Have had to make 2 car insurance claims in the last 3 months through no fault of my own. Claimed over the phone, fixed my car both times straight away with no hassles whatsoever and provided 2 weeks car hire in each case. Very happy with their service.

Love Suncorp! Easiest claim ever. 24 hours and money was in my account.

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The Newcomers

? Apia Insurance

NEVER EVER insure through Apia Insurance. Although they have cheap insurance the biggest catch is when you go to claim for damage inside your home. They have their own repair team and employ the WORST trades ever. More damage and inexperience of trade will impact the repair to your home. A simple painting repair on our home due to a small water ceiling water mark cost us 6 months to fix. Four rounds of bad painting due to inexperienced painters, cracked plaster due to junior electrician forcibly pulling down lights, paint left on polished floors, paint splashed on walls and doors not to be re painted and painters who refused to comply with painting instructions from Apia. Amazing we ever got the job completed!

The Contenders

11 Budget Direct

A spin-off from former directors of NRMA. Did an online quote and was much cheaper for same insured value. Went to activate quote, then found I had to phone the company. I was then told that they would NOT insure my vehicle because it was modified, even though on the initial quote I stated it was modified and the modifications that had been done. Waste of time and effort.

12 RACQ Insurance

I have just cancelled my policy with this insurer. They are not fair and just and did not pay out. Don't join.

Worst ever! Doesn't pay out. Please don't join.

I have made 1 not @ fault claim with RACQ. They were quick to respond and get into the repairer. The only problem was the repairman took nearly 7 weeks to repair our car, and our car hire was only covered for 14 days. The rest come out of our pocket for the rental.
Besides that...So far so good!

They keep hiking up their prices.
I had multiple policy's with no claims and they put the cost of just my home and contents up $30 per month.
Needless to say I'm no longer with them.

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13 NIB

Guess what its got some pretty good rates and now there's people talking about it so it's up there in the top ten -

14 AMP

I know that they are not heard of by many of you but its got some pretty good rates -

Please enter in India Market because in India Travel Insurance & Health Insurance good portfolio.

15 AXA
16 Medibank
17 Q Report Jewellery Insurance
18 Raa V 1 Comment
19 Coles Insurance
20 Chubb

I honestly don't know anyone who is insured with them but their rates arent bad so they're on the top tens -

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