Best Mangaka of All Time

These Mangaka shaped what we see in anime today. Which do you think is the best? If your going to add a mangaka please put there full name and the manga they are best known for.

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1 Akira Toriyama - Dragonball

It blows my mind how much fun and how amazing this anime is. Considering it was also made in the 80's. I have never wanted to be more like a super hero and have super powers before in my life. I almost want to say that I can't wait until I die so that I can finally be able to perform the things like power ups and turning Super Saiyan and unleashing Kamehamehas and such things. It is without a doubt, the best anime series of all time and my favorite without a doubt in my mind.

He is the BEST and deserve to be number 1, because if it wasn't for him then we would not have One Piece, Naruto, Bleach or Fairy Tail. They were inspired by Akira Toriyama. And of cause Dragon Ball is one of the best manga/anime there is. Almost anyone knows Dragon Ball, even then who do not watch anime or read manga.

Remembering my old school moments and how my drawing style mostly influenced by Akira-san's style

Best Mangaka ever I hate when people compare him with others

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2 Eiichiro Oda - One Piece

One Piece has the best quality in story and drawings. Also the characters are always unique. A Happy manga but also with emotional scenes. Good action scenes. The total package. In my opinion better than most manga. I think other series have also quality but this mangaka knows how to make the ultimate manga and other mangaka also make nice manga's but no one can match Eiichiro Oda

I don't particularly read the manga so I can't comment on that. But based on the story of One Piece in the anime, it's so good that I don't care about what the other people say like it's "ugly". I love how mysterious this story is, and how he reveals them though it takes years... Originally, my favorite mangaka is Takehiko Inoue because my favorite anime is Slam Dunk... But when I first set my eyes on One Piece, I know it's the time to dethrone Slam Dunk in my top fave list. Anyways, my top three mangakas are Eiichiro Oda, of course, then Takehiko Inoue and Tadatoshi Fujimaki... They're all sorted according to my fave animes like One Piece on the top of the list, then Slam Dunk, and then Kuroko no Basuke! That's all, arigatou gozaimasu!

I've seen and read other anime and mangas and I loved them like FMAb but what sets Oda apart from the others in my opinion is that most of his characters in my favorite "one piece" are likeable even if the art is according to what others describe it as "ugly". His comedy makes me laugh and his dramas makes me cry. It has lots of characters but most of those still play an important role in the series up to now. The thrill his series gives me can't be compared to others and his story no matter how long still connects to a single big arc. In my honest opinion, his story, characters, every island the crew ends up and even their powers is unique. I LOVE ODA

One sentence.
I never imagined I will cry because of the boat. But this dude... this dude make that boat so important for me that I can't hold my tears.

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3 Masashi Kishimoto - Naruto

Naruto is a fascinating and awe inspiring journey of Naruto, a boy who was hated, but through hard work became a hero. The other main character is Sasuke who is a phenomenal character and one of the most well thought out and intriguing character in manga. This is a masterpiece and why Kishimoto is my favorite. So many twist and turns that make you feel all sorts of different emotions.

Starting watch Naruto Season 1 at T.V. then getting addicted till the end of the season. After the end of the season 1 I didn't get to continue watching the anime, luckily I found the manga. All Naruto Shippuden episode read online. Now, anxiously waiting for its final battle!

I love the new naruto chapters and I am from africa and your one of my favorite authors and my dream is to be a mangaka the name of my manga that I started now is called cor terre.

NA-RU-TO! UZUMAKI! 5K BARRAGE! - pratham2025

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4 Naoki Urasawa - 20th Century Boys, Pluto

Naoki Urasawa's ability in story-telling is by far the best I have seen in manga. You can see how much thought he puts into planning out the panels to make his chapters literally page-flippers. His ability in planning out a story is also remarkable, they are often very clever (with plot twists that are mind-blowing but not far-fetched) and are very thought-provoking. Even the smallest details can become something epic in his manga. His characters are all very distinct, in appearance as well as personality. A few of them especially are very unforgettable.
His artwork is also unique. It is clean and crisp, straight-forward, and very pleasant to look at. Surprisingly, his artwork also suites his stories perfectly, whether they are slice-of-life stories (Happy! ) to dark psychological thrillers (Monster).
This guy's my absolute favorite!

Simply the best seinen mangaka I have ever known. Monster, 20th (and 21st) Century Boys, Master Keaton (+remastered), Pluto, Billy Bat.. So far I haven't found any manga that can rival them. Maybe his mangas are not popular for younger readers, but I believe he should be in top 10. I think you will agree if you have read any of those manga I mentioned.

Considered by many who have read more than just shonen mangas as a genius, this one is the complete package. Great drawings, great pace, great characters and, most important, superb story. Knows how to truly exploit the psychology of the characters, creating an amazing atmosphere, sometimes mysterious and sometimes melancholic.
Pretty much all of his seinen stories are masterpieces. But do not miss the oportunity to read 20th Century Boys and Monster.

I recently took a look at Monster, and it was amazing! Naomi Naoki Urasawa has a wonderful storytelling techique that always left me on the edge of my seat, and the characters felt so real, and you really care about what happens to them. I definitely recommend it and will definitely be looking at his other works.

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5 Takeshi Obata - Death Note, Bakuman

I really enjoyed death note. Because everything in death note was awesome. I just can't explain how good that show was. I really admire you. I wanna make anime just like you. My dream is to be a best mangaka. But the problem is I didn't born in Japan. I am in Canada. But I born in India. Can you help me achieve my dream. Here my email ( Can you give me some tips

Death note is the standard I compare all manga stories to. For me it is the absolute pinnacle of great story telling. It is only recently that I discovered Bakuman and thought to myself how well written the story and the characters are. Reading Bakuman one falls in love with the supporting characters like Hiramaru and Eiji rooting for them just as much as the main characters. To learn it is from the same great author is simply phenomenal especially considering how different the genre's are! Obata is a true grand master!

The best comic.. A battle of brains that didn't involve physical violence or any scenes that must be avoided. Maybe the only detective manga that I actually enjoyed reading

Both series are in my favorites. A true genius

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6 Osamu Tezuka - Astroboy, Kimba

He was influential in the development of manga. His works inspired many and paved the way for many mangaka that we enjoy today.

He is considered the god father of manga and anime and developed the style for manga and anime everywhere aka big eyes and fancy hair.

Godfather of anime, simple the one who made anime so wonderful

Manga is what it is because of him.
He created techniques and standards that are used today

There is a reason in Japan he is called "the father of manga", "the godfather of manga" and "the god of manga". he is considered the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney,

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7 Yoshihiro Togashi - YuYu Hakusho, Hunter X Hunter

There are so many mangaka I respect, but there is something so special about Togashi's mind. I love the way this man thinks. I worship this man's work so much that I don't care if he gets sloppy with his drawings or puts a series on hold. He is SO good I would wait for as long as he wanted. As far as art goes Togashi CAN draw especially when you see he puts time into it. But more than that his work shows me that he can be open minded and creative. He comes up with interesting fights and even more interesting characters. Who else but Togashi can make a character like Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter and make him one of the most loved characters of the series. I've loved everything I have ever read of Togashi and the man created the two of my favourite characters of all time with Hisoka and Kuroro.

From what I've seen, it's not very often that somebody is able to write more than one manga that's actually good. Yoshihiro Togashi has somehow managed to write two of the best ever made, which is pretty impressive, and is in a nutshell why he's my favorite mangaka. Honestly the fact that he's only #8 on here (at the time of me writing this) is pretty pathetic to me, but whatever, getting mad over a top 10 list (that's dependent on votes, no less) would be even more pathetic. And that's all I really have to say about that.

Love his work and his art especially in level-E is so amazing and the narrating is quite smart. The only upsetting thing that he is a lazy ass when it comes to hunter x hunter but this doesn't stop it from being awesome

Togashi is a genius and a master. Both Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho are some of the greatest Shonen of all time. Thank you Togashi-san!

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8 CLAMP - Cardcaptor Sakura, xXxHolic, Clover

Cardcaptor Sakura is by far my most favorite CLAMP series, I like it since I was only a ten years old. Even though I don't really like on how the way CLAMP puts teacher-student romance scenes on its work, but I still like CLAMP. I also really like CLAMP's art style and character design for Cardcaptor Sakura and Chobits because they look so adorable, unfortunately though I don't really like CLAMP's latest noodle people character design.

I'm an adult now and upon watching it again after 16 years of my life, I felt in love again to this. Hopefully there will be a part 2 of CCS. WE want to watch how they become a family now. CLAMP hear US.

Their mangas always have unique character and story, the art so beautiful :3

LOve the plot! Every single manga that their made is so amazing! Especially TRC and Xholic

9 Rumiko Takahashi - InuYasha, Ranma 1/2

The first anime I ever watched fully and I don't regret watching 7 hours straight for five days in a row

Created some of the best romantic series and can easily implement with different genres (Sci-fi, Martial-Arts, Slice-of-Life-Shounen-Action)

She is the best... I just love her work

To me she is the best mangaka. Even her old stuff like mermaid saga were really good evethough the style was so old. Also I like her humour

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10 Hiromu Arakawa - Fullmetal Alchemist

Hiromu Arakawa is indeed one of the best mangaka of all the time, She is very productive mangaka and all her creation are master piece (both manga series and one shot).even though silver spoon, her latest work is a very radical change of genre compared to her previous work (FMA, demons of shanghai, stray dog) but still she is able to maintain the gravity of her previous work and I think silver spoon is one hell of a unique manga ( I myself ain't a big fan of slice of life but this manga change my perspective). Not to mention that she is actually female and former farmer. All Hail HIROMU ARAKAWA!

Really underrated by many... Short story but expressing all the emotions of the character fully. The story at no point of time feels dragged has a good start and great ending with an excellent story.

This is one of the moving or the most movie anime/manga I've seen with such attention too detail and captivating plot-line interesting characters

Not only was Arakawa able to create one of the most fully realized shonen worlds in history with Fullmetal Alchemist, she was also able to create Silver Spoon, a radically different piece of work that was still able to connect with people in the same way as her first series.

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11 Takehiko Inoue - Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk, an inspired comic that really push me up when I was down for basketball. One of the best manga that I ever read in my life.

Slam Dunk, Vagabond. One of the looked up and appreciated manga artists ever. So much detail and love in his work.

Vagabond REAL and Slam Dunk are masterpieces in their respective genres. Amazing stories and artwork in his mangas. Vagabond is my favorite though.

This guy should be right up there just bove naoki urasawa (no disrespect, love that man too) but vagabond and slam dunk are masterpieces

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12 Gosho Aoyama - Case Closed (Detective Conan)

I agree with this comment up there, but Gosho Aoyama is genius and the best author (not one of the best), Detective Conan is one of rare shonen series to teach you logical! A way how do they solve the case is simply amazing! Beside mystery, drama is also strongly notable, if you want action watch DC movies. This is without a doubt, a masterpiece and the best series ever!

I love this one, the mangaka's opinion is so great! It's so difficult to think about those cases, and how it is solve. The techniques use how the crime is done is really fascinating. Like: "how the key got into the victim's pocket without breaking the window or having a duplicate". How the victim can be poisoned. He really is one of the best mangaka.

Personally, I feel Aoyama-san has such a level of precision in his work that no one can ever match. It makes me awe by just thinking about the fact how a person can think of so many scenarios of crime and that too in such a way that the work doesn't deviate from the main storyline. Hands off sir, you are undoubtedly the best.

Fact: IN the span of SIX days he slept round 20 MINUTES! HOW does he think of such mysteries AND creativity NEARLY every day!

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13 Hiro Mashima - Fairy Tail, Rave Master

Mashima-Sensei's is a amazing mangaka, and should be included in at least the top 10 list. He continuously puts out at least one manga chapter per week for Fairy Tail, while working on separate series, such as Fairy Tail Zero, the story for Ice Trail and Fairy Girls. As well as doing this, Mashima-Sensei is also active on his twitter account, and posts drawings very frequently. He's incredibly humorous, skilled with drawing, and most of all has an amazing mind for creating great plots for his manga.

Mashima has become one of my new favorites and I believe he should at least have the top ten. He is very skilled at drawing and can create a story very well. Plus, he was even mentored to the great Eiichiro Oda! - MeowMix

I just love fairy tail. I had watched series over and over But it never bored me. I like all female characters especially Lucy and erza. Mashima created those characters. He is my favorite mangaka.

He is my favorite mangaka. I have barely read Rave master but you know I have read and seen Fairy Tail. I really like Fairy Tail. I am from India 🇮🇳. India 🇮🇳never pays attention to Mangas and Animes, but I enjoy those by websites. Natsu is my favorite character. I like his fight, style and everything. NaLu is my favorite couple. I have recommended my friends to watch this. I really have fun from watching this. This series is the only one reason why I love Japan 🇯🇵so much. Fairy Tail has a thing that nobody can overcome. I watch this again and again but I never became bored. India 🇮🇳should really buy this, then teenagers from our country can have fun without their mobile. Alas! At last NaLu not happened but it's okay. Love you 真島ヒロ。(Mashima Hiro)

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14 Kentaro Miura - Berserk

Berserk is easily the greatest manga ever conceived. It is a brutally dark and horrifying manga. Some of the absolute best writing and godlike artwork to boot. How was he not on the list?

Berserk has amazing artwork and very good story.

Perfection can be spelled without berserk but I still use the word berserk as a synonym


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15 Noriaki "Tite" Kubo - Bleach

One of the most beautiful art styles I've ever seen. It displays emotions so masterfully and helps one put oneself in the characters' shoes. I love how he prefers to concentrate on the characters themselves and not so much on backgrounds. The battle sequences are fluid and coherent.

I love the art style and characters in Bleach. Fights are awesome, and plot twist make the story make you sit on the edge of your chair. Tite Kubo art is the best.

Bleach's story plot and art style are amazing! Tite Kubo is one of the best!

Amazing style and everything (BLEACH IS BEST)

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16 Hirohiko Araki - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Hirohiko Araki is a unique case and always goes out of his way to bring something special to his work. An artist at heart and an amazing writer.

Awesome style with a great way to tell stories. And he doesn't even need to have always the same protagonist.

Araki is different. His artwork are realistic (too realistic) Tale he tell is unique and can't be compared to anything

He shouldn't even be ranked. he is THE BEST mangaka ever

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17 Nobuhiro Watsuki - Rurouni Kenshin

My favorite anime since childhood. Great and also interesting story, the art is really good back then, the soundtrack songs are good too :3

I think this is a great anime but very under-rated because too many anime fans around the world haven�'t seen it. For example, here in Mexico, you could only see it if you had cable T.V. or could buy a copy of some episodes at a comics and manga store, which are very few in every city. It should be in the top 10.

The best manga/anime ever. It is really undeserved to rate it as 15th best. The story of the once assassin known as hitokiri battousai who became a wanderer with a purified heart and is determined to help the instauration of the Meiji Empire provides us with a small picture of Japanese history and passes a captivating message of compassion. The movies released in 2014 are amazing too.

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18 Norihiro Yagi - Undeadman
19 Naoko Takeuchi - Sailor Moon

I love Sailor Moon as it was my first introduction into anime. It is truly a masterpiece in my opinion and Naoko's beautiful art just adds to the story.

She deserves her praise for creating the greatest mahou shoujo of all the time, Sailor Moon.

This manga was my first manga and anime and even after watching over 300 amines this anime still has a place in my heart with one of the best backstory and plot twists I love this manga and anime

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20 Jun Mochizuki - Pandora Hearts

One thing that I could highly appreciated about a mangaka is all about the Art Style correct me If I'm wrong but her art style is promising and this mangaka suited my taste, first I always look at the art style next is to the plot and next is how the conversation well take place and for some reason I like it how it deliver the conversation, it is not complicated to understand and follow the panel.

Her art style is truly beautiful-one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. I can just stare at simple panels for hours. Add brilliant plot to that, and you get masterpieces such as Pandora Hearts!

One of my favorite mangaka ever! Her comments and jokes before, after and during the manga always make me laugh! She look like so casual and joker but so smart too! I love her art.

The style she draws in is unlike any other I've ever seen, and it's absolutely beautiful!

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