Eiichiro Oda - One Piece


I've seen and read other anime and mangas and I loved them like FMAb but what sets Oda apart from the others in my opinion is that most of his characters in my favorite "one piece" are likeable even if the art is according to what others describe it as "ugly". His comedy makes me laugh and his dramas makes me cry. It has lots of characters but most of those still play an important role in the series up to now. The thrill his series gives me can't be compared to others and his story no matter how long still connects to a single big arc. In my honest opinion, his story, characters, every island the crew ends up and even their powers is unique. I LOVE ODA

Never have I seen a manga with so much care put into it then I did with One Piece. This manga is truly unrivaled by other shounen manga. This is the manga that will shape this generation and future mangaka will try to strive for.

It's simply the best. More unique than Toriyama I think. But I haven't read dragonbal or mr Stump yet, so I can't say that. But Still iss Oda my absolute number 1 artist and I want to be like him

One Piece is simply a truly epic story. Every character has a story and a reason to be loved. It has real emotions involved in the story. Of the top three (Naruto Bleach and One Piece) it is truly the best because unlike with Bleach, Oda knew where he wanted to take One Piece, how to string the whole story together in a seamless way, and lets be honest, Bleach was great, but at this point Kubo is just throwing stuff out there to see what sticks (a new Zangetsu... AGAIN... ). Naruto is really great, but I don't think the characters are as great, they don't bring out the depth of emotion that the Strawhat crew brings. Oda made a huge world with a truly epic storyline.

One Piece has a creative story line and all the characters are well portrayed and developed, as well as unique. It contains good action scenes, comedy and emotional scenes. This mangaka is known for working hard and always comes up with most original concepts.

Every characters, powers, humour in the manga make me amazed his imagination. There is nothing to say more.. He's the best mangaka ever. Hopefully, there will be more years that we can read and watch this masterpiece for a long long times! Thanks to him for his hard work as well.

One Piece is the complete package. Filled with action, tear wrenching scenes, comedy and more, it's had an impact on me in my everyday life. its made people cry over a boat, for god's sake. sure everyone likes to call the drawing's ugly but you can't get over the best storyline and guess what all you haters. one piece has been rated at number 1 position for couple years now only being dethroned by AOT (limited time only) so go stuff yourselves.

You can just tell from how perfect Oda makes One Piece. Its power balance is the best I have seen in any series. The main heroes WOULD face absolute defeat and wont come back immediately while magically gain some game-breaking power out of nowhere. While logigcs, science and almost everything in One Piece runs on Nonsensoleum, Oda manages to make them make senses while connecting with each other as a whole. Oda always does perfect job in creating Epic, or Tragic, or Despairing, or Humorous (best of him I believe). The best selling point of One Piece is almost everything that is drawn will ultimately serve for a purpose at one point in the serie

This guys should be on SECOND PLACE not Naruto rip off from hunter x hunter. Naruto is only for little kids, admit it. One peace is already the best anime out there and MANGA, looks great even compared to Naruto


Oda is so amazing he is so smart and everything of him is just amazing I really love him I fell in love with the first moment I saw one piece for me he is the best mangaka

He's great at foreshadowing. He never fails to make me laugh every time. He doesn't follow the same pattern. He's not that predictable and that is why he is awesome.

There isn't a series more epic than One Piece. I love all the characters so much, the music for the anime is gorgeous, and I find myself sucked into each episode and chapter. Such an amazing story that I will love and cherish for all time.

ODA SENSEI THE MOST GENIUS MANGAKA EVER!. I was so amazed by the detail that was so perfect in making manga.

Eiichiro Oda is truely the best mangaka of all time. He make us laugh or make us cry with One Piece. The day One Piece ends and Oda retires will be the saddest day in manga history, we will loss the greatest of all time and only be able to look back at greatness that was One Piece and Eiichiro Oda.

Oda is the best. The guy does not forget characters including background characters. Example in naruto, tenten, shino and kiba was main characters back in shipudden. So know where are their char development. However in one piece you have a guy stuck in a chest being mentioned and shown in side stories. Oh how about wapols story? I can least a lot of supposed to be forgettable characters in op all day.

It makes you wanna go on top of your house and scream ADVENTURE! Perfect for those loc all ages.

Well of course it should be oda I mean come on guys... Naruto, death note, db these are great animes but one piece... some guys may call it childish some can call too long but I don't care cause it's the best anime I have ever seen. The story and the characters and the bad guys you love all the characters in this anime even blackbeard. Its now like in 640 th episode or something and the mainstory had just begun and its just awesome how oda could make us watch 600 episodes just by preparing us for the real things that he is gonna show us now.

One Piece has a fantastic plot, great characters and a good balance between action comedy drama too.

Best story ever but you don't know the full story yet. That's is the best part.

I love One Piece more than ANYTHING in my life. Thanks To Eiichiro Oda.

One Piece has the best quality in story and drawings Thanks Oda

I love this series... And I like Oda Sensei work...

One Piece is the best manga I've read by far.

No matter how long, it never got me bored