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141 Sumo Bros

Sumo Bros. are sexy!

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142 Smithy

Smithy is awesome, but he seems even a little taller than Robert Perishing Wadlow since Mario were 5'1" in this game

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143 Watt
144 Elder Princess Shroob
145 The Chimp

He deserves to appear in many games. He could even rival Sonic the Hedgehog.

Death Battle: The Toad (Flushed Away) vs. The Chimp (Super Mario Galaxy 2).

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146 Kiddy Kong

Kiddy Kong for the win!

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147 Gooper Blooper

Gooper Bloops appears in Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Baseball Wii, Even Paper Mario Sticker Star. I wish if he appears in more Mario games

148 Bomb Boo
149 Francis

Come on, admit it. We all have a little bit of Francis in us.

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150 Kritter

Kritter is the runner-up for strongest Mario character. Cool. Kritter is a true brute, and really fit.

Kritter is my new favorite character. I played Mario Super Sluggers and I can't stop choosing him. he is a good and strong athletic, who is also a villain. I wish he could appear in more Mario games. I think he dashing too.

151 Cosmic Rosalina

" I would rather have gold stars," said Mario. " Sorry," said Cosmic Rosalina. " They were out when I went to Target yesterday."

She is a bit prettier than Rosalina herself but I stick to the original

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152 Azalea
153 Gobblegut
154 Skeeter

Skeeters are very minor enemies that skate on the water, I am surprised they are not farther down on the list!

Pay more attention to the minor characters! They are awesome! - TopTener

155 Tap-Tap the Red Nosed Mario

Tap tap is from yoshi island!

It counts the characters from Yoshi games! Like shy guy!

Why in the world would anyone... wait the is not even a Mario character. And some others like Ukiki. This list is just a little too crazy.

156 Chunky Kong

He reminds me of Luigi

157 Ukiki
158 Mom Piranha
159 Fire Bro

Why is fire bro so low on this list He should be higher than metal Mario because metal Mario is boring stupid and even pink gold peach should place higher than metal Mario. Metal Mario is such a freak And fire bro is super cool awesome and is one of Bowzers STRONG minions and is also very hard to dodge.I hate you if you thought metal Mario is awesome your a lier and please put fire bro higher on this list please put him in the top 3! - ziadabdo3011

160 Ice Bro
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The amount of hate Peach gets is ridiculous.
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