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Rosalina, known as Rosetta in Japan, is a major character in the Mario Bros . Franchise . She first appeared in the popular Mario Game, Super Mario Galaxy in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii and later returned for the game's sequel in 2010 . Since then, she has been featured in many main-series Mario Games more.


Rosalina is a good and noble Princess. She is princess on the universe pretty much and she has had such a sad story! You can't blame her for that! She is the most powerful girl character in Mario pretty much and she is super pretty and kind. Plus she can actually fight. And not use an umbrella like some princess who so Stines makes Toad defend her… (Peach) I love Rosalina!

Yoshi and Peach are more important that's Rosalina. Also you CANNOT get rid of characters others like because you don't like them. - DCfnaf

I don't believe that teens are on here commenting because I see a lot of childish stuff people are saying lol. I'm not gonna trash Rosalina just because peach is my favorite and all of those things you rosalina fans are saying about peach isn't true. She's loyal and sweet and the kindest princess. She's not someone who always needs to be saved, If you haven't noticed in recent years she's been pretty much independent and no longer gets saved in games so that's invalid. I bet you people say terrible things about daisy too. Not only that why trash Yoshi too? All characters have their own personalities. Honestly I think the princess are equally beautiful lol wise and personality wise. You Rosalina fans suck and you're probably little kids. Like someone already said most of the stuff you guys are saying about aren't true. I don't hate Rosalina, she's great and I thought it was cool that Nintendo originally was gonna make her peaches sister. I know not all Rosalina fans are dumb and ...more

At least you know they aren't all immature. I don't like Rosalina because of her hotness, I like her because of her complexity. I hate the fanbase also, but you got to remember that Waluigi, Daisy, and Luigi Fans are also pretty infuriating too. - DCfnaf

Go Rosalina! She is so amazing. She is the best role model out of the characters. Sure Mario is forced to save Peach, Bowser definitely out, Daisy just annoying along with Peach, Toad, goes on vacation a lot, Luigi... uh... well he's not much of a leader (but I like him a lot). Rosalina helps out creatures and strangers in need even in the darkest times. Also she has personality. Her personality is a shy mature girl who wants to get out more but stays isolated due to her difference and sadness. I FEEL YOU ROSALINA. She even pretends to be happy so no one will notice her sadness. I mean in Mario Kart 8 she is way too happy for her like unnaturally happy. If you look at her smile it is huge but you can see the sadness in her eyes. If you find a picture of her and cover her mouth it looks like she is going to cry! She doesn't let people see her feelings so they won't worry about her. So humble and selfless. Plus she is super powerful. Telekinesis, Telepathy, Gravitational pull, launch ...more

She's the most mysterious, and I think her dress isn't as... Ugly as the rest. Plus, she has her own floating palace and is queen of the universe!

She's not a snobby princess who can't fend for herself *cough* Peach! I love her Lumas, too! They're so cute and chubby!

She is helpful and gives facts about the galaxy and observatory she is more helpful than princess peach when she gives free 1 ups. Her Luma's are even set out to be Mario's sidekick while Luigi whimpers in that dungeon! She gives USE FULL powers at the START of the game and she is most QUIET princess out of peach and daisy for crying out loud! What is not to like about her

How is she 4?! She should be 1. I love everything about her. Her looks, personality, powerfullness, magic, everything. She sacrificed her life to help a poor creature. Plus when her home got destroyed she offered help to a stranger. She really influenced me. My favorite color is light turquoise, I love astronomy, I try to be nicer and kinder to people, she even saved me! I would of committed suicide but I realized I couldn't see her. So I immediately felt better. I can't live without her. She is my idol and role model. She is the best thing Nintendo did.

Rosalina is almost perfect in every way... She's hot, wise, and a load of other things, all of them positive. Plus, she needs to appear in more games.

She's been recurring so I think she'll become a staple character. - DCfnaf

She is like Knuckles the Echidna! Re: They are both top 4 since a long time on the Top 10 Best Mario/Greatest Sonic Characters, they are both power based despite being skinny, they are both extremely smart, they both could decide to release their perversion, they are tall as well as a little bit heavy in comparison to many other characters in their franchise, they both are very tough, they both got positive attention in general, they both are awesome, they both are forgotten, they both are extremely adorable, they both are usually humorous, & they both are generally 3rd playable characters in some gangs.

Rosalina should be top 1. She needed to replace Princess Peach in recent games like Mario Party DS, Fortune Street, Mario & Sonic at the Vancouver 2010/London 2012/Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.

She REALLY deserves to be more playable!

I love Rosalina. She is the epitome of beauty, great teaching, confidence, tomboyish behavior, being secretly helpful and what else can I say? She is the best mother I have ever encountered.

Top 10 Greatest Mario Characters

Top 1: Rosalina.

Top 2: King Boo.

Top 3: Baby Luigi.

Top 4: Wario.

Top 5: Koopa the Quick.

Top 6: Mario himself.

Top 7: Lubba.

Top 8: Baby Mario.

Top 9: Kamek.

Top 10: Funky Kong.

I love Rosalina! She's super smart and kind! I just don't like how Nintendo keeps putting her into games because it's changing her personality. Rosalina was quiet and reserved in the galaxy series, but know she's suddenly..smiling and cheering and in all the sports games and spinoffs. She isn't like peach or Daisy at all. Peach and Daisy are best friends and are in all the sports games and spinoffs. It's normal for them to be shouting and cheering. It's who they are. Rosalina doesn't fit with them. She isn't friends with them. She's friends with the Lumas not to mention their mom! She's different than Peach and Daisy and is supposed to be introverted and reserved. How can she be reserved when Nintendo is putting her into loud games?

Rosalina is the best, since her first game she had more story than other Mario character, and she wasn't the cry baby in need of help ( I'm not saying she did not need our help, but It was Mario galaxy not rosalina galaxy.

I find it cool that shes no DiD and actually helps out when others are in need. She is also very pretty. And she wears a very pretty light blue dress, my favorite color. And her spaceship is pretty cool and beautiful

I personally feel like Peach and Daisy are portrayed as damsels in distress (not as much anymore but still) and Rosalina is not one of those clearly. - DCfnaf

She has a little more story unlike the others

There is no way Rosalina cannot be top 1. She is a true tomboy and much better than Princess Peach in any sense. Her beautiful voice encouraged me to become a big fan of her and the Mario franchise. My favorite video games are Pac-Man World 1 & 3 (not the handheld versions, the console versions) and Super Mario 64 (for the N64, not the DS). Orson from Pac-Man World 1 & 3 is Namco's Rosalina, and both are very underrated characters that need to appear in many games.

You gotta know that Rosalina is better and prettier than the sucked up Peach

Rosalina is amazing. Her name is written in the stars. - Sugarcutie268

Wow if you thing rosalina is ugly you must be blind. She is wonderful spell out rosalina

Really pretty
Outstanding compared to birdo
Super sassy that's what I love
Amazing wonderful personality
Lovely person or... Star girl...
It is a crime not to love her like, like her not like her like her
Neat personality
Adorable luma
She is clearly awesome!

Words cannot describe the beauty that is Rosalina.

You want to why we Rosalina fans are so 'bad'?

1. She's not an emo space peach. Yes, she looks similar, but that's because she's a human Mario female. People from the same series are going to look similar duh. What to complain about characters looking too similar go watch bleach. There is actually a lot of differences between peach & Rosalina despite this though. Stop being lazy and actually look at official Nintendo designs for them. They are as different as peach and daisy are!

2. Of course she has tons of lamas, she can't keep them all in check. Besides that, they were probably all fine roaming the galaxy by themselves before Bowser messed everything up. At least she did more than daisy ever did and took actions to stop Bowser. And that brings me to...

3. She couldn't leave the ship. Only one was possibility the one who knows how to maintain it, and it's a big ship so he could t do it himself. The other Lumas didn't seem to know how to maintain it, but Rosalina ...more

Rosalina is useful, chipper, tomboyish, humorous, very beautiful, creative awesome, strong, mild-mannered and many other positive traits I can tell you that she is. Please give me thumbs up.

She is strong but at the same time the most beautiful video game character ever. I am not one of those people who focuses on cuteness but more on beauty ( don't get me wrong, I still love the cute Mario characters like toad). Also It is amazing how although she lost her family at a very young age she can still take care of the Lumas (the most adorable things ever) with out getting to stressed out, is it not amazing?

People say Rosalina fans are immature, but really It's the Peach/ Daisy fans. They say that Rosies(my fan name fir Rosalina) whine and only like her looks. We would be fine. But Rosie haters have to start drama. They say she's "overrated or are in too many games". New flash: Rosalina is popular and popular people are in more than 1 games. How about Yoshj? He's in a lot of games and people don't complain. Its sick. People need to stop causing drama or spreading lies (Rosies too). You guys forget that this is forcharacters not the fans. How would you like it if I started hating lets say Waluigi due to Wallies (My name for Waluigi fans) and because he's in multiple games for example. (Which I'm not). It's stupid right? I hope everyone learned a lesson from this. Lets go back to just the characters, not how many games their In or how the character's fans act by. This has gone WAY TOO FAR. Thank you, and good day

People gave you dislikes. It's dumb. I gave you a like. People need to just stop being babies. And I was gonna mention that Yoshi appears in everything now and no one complains. Rosalina's fans may be annoying and into their fan art, but Daisy Fans are worse and can't stop complaining "she replace Daisy! She appear in everything! " WHO THE HELL CARES? Daisy Fans are annoying and Peach fans are too. - DCfnaf

I feel Rosalina is a great character overall, she is actually my favorite female character and is on par with Yoshi as my favorite character, not to mention she is really good in super smash bros as long as you know how to use her well.