Top 10 Best Medical Schools In the Philippines

The Top Ten Best Medical Schools In the Philippines

1 Fatima Medical Colleges (OLFU - Medicine)

Being a Fatima Instructor, we do the other way around. We go down to the students level, and together we rise to the top. Unlike other schools, students have to level their minds with their professors which is very unlikely because not all people are born with a brilliant mind. We at OLFU, forms our students to be brilliant. We believe in equal opportunity, and that students must be admitted to school regardless of there previous academic performance. NMAT or entrance exam in not a base of students capacity.. It could be developed.. Together we rise to the top!

How much the tuition fee of general doctor? , just asking

In Our Lady of Fatima Univ, the are really true to their mission to "IMPROVE MAN AS MAN. " Go OLFU! Raise to the top!

Actually, we are on our way!

wow! really proud to be a fatimanians! my alma mater... OLFU always on the top... not only in nursing, but also in medicine, medtech, and physical therapy... that only shows that fatima gives a very good quality of education. YOU DID A GOOD JOB!

2 University of the Philippines - College of Medicine

University of the Philippines. That explains it. Studying here says that you are not less than excellent, but even more than that. UP College of Medicine has been on the forefront of medicine practice in the country by choosing to open its attached hospital, the famed Philippine General Hospital, to all sectors, most especially the needy. UP's excellence comes not only from its excellent faculty but also its desire to serve the people.

I love Philippines and I love the passion for academic in the school. I wish to study medicine there in the school and I promise to deliver at my best. University of Philippines is indeed a place to be. I will be happy if I'm being granted a scholarship to study there.

How can I get information about university of philippine

My brother is a very smart doctor-to-be. He is studying at UP College of Medicine. Many think that this school is not best because of its faacilities but I think they produce the best and most competent doctors who eventually become popular. Life in UP MED is the best and most fun of all because not only is it a good school, but you also get to be with your friends taking up medicine who come from very rich families.

3 University of Santo Tomas - Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

I'm from Ateneo Law School and also from Ateneo college, but currently, I'd pick UST Medical Faculty as the best in the Philippines. Another competitor would be UP Medical School. The current 3rd based on this year's Board Exam (98.39%) is Ateneo Med School in Ortigas. In the south, we have CIM; in the north, we have St Louis as the best.

Med school is easy in Philippines. Nobody reads books. Its all in a two page hand outs.

My son is going to appear 12th this year means 2015-16 I want to put him in St Tomas so can you please provide me the information about the admission procedure and fee structure

It is simply the best! They produce almost 600 doctors a year with at least 5 in the Top 10.

who beats 400 years of excellence and practice? even the pope was amazed right? my comment maybe short. but once is enough for the wise. go uste!

4 Far Eastern University - Dr. Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation

How much is the tuition fee for those who are thinking of becoming a doctor? - doctorstargazer

It's not the number of topnotchers dictates the performance of the WHOLE's the over all PASSING rate. A number of topnotchers is useless if the university cannot maintain a high passing rate. You can have 6 topnotchers but that is just an individual performance. But if you look at the passing rate of the university, some even got only 33 percent out of 1, 000 med students who took the exam... In FEU, they always maintain an over all high passing rate. NO one is left behind. They work together to bring out the best from each med students...FEU has a name and credibility ever since the institution has been established.

The best doctors in the country are graduate from this university

We all know that feu-nrmf is one of the best med school here in the Philippines. I'm proud to be a part of feu.

5 Cebu Institute of Medicine





Cebu institute of medicine continues to top with humility! Our track record is our proof! Go VELEZ COLLEGE

My ultimate goal is to be a part of this institution.

Hands down, the best Medical School in the Best Location in the Philippines!

6 St. Luke's College of Medicine

State of the art hospital, competent medical doctors and staffs... And a good Samaritan to social responsibility.

I just need information about your college. As you know, some of university from your land started operation in India. I am also from southern part of India (Near chennai).

More than the scholarships and comfy environment of St. Luke's College of Medicine, the institution didn't just develop a pool of the brightest students and best physician/professors; but a family which promotes cammaraderie, support system & opennes among its students. With its new curriculum, which was develop to improve their passing rate in the local boards, is indeed commendable. From a passing rate of 65-75% to both first and second time takers; has risen up to 94% (100% for the 1st time takers), which indeed is a big deal for something as young as this institution.

St Luke's is the number one in modern technology. Doctors, Nurses, Therapist, Technicians and staffs are very competent on their skills.
Friendly and compassionate.

7 University of the East - Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center

Graduates of this school possess an aura of self confidence that comes from knowing they had an excellent training in clinical skills. They are also usually well-loved by patients and peers alike because of the way they conduct themselves.

Physicians who graduated from this institution are very conscientious, globally-competitive, holistic and well-bred.

One of the best medicine school in the Philippines.

Excellent training grouNd. We are molded to be clinically competitive in every specialization

8 Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health

Good training for student to be good behavior concept.

1st graduates and already placed 3rd in the board

As far as I know, the first instructors of medicine in Ateneo are Thomasians and Maroons... so I think they should get the credit for making it to the top 10 for until the first graduates of Ateneo takes over the instructor duties.

Nice performance on their 2nd year! 100% passing and 2 graduates in the Top 10. AMDG!

9 De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

The new De La Salle University college of medicine building is the best I've seen. State of the art facilities, classrooms that you'd mistake for an auditorium, beautiful library with friendly staff and a university medical center that provides adequate medical training for the 4thyr medical clerks and interns. Definitely one of the best places to study medicine outside of busy Metro Manila.

I'm a graduate of this school I think and feel that this is the Best Medical School... ! I'm now here in USA... I'm very proud that I studied in this Institution.

This school has the most innovative way of teaching students, this has the most equipped professional teachers and well discipline faculties.

This School has gone a long way! From a humble beginning but filled with the best faculty in their own expertise, it has really surpassed the category of what a medical school should have. Its graduates speak for itself.. Congratulations!

10 Saint Louie University - College of Medicine

The best school ever in baguio city

I love to study here cause it have the quality

So high standard

One of the best medical school outside of manila in terms of training and academics. Percentage of passing in board exam one of the best result..

I believe that to be a good doctor is not based or reflected from the NMAT score, it is in the quality f education the school provides for the students. Saint Louis University International School f Medicine really hones students to be globally competent doctors. Go SLU!

Tops the board exams!

The Contenders

11 Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc.

Most secured for international students... Guns banned in city... One good thing is Smoke free DAVAO... For girls students its best... Good clinical exposure for medicos... On of the best colleges in Philippines...

Good clinical exposure... Excellent education... The best city...

I've heard that it is best college for all the students who prefer to study mbbs from many parts of the world. And it's cost status is very good too

Well! How much fee..?

12 University of the Visayas - Gullas College of Medicine The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

The best Medicine in the region where we can perform and academically in specializing in this field. Where top performing doctors are come from this University...

The only first university that granted the first Autonomous in Cebu.. So we are best among prescription of other universities.

One of the pioneering and best University in Medicine.


13 AMA School of Medicine, Makati, Metro Manila

WORST COLLEGE. Very small campus. They Take money in advance and then in case the visa is refused they won't refund your money because the school of medicine doesn't even have a Bank Account. They Take money in the name of AMA computer college. Never choose this college. It's a private commercialised money hungry organisation with no actual substance in them. BETTER NOT STUDY MBBS AT ALL.

College with the best facilities, faculties, placements, and the main thing it has an army hospital for clinical exposures... Better than davao

College with best facilities, faculties and best education ethics

I want to jon in that college but I want mci recognition number in that college

14 Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila - College of Medicine

Who says medical education are only for the rich people?... PLM College of Medicine is being subsidized by the local government of Manila and because of this, students push themselves to study hard and gear towards excellence to make the most of the privilege being given by the city of Manila. Admission is tedious, and maintaining your stature in the college is doubly difficult.

Excellent quality of education for the cost. Highly selective in its admission and produces high caliber graduates. Reputation is comparable with UP and UST.

Unlike other schools where all you need is money for admission, this school requires superior intelligence. Low cost, but very high quality medical education at par with UP and even above UST.

It has established its reputation as leading school of medicine in the Philippines.

15 Emilio Aguinaldo College

One of the worst

One Of the leading College of Philippines Which acc the international student. And which provide Indian Food there. Thanks For PRABHAV INTERNATIONAL. And EMILIO AGUINALDO COLLEGE

Infact its one of the best. Best facilities, qualified teachers, hostel for local and international students with food, clinicals done in Medical Center Manila & Medical Center Cavite. Both are very good hospitals

One of the best school that provides quality education with topnotch professors. Guaranteed education

16 University of Perpetual Help

Am joining in this university may I think it's good

Best medical college to study the medicine for the students of India and abroad

UPHSD Education Methodology is based on Dale's Learning Pyramid. Teachers at UPHSD medical university function more as a facilitator than as a lecturer. At the University of Perpetual Help, special care is taken not just to improve the memory capacity of the student but also to improve the thinking capability of their student. Because of their educational methodology UPHSD repeatedly tops the best medical colleges in the Philippines.

Good university with full package. We can trust joining here. Good choice comparing others.

17 Centro Escolar University

A CHED Autonomous University.
First University to be granted an Institutional Accreditation Status
-CEU is the BEST school for Nursing.
-Leading university for Dentistry program.
-Recently received its Level IV status for Pharmacy program.
-Also the leading university for Optometry (8 out of 10 in the Optometry Board Exam are from CEU. )
-Level IV Psychology program.

All level 4, and the school is known to be the best medical school.. Except that they don't have college of medicine. Still they are the best for medical related courses!

The best medical school in u-belt!

Best School for Pharmacy

18 Cagayan State University - College of Medicine

Quality education at its lowest price

The best school of medicine in northern luzon.. I wish to take up my doctor of medicine there in the future!

High quality education that molds medical students to become competent and dedicated physicians committed to serve the region. A state university in the north that has proven its caliber, one of the top 15 medical schools for the year 2008-2013 recognized by the PRC.

Quality education and low tuition fee.

19 West Visayas State University College of Medicine

In any field of practice, consistency is the best parameter to judge credibility. West Visayas State University College of Medicine has always shown excellence in their passing marks and this is proof of their credibility.

This University has produced many doctors who are really credible, competent, intelligent and are all trained very well while they are still students of this University despite of the very low tuition fee offered by the College of Medicine- West Visayas State University. Proud to be Taga-West! =)))

I am a lawyer and was once student regent of the West Visayas State University-all I can say is that WVSU-COM is one of the top three leading medical institutions in the country, besting all other medical schools even those which are situated in the country's capital. Records have it.

Be proud of this

20 University of San Jose - Recoletos

The best medical school ever in Cebu though it is still emerging now.

21 Lyceum-Northwestern University

The Best Medical School in Northern Luzon

Not the best but a good one plus cheaper

First Medical School of the Northern Luzon 1975

Quality education in a cheaper price.

22 San Beda College of Medicine

School of neurologists, indeed.

Above 90% passing rate for first time PLE takers. Only medical school that incorporates the Benedictine Hallmarks of Education.

One of the best medical school that offers an excellent neuroscience curriculum spearheaded by top-caliber neurologists and neurosurgeons in the country. Trust me, you'll learn how to localize lesions of NS in just a count of three. If you want to be an aspiring neurologist, enroll at SBCM.

SBCM is considered to be an "underdog" and a "dark horse" from all the medical schools in the country. But with its above 90% passing rate for first time PLE takers, this medical institution has something to say. PS: They don't gather potential topnotchers during admission because they CREATE topnotchers.

I heard that they already have a new curriculum. Most of the faculty are graduates of UP, and some from other prestigious schools as well like UST, FEU-NRMF, UERMMMC, ASMPH, etc.

23 Southwestern University, Cebu City

" when I enroll in this university, I was not so satisfied by the environment around but slowly I found university very interesting, easy access to teacher, very friendly filippino friends. I love this school very much I m sure that this school will help me to reach my dream and destiny".

The first medical school in visayas and mindanao... the best international nursing school... The 3rd best Optometry School in the Philippines? Southwestern university was so great, so clean and good environment.. THe tuition fee is an affordable..

Southwestern University is truly a home of medical topnotchers. Through the years, they are consistent in producing world class physicians. This school is able to keep up 100% passing rate in the physician licensure exam.

If you are to name some of the best schools for Optometry in the Philippines, SOUTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY will always be included in the list.

24 Cebu Doctors' University

Good facilities, good ambiance, good faculties make good conditions for students to become good doctors. It has many hospital branches in Central Visayas which allow Interns & post graduates sharpen their skills to become good doctors. It has a good record in passing percentage in board examinations.

It also has good products! In our part of the Philippines, the heads of the hospital all come from Cebu Doctors'! They also have very good facilities and good hospital support!

By far the most competent medical school in Cebu and probably one of the most in the entire Philippines.

Good school in cebu

25 Mahatma Gandhi University
26 Angeles University Foundation

Angeles University Foundation School of Medicine already established its name as one of the finest med schools north of Manila. The university has been the consistent number 1 school in all health related courses in Central Luzon and probably the whole Northern Luzon in terms of passing rates, national and international accreditations, and CODs/COEs. The university also owns one of the few tertiary teaching, training hospitals in the north- AUF Medical Center. The hospital pioneers kidney and cardiac transplantation, and other extensive procedures previously performed exclusively in Metro Manila.

However, it is very costly to study in AUF. Its MD program runs 220, 000 pesos/ USD 5500 a year (as of June 2013). It is one of the most expensive provincial medical schools in the Philippines, comparable even to UST's and Saint Luke's. However, with the consistent 100% passing rate it performed in the past 3 years, it definitely proves that what you pay is really worth it especially ...more

Has the highest passing rate in central luzon in all medical related course

Very good school especially for those coming from the north, but not that affordable

The Only Medical School in Central Luzon.

Consistent 100% passing rate for the last 3 years.

Home of the best teriary hospital in Central Luzon.

One of the finest medical school north of Manila.

27 Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines

I want to be part of it..

This is the best school ever. The best Physical Therapy school in the north.

The best physical therapy school in the north!

The best medical school in the north

Saint Louis University- School of Medicine is the best medical school in the north, and one of the best in the Philippines

28 University of Northern Philippines

Produced topnotchers for its Indian students

100% batch passing rate for this year,

It is a state medical university and very low fees in Philippines.

Congratulations! University of Northern Philippines-College of Medicine for garnering 100% passing rate in the recent Medical Board Exam 2015

29 Silliman University

First 5 batches all 100%. No more can be added. This school will rise to the top because this is the best

The best school for medical courses

The best environment for learning and application.

This is the current medical school to reckon with

30 Xavier University - Jose P Rizal School of Medicine

Very well-rounded medical education directed to forming physicians who serve the less fortunate.

This medical school has produced a variety of physicians who have one of the most important of all qualities: a heart.

Individuals are taught not just to merely cure but MOST IMPORTANTLY CARE for the patients. Doctors that are produced from here are products of 4 C's: holistically have developed competence, conscience, commitment and compassion.

One of the best school of medicine in mindanao

31 Ateneo de Zamboanga University

The best community based medical Institution in the Country as you get to visit the most remote areas in Mindanao that needs Health care. (learning and adventure. now how was that)

Quality education, modern school facility, one of the best that offers double major in Public health

First school to offer double major. Quality of students are at par in one of the best in the country.

Hope the area for community base practice are safe.

32 Manila Central University - FDTMF College of Medicine

The first problem-based learning medical school in the country. Competent students especially on practical aspects.

The best one I must say. Though it is not as popular as the other schools, the College continue to produce 5-star physicians with the right attitude, knowledge, and skills

Oldest and one of the best colleges in manila

It is the best medical college for all international students.

33 Bicol Christian College of Medicine

This school currently offers a very low quality of service. Classroom and school facilities are not given priority and thus, is not conducive for proper learning. An example would be the orientation of the classroom. You would see yourself sitting behind one of the foundations of the building and thus you'll be left staring and learning nothing from the lessons being discussed by the preceptor. It is as if the wall is paying more than the students. Students are also asked to pay more than they should have; matriculation lists a lot of things but only a few are being implemented. Mandatory attendance of extracurricular activities also requires mandatory payments by the students even though the students sees no relation to their needs to learn. Schedules are not properly imposed; late enrollees are accepted halfway thru the sem and thus disrupting the flow of the lessons. Freedom of speech is also being suppressed to the students; the student government is only there to become puppets ...more

A better college for Medicine :D
Here at Legazpi, Albay

If you want a fully loaded schedule filled with traditional lectures, e-learning guides, hospital exposure, case studies, exams, exams, and exams, you're in the right place. One thing I like about BCCM is that they encourage students to be an active part of their medical education according to their own needs. BCCM has recently adopted the hybrid method of teaching I. E 70% traditional (lectures) and 30% PBL and e-learning which works perfectly in today's advancing technology.

Very nice college

34 Saint Paul University Philippines - Tuguegarao College of Medicine

The best Medical School in Cagayan Valley. Teamed up with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the Pontifical University of Santo Tomas. I'm very much privileged that I'll be one of its graduate soon.

There is high regards for its student's. We, even just at our first year are pretty much treated like doctors already. The faculty is composed of a wide range of specialists (Diplos and Fellows) that excel in their own fields.
A private school, reasonable tuition fee, great facilities, great hospital--- One of the best in northern Luzon.

It is and will always be the Best Medical School in the North! Excellent Faculty and State-of-the-Art Facilities in a very reasonable tuition fee! Kudos SPUP!

Soon to be one of the best in the medicine world, top nursing school in the country. High caliber of teaching staff compose with great facilities, the only ISO certified in the north.

35 Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation

Best Medical School with low cost and high quality

Not so good, specially for foreigners.

Standard training for the future medical doctors... Indeed a great citadel for medical learning

Please arrange a student health insurance scheme,

36 Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Medical Foundation Tacloban

RTR has produced good and competent doctors mostly serving regiond8 while others are spread throughout the country. A competitive school w/ high passing rate. GO RTR, my alma mater!

37 Bicol University College of Medicine

How much is the school fees?

No Doubt. Center of excellence. Opening June-2014.

Came here to inquire.. and the place was great. It looks like an art museum in its modernized building design.. still gotta wait for 6 years before they may prove something..

38 San Pedro College

Excellent teaching fascilities
Top 9 performing school in the Philippines (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science)
Has a good teaching style.


39 Iloilo Doctors Hospital

One of the best medical school in the Philippines. Their school is just behind the hospital. Easy access to transportation.

Yeah, the old mentors are probably retired and new crop of mentors are in. Most attending mentors in Iloilo were also graduates of Up=PGH or UST who chose to come home to the home province to practice.

Great School. Wise experienced doctors.

Best medical school in molo iloilo city.. Haha

40 Chinese General Hospital Colleges

I am planning to take my BSN here

41 UPH-Dr. Jose G. Tamayo Medical University, BiƱan City, Laguna

The college of Medicine is committed to the formation of a complete Christian Physician who is service oriented with great social concern and committed to the delivery of quality health care to the Filipino people value the virtues of reaching out and helping others as vital ingredients to nation building.

Premier Medical College in Southern Tagalog Region, Top-notch Administration and Faculty. Student centered, community oriented, research- oriented curriculum.
With board exam Top Notchers, place 4th on 2012 and place 7th on 2013.

Client oriented and open minded society

They have a full package of great faculties.

42 Davao Doctors College

It really stands out when it comes to Radiologic Technology. Though their facilities and machines are not something to brag about but the quality of education and learnings which their staffs shared to students really abundant.. With their strict rules when it comes to academic matter you can really assure that all of the graduates are competent enough to step up.

One of the best.

TOP 1 RT SCHOOL IN THE Philippines

43 Central Philippine University

Vision: Exemplary Christian Education for Life (EXCEL)
Best University in Western Visayas and in the whole Philippines

44 University of San Carlos
45 Universidad de Zamboanga

School Of Allied is the best! MedTech, Pharmacy, RadTech, & Respiratory Therapy

46 University of Mindanao - Davao City
47 Lorma Colleges

Teachers at Lorma College makes their students very intelligent that's why most of them passed their board exams

I want to go here

The school of medicine.they focuse in medicine

When I was younger I planned to study there but... luck or not...I wasn't able to... base on real talks...efective and efficient school boards are so generous not to have me there. :) pilot testing ask miss moreno, scarlet... trained connections Manila based...

48 Northwestern University
49 Palawan State University School of Medical Sciences

Is there a medicine school in Pal SU? Since when?

Palawan is very very green full land in philipines. Best medicine school in phillipines

50 Saint Mary's University

Every year they have topnochers in Nursing, 5 out of 10 this year.

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