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1 Arceus Arceus Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

He is very powerful

Arceus is dope

Looks like a goat stuck in a fence

Arceus is weak

2 Snorlax Snorlax


Snorlax is just a awesome pokemon he is a tank he IS AWESOME the only bad thing about him is that he is SUPER SLOW HIS moves are awesome leftovers with this guy is Op his defense is great with pick attack Arceus is great but I want this to be non legendary pokemon don't forget Snorlax Beastly health and attack snorlax is my favorite pokemon I recommend having This beast on your team


My favorite normal type

3 Staraptor Staraptor Staraptor, known in Japan as Mukuhawk, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Looks badass

I think Starapter is a very amazing pokemon.


This is the first ever pokemon I got after chimchar, Always have him in my team unless trading, once Cynthia was running strong and I had only staraptor, he took down 2 opponents with full health!

4 Porygon-Z Porygon-Z

Porygon z has interesting lore and is very under rated

One of my favorites - Pokemonfan10

This one is good - ElSherlock

Its very good

5 Slaking Slaking

Dat 1 hit slash with slaking

I think slaking is even more powerful than snorlax so it should be on the no.2 spot

The reason Slaking even HAS Truant is literally because it's so ridiculously OP. It has the highest base stats of any non mega or legendary. If they ever gave this thing a mega, we're all gonna die.

Truant doesn't matter it's so op

6 Ditto Ditto Ditto, known in Japan as Metamon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Ditto fowevew

Best ever

Ditto is awesome

HELLO! This thing can transform into any pokemon. IT can just knock down arceus by transforming into better pokemon (no offense to arcus fans ).DITTO ROCKS

7 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Jigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Best singing pokemon

Jigglypuff is useless

It draws on yo face SUPER EFFECTIVE

It's Sasha Amelia Bacchus's favorite pokemon,
named Jigglypuff.

8 Regigigas Regigigas Regigigas, known in Japan as the same name, is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

HOW! how is this god under jigglypuff!? ARE YOU CRAZY?

Despite a terrible ability and a lacklustre moveset, I think just the sheer design and stats of this Pokemon is what makes it stand out for me. The first Pokemon game I ever played was Pokemon sapphire and the whole discovery and mystery of unlocking the regis is one of my favourite moments in Pokemon history. When 4th gen finally came out, I knew I had to capture Regigigas just for the nostalgia. Call me what you want, but I think Regigigas deserves to be in the top 10 normal types!

Maybe if you cheated you can put skill swap on Regigigas and use it to switch slow start with another ability? But you can make Regi learn substitute to stall out the slow start and maybe something like drain punch to keep it up because of his high attack and defense

Its giga drain is amazing

9 Ursaring Ursaring

Like the coolest bear ever.

It is a big bear

Ursaring can destroy any wall - especially when it's holding a toxic orb. Few can withstand the mighty guts-boosted facade off of a base 130 attack!

In my Pokemon, my ursaring+jolteon combo is pretty much unstoppable

10 Zangoose Zangoose Zangoose, known in Japan as the same name, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Zangoose looks like a Rabit Chicken! No offense to Zangoose fans but I'm not into Zangoose as much as you are, Zangoose may have awesome attacks! I do have a reason to kind of like Zangoose and that is because it can learn the move 'False Swipe'! X-scissor and Swords Dance are another way to win! The only problem with most moves Zangoose can learn can't affect ghost and not very effective against Steel and Rock and weak to fighting! I do have a lot to say about Zangoose! To make Zangoose stronger you can add a Ghost type to it and more moves to match it with even strength against Ghost Types and having a good advantage against Other Normal types Fighting types but a disadvantage to Dark Types Fairy types and that is a downside to adding it! I hope you agree with me about Zangoose and we can help Zangoose get stronger! Who agrees?

Ability: Toxic Boost
- Quick Attack (Normal)
- Night Slash (Dark)
- Aerial Ace (Flying)
- Dig (Ground)

Adding Crush Claw or Swords Dance will also be fine

Being a normal type, Zangoose has excellent offensive capabilities and has an excellent move pool. Its attack and speed makes up for its poor defences and mediocre HP. Zangoose gains access to very good moves like its signature Crush Claw, Close Combat and Brick Break and even Shadow Ball back when it was physical. Give it a Focus Sash with Swords Dance and this thing becomes a beast. Great design, great utility, great Pokemon

Zangoose is awesome.It's a really strong normal type.It looks like it should have a secondary typing though.Dark or Fighting maybe?


The Contenders

11 Bouffalant Bouffalant


OH MY GOSH! Ghetsis's Bouffalant, not Hydreigon, literally wrecked my whole team on black and white. Not to mention a wild one with lower levels than me took out a few Pokemon two. I had to get my Chandelure in JUST to take this things Head Charge. It seriously OHKO'ed my whole team except him, no boosts. VOTE BOUFFALANT

The champion alder uses him for a reason, if he becomes our good friend then you unbeatable!

Beast all I have to say #1 all day.

12 Blissey Blissey

The best competitive pokemon of all time?

Blissey is way better then that jigglypuff come on peps were not doing cutest were doing best

Blissey is an awesome massive pokemon. It can use Thunder, Psychic, or almost any moves that can Kill other pokemon that are in your way. It is also awesome cause it can use softboiled to heal itself AND heal its teammates. All in one, its an awesome Tank

Blissey is my favorite Pokemon it's cute and apparently very powerful and it has good moves.

13 Eevee Eevee Eevee, known in Japan as Eievui, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

It's so adorbes also it is just so cute it also evolves into almost all types

Cute but not good competitively. the evolutions are better competitively - Pokemonfan10

Eevee can have a great heart of it's trainer and if I were a trainer I would pick eevee#good Pokemon

super cute

14 Miltank Miltank Miltank, known in Japan as ミルタンク, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It was introduced in Generation II of the series and is a female only species categorized as the Milk Cow Pokémon. It is a Normal type Pokémon. more.


It's in the damn name: tank. With upwards of 300 hp at level 65 and the move Milk Drink makes her pretty much unstoppable. Then all you have to do is use Body Slam, which I honestly thinks does more damage the heavier you are.

A trainer is famous because of this tank: Whitney. This Pokemon is so strong but so underrated.

Two words: Whitney's miltank

15 Diggersby Diggersby

Do you do Pokemon Showdown? It's in the first borderline for a reason! Dude could have Huge Power, which is OP, Agility, Earthquake, and anything makes it OP! I also think it learns Swords Dance, so that, too

On Pokemon Showdown, he is the first borderline. Even though I personally prefer Volcarona of the Borderline mons, you can't deny the strength of this Pokemon.

Diggersby though look it up

Diggersby though?

16 Tauros Tauros Tauros, known in Japan as Kentauros, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

The second strongest competitive gen 1 pokemon, barring Mewtwo.

Beast mode

Absolutely the best normal type with its 490 base stats. As fast as other lightning speed Pokemon, it can sweep the hole team with its ridiculously strong attack and defend itself from any kind of attack (except fighting type) with its unwavering defense. Absolutely my choice!

Looks like a beast, mad attack faster than 90% of all pokemon complete with its tails and amazing mane! No more need be said

17 Smeargle Smeargle

Guys really vote for smeargle! Sure, horrible stats, second worst stat total, but really! Every single move! If you want to be cool at the game get a smeargle with the nature that raises speed and then lowers special attack and hold a focus sash. Maximize health and speed with 252 evs each and then sketch the four moves, spore, to put it to sleep. Spore is grass, has 100 accuracy and can affect all pokemon, including flying and ghost. Then use agility so you wont be outrun. You could use it twice if you want, but if the enemy wakes up you're dead. Some stuff only sleeps for 2 turns, some have berries or abilitys to prevent it, but I would use agility and then I'm faster so then lock on. The next turn, they might wake up, because this would be the third turn, but agility makes you faster, so now use sheer cold. Not horn drill. It doesn't get ghost. Not gullitone. Doesn't get them either (i think. Is it normal or water? ) fissure is ground and doesn't get flying typers. Sheer cold? Yes ...more

Lock on, sheer cold, spore, minimize

He is small but all lot of power and in my opinion he is dangerous and a lot of power and if we really had Pokèmon I would chose him and all I can say is PEACE

It could beat usaring

18 Kangaskan

It somewhere else on this list

Mega Kangaskan with power up punch, sucker punch, drain punch, return/fake out. Wicked powerful.

Really, do I have attached explain? That mega is TOO op, no matter

I have his card, he is very very strong!

19 Exploud Exploud

Come on it can break steel sometimes

It can learn a variety of moves and with it's ability soundproof it's immune to moves like supersonic

With rest and sleep talk it becomes one of the best ever

Exploud SHOULD be in the top ten. Mine has Overheat and Surf, and although she doesn't get the type boost, the moves still throw off opponents every time. Don't even get me started on Boomburst; what a fantastic special attack. Side note, I bet tons of trainers plug their aux cords into Exploud and jam. Why wouldn't you want this Pokemon?

20 Stoutland Stoutland

This pokemon is one of my favourites. It is incredibly strong, has a solid moveset and its design is awesome. As well as that, it made for a very emotional moment in the sun and moon anime. That moment when Litten hugged Stoutland during his final hours before passing away made my heart sink. Stoutland is a perfect companion and a top five worthy pokemon in my opinion.

This is an awesome, tough, and cool looking Pokemon. I mean just look at that Mustache! Anyway, Stoutland has great all-around stats. This was pretty overpowered early on in Black and White and it's still a beast throughout the game. This needs to be higher.

Stoutland is a really awesome dog Pokemon with pretty good stats and he or she can learn the elemental fangs!

One of my favorite pokemon from the 5th gen!

21 Bewear Bewear

Also part fighting and releases bone-crushing hugs why on 21st place WHY?!?!

Judging by the anime... it's a god!
Finding team rocket - perfect eyes/nose/hears or maybe she psychic
Taking them - can jump,fly,run on water faster then anything.
She is the only Pokemon that own humans and not the other way around

We are talking to the master

Are we talking about best of coolest well either way this thing wins

22 Delcatty Delcatty

I use delcatty to help with sweeps! it is very useful.

Aside from being adorable, Delcatty has great stats and some of the strongest moves a normal type can learn on it's own, as well as being able to learn plenty of TM's. Also, assist is awesome.

Why isn't this up in top ten? My delcatty is level 100 and knows these moves, hyperbeam gigaimpact shadow ball and psychic!

It's so cute.

23 Pidgeot Pidgeot

He is the best it is a flying tank!

Bird jesus

Hurricane, Heat wave, roost, u-turn=WIN No guard lets you get 100% hurricanes. You don't really need a STAB normal type if heat wave and hurricane demolish Pokemon. And if you're in that kind of situation then you just u-turn.

He is a very good pokemon

24 Aipom Aipom

You can't have a Mega Aipom since it has an evolved form but Mega Amipom would probably wreck every Pokemon in the game

He's one of the best normal type Pokemon you can catch. I don't c how he's this fat back


This thing needs mega. MEGA aipom would be new HUNTER of arceus.i wish ambipom didn't exist and I wish aipom can use hyper beam and giga impact. AIPOM IS adorable smart funny strong fast and kind.

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25 Lopunny Lopunny Lopunny, known in Japan as Mimilop, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

I dare you to search Lopunny on Google. I still have nightmares...

When it mega evolve it is my favorite normal type pokemon

Choice scarf lopunny can outspeed quite a bit. With it mega now, it can hit anything really hard. Showdown. Move it up

Lopunny has a lot of variety going for it you never know if its going to be offensive, defensive, support, mega, baton pass user. its really hard to predict I for one use a defensive offensive variant with cosmic power.

26 Meowth Meowth Meowth is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Meowth first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. In addition, it was one of the Pokémon to get an Alolan variant. It later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff more.

Meowth is just adorable in evreyway possible also its flute noises in the games are just the best

A cat like pokemon... I certainly like cats, but a cat-like POKEMON! Awesome! With its lucky amulet and piercing claws I think its awesomely fantastic!

Meowth is not only cute but cool. Hey people don't like cats well you don't like Meowth

Just watch the anime

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27 Lickilicky Lickilicky

I totally agree he's is awesome although I don't think most guys like him

This dude might not have the best speed but he is awesome

It has great base stats and you can teach it most of every tm there is. Definitely an op Pokemon

Also exploud, stoutland, cinccino, kangaskan, and ursaring. - rexprice4

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28 Braviary Braviary

He can beat staraptor... star uses bravebird ok brav takes damage pluse star uses imtimadate and brav has difiant for boost then use returen and knocks him out after recoil

29 Kangaskhan Kangaskhan

Isn't this somewhere else on the list?

30 Raticate Raticate

Well, Raticate can learn Facade, Ice Beam, Crunch, and they're pretty useful moves. I also suggest keeping Tail Whip. It has a stable stats, and its speed is extremely high. It will literally annihilate.

This guy, just this guy I mean he can have an amazing sweep if set up. with super speed and impressive move pool this makes a really good Pokemon which has pulled me out of so many tricky situations

Rattata is insanely strong for a pre-evolved form, what do you think raticate can do to yeah, very well rounded pokemon - germshep24

A very balanced Pokemon and easy to get at the first part of the game

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31 Vigorath

. Why isn't slaking on this list. It is in fact the strongest non legendary pokemon when talking about base stats. I mean come on! 160 attack? 150 HP and huge defense? Amazing. Speed? WHY? It is 10th strongest of all poke's, including legendaries. So hat it has truant? Stats make up for it! And it can just use yawn...

"Vigorath". who spelt this

Vigorath? I think you mean Vigowrath? FEEL MY WRATH!

32 Pyroar Pyroar

This is fire - 1507563

He is epic

Pyroar is awesome! STAB moves with fire and normal moves. it can learn Solarbeam to defeat Watertypes

33 Ambipom Ambipom

Ambipom could probably beat arceus in a battle

I love ambipom for it's STAB fake out and return. It also has power-up-punch and technician which makes it pretty OP in my opinion.

Am upon should not be this Low on the list because I can easily beat an acreus with a fake out last resort. This Pokemon can sweep a whole to with just to moves.

It has great speed and attack and variety of moves and loocks cool

34 Linoone Linoone

No talking smack about Linoone: the very best pokemon!

If you've never faced Bellyspeed Linoone, you don't know the meaning of fear. This guy's stats stink, but after belly drum, it 1HKOs Blissey.0_0

Can learn a lot of non-normal moves

It can learn attacks like ice beam and thunderbolt. I used it on my team in Pokemon Ruby and it really helped. It might not always have good attack, but its speed is good. I also used it on my team in Pokemon Y and it surprisingly helped me a lot, because it had this moveset: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Return and Slash. Linoone might not have been a Pokemon I necessarily would use for its Attack stat, but thanks to its Speed (and the move Return) it helped me beat the first half of Pokemon Y.

35 Teddiursa Teddiursa

It's adorable

Teddiursa is absolutely adorable! Also it has an awesome Crescent Moon shape on it's forehead...*hint* *hint**nudge**nudge*.Oh,I give up just plis give teddiursa's evolution,Ursaring,a mega evolution ins Sun and Moon!

36 Persian

Persian can be used for fairy, dark, and electric attacks. It’s also really fast and has a good amount of health. I think Persian should be a little bit higher on the list.

Ok so... You Realize that Meowth is way above one the best cat Pokemon PS. Incineroar
Is the best cat Pokemon

Why is Persian way down here? Although his stats are very low, his speed can make up for it, and the attack is OK. It can give you money with pay day, make them flinch with fake out, and learn dark type moves! You can even teach it thunderbolt and shadow ball, two popular and strong moves. Why isn't this at least in the top 10?

In my opinion, Persian is one of the best normal types not counting legendaries. It can also learn many dark attacks and is really good against ghost types.

37 Furret Furret

Furret and Sentret are in my favourite pokemon list,because they are cute,and aren't only hm slaves.It shouldn't even be a term! - Dragoniterocks

Come on. This thing want's love and care. And it deserve's what it wants. It will put a huge smile on your face. It has pretty good moves. Unlike some other Normal type Pokemon, Furret has the power to make you love it. Just like KFC.

Furret is just so CUTE! He could kill arceus in ONE look, because he's so cute.

Furret is so awesome how is he here he should be number 1 and he is so cute

38 Castform Castform

Has good type coverage with forecast

Helped me defeat the flying type gym in Emerald - Hydreaisevol

I like him because it can change type

Hello casform can learn almost every type of move maby not top 3 worthy but come on.

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39 Minccino Minccino

It is by far the cutest Pokemon of all time. How can you not like it. And as another plus its evolution is a god, give Cinccino Kings rock and use Encore then Tail Slap or Bullet seed to sweep everyone, everything, and anything! It also is pretty good even as a pre-evolution. And another plus with it's evolution is that Cinccino is the flinch master, this whole evolution is my my favorite Pokemon, I really hope Cinccino will finally get it's well deserved and well needed evolution. So PLEASE upvote Minccino! Thank you UwU.

Why do you always put Minccino on such a low spot? It's the cutest pokemon ever and my favorite pokemon of all time!

Very cute and awesome


40 Charizard Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Charizard first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. They have later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated more.

How has no one talked about the fact that this thing IS NOT NORMAL TYPE

I like charizard because he is so strong and his attack are way too strong

He is the strongest fire pokemon

It's way more than awesome because of the moves and attitude!

41 Bidoof Bidoof

Best pokemon in the whole series.

please bidoof let me see my wife.

The best pokemon there is.

Bidoof is literally the most over powered Pokemon in the game, I have won games against Rayquazas with him. Vote Bidoof #1

10/10 Best Pokémon ever!

42 Meloetta Meloetta Meloetta is a Mythical Pokémon from the Unova Region. It is a Normal and Psychic Type. When it uses the move Relic Song, it turns into a Normal and Fighting Type and changes its appearance.

So beautiful so graceful it is perfect in every way even the show makes it seem great. Should have at least been 3rd. 10/10 I would catch it.

47! Meloetta had to be in number 10 or up! I love meloetta she's my favorite Pokémon

How come Meloetta is ranked so low? It's amazing! One of the strongest normal types I've ever used for battling! Though, to be fair, this list doesn't have Oranguru or Komala to vote for, yet it has Drampa. I know Drampa can be useful, but Komala is even better, if you know HOW to use it. I actually prefer Komala over Miltank, and I play as a normal-type specialist. And Oranguru is useful, too. :/

Meloetta can be potentially the most powerful normal type in the game. And she is so cute😍

43 Porygon2 Porygon2

This pokemon is just great. As it isn't fully evolved, it can use eviolite, giving it a role of a bulky normal type tank. It also learns recover as a suitable way to heal, tri attack for stab, a move such as thunder Wave to status the opponent, then run off with a move completely unexpected, such as ice beam, thunderbolt, psychic, hidden power, hyper beam, or Shadow Ball.

Why did they make a second one?

Polygon. 2. evolve. to. porygon_z. wow. nice. haha. haha. haha. am. slope. from. Goosebumps

44 Heliolisk Heliolisk

It's a normal and electric type and not thst bad

This Pokemon is amazing. How dare it be at #60

Not a normal type - 1507563

Funny looking

45 Spinda Spinda

Spinda is my #1 favorite pokemon of all time cause he's adorable, but an annoying MONSTER in the right matchup. Also, beating an opponent with a Teeter Dance/Protect set is ooohh so satisfying.

Most annoying Pokemon. I love it.

It looks really dizzy

Best Pokémon ever. :3

46 Swellow Swellow

Swellow gets Guts, enough said.

When swellow flys pikachu can yous funder Bolt on swellow then they will have armor on them. Swellow is a raelly fast fling tyip Pokemon. Swellow is the blackst fling tyipe Pokemon in the wold did you know that.the end by have an nise time. Am 7 yars old FROM TOMAS FROM TOMAS

47 Stantler Stantler

I don't know why

Stantler is an awesome Pokemon! He is a great addition to my team for my soul silber nuzlocke. At first, I thought he would be a weak and useless member of my team, but he ends up to be so dominant and powerful. He helped me take out Morty's Gengar and Clair's Kingdra. When Stantler holds the Silk Scarf he is purely UNSTOPPABLE! Stantler is hands-down the best normal type Pokemon ever created!

48 Lickitung Lickitung Lickitung is a normal type Pokemon from the Kanto region. It is based off of a lizard. It can evolve knowing rollout.

Now I understand Likitung isn't the best of the normal types, but it can learn some very effective moves such as blizzard and hyper beam. Also if you raise it to it's maximum ability, it can be a fantastic defensive wall.

Lickitung's lick is really incredible.

Licktung doesn't have to worry about any normal types because it can learn the almighty lick the only problem with that is that it is the worst ghost move ever and even though its SUPER EFFECTIVE it wouldn't kill any pokemon except low level normal and phicic types.

Umm Jessie's first legit caught Pokémon because she got arbok on her birthday

49 Chansey Chansey

Chansey is amazing! Not only is it iconic for being one of the most hard to catch gen 1 Pokemon and appearing as Nurse Joy's assistant in almost every Pokemon Centre, it's also a much better wall than Blissey when holding a eviolite.

Unstoppable with eviolite. If Chansey has heal pulse and soft boiled he can be extremely frustrating

Why is it way back here? Eviolite can make her a powerful wall, and can make her take a lot of physical hits.

WHY THE HECK is chansey at the top ten! It hs more than 800 hp at level 100

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50 Cincinno

This thing is great with technician, easily one of my favourite normal types. Is really underrated.

This is a monster with technician

It is pretty fast and cute.

It is fast and had high attack and with skill link and technion this thing is awesome give it a kings rock or life orb and you have a major threat

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