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21 Bewear Bewear

Are we talking about best of coolest well either way this thing wins

This Pokemon is the definition of bear hug - trainerd6

A primeape can defeat it

I love it

22 Delcatty Delcatty

Aside from being adorable, Delcatty has great stats and some of the strongest moves a normal type can learn on it's own, as well as being able to learn plenty of TM's. Also, assist is awesome.

Why isn't this up in top ten? My delcatty is level 100 and knows these moves, hyperbeam gigaimpact shadow ball and psychic!

It's so cute.

I love cats,but I love Delcatty the most. Here are 3 reasons I love Delcatty:

1.I have one in my ORAS team
2.Its one of my fave pokemon

I love delcatty

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23 Pidgeot Pidgeot

Hurricane, Heat wave, roost, u-turn=WIN No guard lets you get 100% hurricanes. You don't really need a STAB normal type if heat wave and hurricane demolish Pokemon. And if you're in that kind of situation then you just u-turn.

He's sick from his look to his powers

Whoo hyper beam, aero blast, fly, hurricane what attacks such a cool poke

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24 Lopunny Lopunny

Choice scarf lopunny can outspeed quite a bit. With it mega now, it can hit anything really hard. Showdown. Move it up

Lopunny has a lot of variety going for it you never know if its going to be offensive, defensive, support, mega, baton pass user. its really hard to predict I for one use a defensive offensive variant with cosmic power.

Lopunny is not my favorite, but being back here, she does not deserve that.

Lopunny is strong and awesome normal type pokemon ever

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25 Meowth Meowth Meowth is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Meowth first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels. In addition, it was one of the Pokémon to get an Alolan variant. It later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff more.

A cat like pokemon... I certainly like cats, but a cat-like POKEMON! Awesome! With its lucky amulet and piercing claws I think its awesomely fantastic!

Meowth is not only cute but cool. Hey people don't like cats well you don't like Meowth

Just watch the anime

26 Lickilicky Lickilicky

I totally agree he's is awesome although I don't think most guys like him

This dude might not have the best speed but he is awesome

It has great base stats and you can teach it most of every tm there is. Definitely an op Pokemon

Also exploud, stoutland, cinccino, kangaskan, and ursaring. - rexprice4

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27 Braviary Braviary

He can beat staraptor... star uses bravebird ok brav takes damage pluse star uses imtimadate and brav has difiant for boost then use returen and knocks him out after recoil

28 Raticate Raticate

Well, Raticate can learn Facade, Ice Beam, Crunch, and they're pretty useful moves. I also suggest keeping Tail Whip. It has a stable stats, and its speed is extremely high. It will literally annihilate.

This guy, just this guy I mean he can have an amazing sweep if set up. with super speed and impressive move pool this makes a really good Pokemon which has pulled me out of so many tricky situations

Rattata is insanely strong for a pre-evolved form, what do you think raticate can do to yeah, very well rounded pokemon - germshep24

Ratticate should be #1 or #2 cause he learns super fang which could kill you in 2 turns.

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29 Vigorath

. Why isn't slaking on this list. It is in fact the strongest non legendary pokemon when talking about base stats. I mean come on! 160 attack? 150 HP and huge defense? Amazing. Speed? WHY? It is 10th strongest of all poke's, including legendaries. So hat it has truant? Stats make up for it! And it can just use yawn...

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30 Kangaskhan Kangaskhan

Isn't this somewhere else on the list?

31 Pyroar Pyroar

This is fire - 1507563

He is epic

Pyroar is awesome! STAB moves with fire and normal moves. it can learn Solarbeam to defeat Watertypes

32 Ambipom Ambipom

I love ambipom for it's STAB fake out and return. It also has power-up-punch and technician which makes it pretty OP in my opinion.

Am upon should not be this Low on the list because I can easily beat an acreus with a fake out last resort. This Pokemon can sweep a whole to with just to moves.

It has great speed and attack and variety of moves and loocks cool

This is in my top ten favorite Pokémon and he is actually not bad with his stab fake out it can easily beat snorlax

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33 Teddiursa Teddiursa

Teddiursa is absolutely adorable! Also it has an awesome Crescent Moon shape on it's forehead...*hint* *hint**nudge**nudge*.Oh,I give up just plis give teddiursa's evolution,Ursaring,a mega evolution ins Sun and Moon!

34 Linoone Linoone

Can learn a lot of non-normal moves

It can learn attacks like ice beam and thunderbolt. I used it on my team in Pokemon Ruby and it really helped. It might not always have good attack, but its speed is good. I also used it on my team in Pokemon Y and it surprisingly helped me a lot, because it had this moveset: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Return and Slash. Linoone might not have been a Pokemon I necessarily would use for its Attack stat, but thanks to its Speed (and the move Return) it helped me beat the first half of Pokemon Y.

Linoone can learn lot's of non normal moves. It has amazing speed, at a base of 100, and good attack and HP as well.

My first Pokemon <3 Love him

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35 Persian

Why is Persian way down here? Although his stats are very low, his speed can make up for it, and the attack is OK. It can give you money with pay day, make them flinch with fake out, and learn dark type moves! You can even teach it thunderbolt and shadow ball, two popular and strong moves. Why isn't this at least in the top 10?

In my opinion, Persian is one of the best normal types not counting legendaries. It can also learn many dark attacks and is really good against ghost types.

Persian and Meowth are the best! Why are they down here? Why? I mean Persian is better than Raticate, and Delcatty!

I forgot about this Pokémon - 1507563

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36 Castform Castform

I like him because it can change type

Hello casform can learn almost every type of move maby not top 3 worthy but come on.

It can be 4 types water fire ice andere normale this flying head with nuts should be higher on the list

37 Aipom Aipom

You can't have a Mega Aipom since it has an evolved form but Mega Amipom would probably wreck every Pokemon in the game

He's one of the best normal type Pokemon you can catch. I don't c how he's this fat back


This thing needs mega. MEGA aipom would be new HUNTER of arceus.i wish ambipom didn't exist and I wish aipom can use hyper beam and giga impact. AIPOM IS adorable smart funny strong fast and kind.

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38 Furret Furret

Come on. This thing want's love and care. And it deserve's what it wants. It will put a huge smile on your face. It has pretty good moves. Unlike some other Normal type Pokemon, Furret has the power to make you love it. Just like KFC.

Furret is just so CUTE! He could kill arceus in ONE look, because he's so cute.

Furret is so awesome how is he here he should be number 1 and he is so cute

This thing is so adorable,awesome and cute! Why is it all the way down here?! It can beat Arcus in just ONE LOOK cause of it’s cuteness.VOTE FOR FURRET HE DESERVES TO BE #1!

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39 Bidoof Bidoof

The best pokemon there is.

Bidoof is literally the most over powered Pokemon in the game, I have won games against Rayquazas with him. Vote Bidoof #1

10/10 Best Pokémon ever!

Bidoof is the ultime HM Slave.

Can learn Cut, Suft, Waterfall, Strength, Rock Smash, Dive.. you name it, this little salve can do it.

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40 Minccino Minccino

Why do you always put Minccino on such a low spot? It's the cutest pokemon ever and my favorite pokemon of all time!

Very cute and awesome


Very noice

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