Linux Mint


Regular Windows user (all versions). Tried out Ubuntu and found it very clunky, so I looked for alternatives. Mint is perfect for the average User, who just wants things to work, and it's a good alternative for Windows Users who are migrating to Linux for whatever reasons. The menu system is close enough to Windows that most Users will be up-and-running in no time.

THAT BEING SAID, it's still Linux, and doesn't have a multi-billion-dollar corporation supporting it, so it's never going to be as polished as Windows or Apple. When you need to color outside the lines (do unexpected things, customize in other-than-ordinary ways, etc. ) you'll have to do some research. There won't always be a program already written to do it. That can be intimidating at times. However, the User Community is huge, thriving, helpful, and very enthusiastic. If you're friendly in return, they will bend over backwards to help you.

Using Linux Mint 16. Very stable, fast, can be downloaded for free or pay about $8.20 for a DVD, can be installed alone, along with Windows or in demo mode. Has thousands of printers listed, comes with a fully functioning system and the package manager makes installation and removal of programs (technically packages) a snap. Highly customizable. Has a lot of internet support, chat, DVD/CD burner, very easy to update programs and fast. The vast majority of installations require NO reboot. Shutdown of the system is on the order of a couple of seconds. Has a Terminal (Windows type command line) and follows most Ubuntu terminal commands. There are many repositories available to download additional packages. This respondent has been around since CPM and DOS 1, so no stranger to Windows. Except for a few legacy programs, I now use Windows Mint almost exclusively. Great operating system, open source and little to no cost for most packages.

Linux Mint 16 installed easier and faster than any version of Windows. I like the Cinnamon desktop interface better than Ubuntu, and it just runs better on my old laptop than XP. Best of all, it's Linux and not Windows, so you don't need to hassle with things like registries, the constant streams of security updates, and maintenance. And, all the software that I need is available for free. It breathed in new life into a struggling and insecure laptop.

The industry doesn't want the general public to know about offerings like Linux Mint. Every old PC running XP can be brought back to life with Linux. Instead, the industry wants consumers to trash their old PC's and either buy a new Windows machine or a Mac. That may be money wasted for those who can't easily afford it, or who really just need the basic functionality that any flavor of Linux can give them. For them, I recommend Linux Mint 16. It's more secure and can run the older hardware better.

Best OS I've ever used.Windows 8 annoyed the heck out of me and looked for any reason to un-install it.I see people bash Linux as "hard to use" and "it isn't for gamers". I've been running Steam on both Ubuntu and Mint before the steam for Linux was released.Everything runs perfectly for me.I had no major problem installing it.Installed Play On Linux and followed the installer directions.If you're looking for a fast, stable and beautiful operating system this is the one to use.No annoying Metro tiles and plenty of applications to choose from.

I Gave up my Window 7 for this OS.. The best ever.. Simply, I love every bit of the application. Well designed, program run without hanging... I rate it 101%,.. No jokes,.. am a die hard Microsoft till I tested this OS.. Better than Ubuntu 13.10 or others... I tested those too.. Am so surprised it comes 7th her.. Honestly it deserve a place in first 3

Great interface, fast, and almost no risk of getting viruses. Great community too, and an integrated support channel for people who just installed it. Overall I love this OS and would recommend it to everybody who likes to experiment a little.

Fast with absolutely no crashes, Linux Mint provides everything you could really need. It has a good interface, and it isn't complicated or difficult unless you want/need it too. The best alternative to Windows in my opinion.

Installed the long-term Linux Mint 17 Qiana along with Windows 7, the latter for legacy programs. Easy to use, fairly intuitive interface, lot of additional functionality, control and flexibility. Faster than Windows 7 on many tasks, and very stable. Excellent support and updates available from a lot of repositories. I love the ability to update most packages and other updates without having to reboot the computer time after time. I spend 95% of my time in Linux and use Windows only for legacy programs like TurboTax, Quicken and a few others, not yet ported for Linux. Great operating system and the installation and configuration are easy.

The Best thing In the OS department! Lightest OS I've ever seen, Easy and fast to install. Extremely fast supports almost any language I can think of, even my native language. Has a warehouse of drivers. Redefines "plug and Play" without installation. I could keep going on but the best parts are It's FREE! And NO VIRUSES!

A flexible and stable OS. Most importantly free and supported by a huge community, ready to use out of the box, with the possibility to get any free application you'll need.

As beautiful looking as you wish, is as fresh as the future! Amazing!

Since I switched from MAC OS in my laptop to Linux, I've had little to none in problems. Never crashes or gets a virus. The man who installed the system encouraged me to open several porn sites to test his assurance that it resists viruses. (lol). However, it is quite slow to turn on and warm up.

I use mint 16 the mate version which is great I have a problem with cinnamon
It shows a notice that reads "currently running without video hardware acceleration" and as a result any play back films etc tend to jerk.
However this does not happen with the mate version.

After the debacle of Windows 10 and the data mining issues I converted to Linux Mint Cinnamon 17 and now running 18.2. Originally when I converted I found the conversion easy and but it was a bit agricultural but and clunky but usable. I am now running 18.2 What a difference, it is a pleasure, esthetically it is great and the programmers have really pulled the stops out and created a easy to use OS and is ideal to convert from Microsoft to a user friendly distro which comes with more software than you can shake a stick at. AND IT IS ALL FREE

I personally use linux mint and I could not be happier. While I have problems here and there it's much smoother fixing them then losing all my files and reinstalling like in windows. In the event you do need to reinstall, overall mint is pretty lightweight so backing up data is quick and painless. If you have any problems where you can't boot, you can go right into a live cd and fix all your problems. Besides just troubleshooting, mint has everything a good all-around distro should have, including easy software installation and a user-friendly interface.

This and Android are my favorites. I switched to this from Windows 7 and I don't regret it. It's fast, stable, does everything I need. I love it.

I bet in a year from now, Linux Mint will be above Ubuntu, Windows 7 will still be no. 1, and Windows 10 will be in the top 3.

Like Ubuntu, and just as pretty if you get the cinnamon edition, all the the amazing Linux tools, fast yet highly compatible with the real world. I run together Windows 7 too. I own a shovel and a spade. Love one for digging and the other for moving bulk.

Look like Windows but faster and uses less resources. Easy to use, However you still need to have some Linux experience.

Linux mint has to be the most responsive and quick to react O/S that has been my pleasure to use

Complete and stable package of operating system. I am software and web developer that uses linux mint since 5 years.

What OS are really about, shared knowledge, free of intellectual ownership, for people to develop and become more, rather than for those who just seek to profit and line their own pockets. OS Revolution all the way

Of all the OS's I've tried, which are many, Linux Mint tops them all! For me, even better than Windows 7. Very user-friendly, easy to learn to use, great software repository, never crashes, never slows down over time like Windows does, very secure against viruses, no need for antivirus software, plug-and-play with programs like HDMI. Overall, it's definitely the best OS I've had experience with!

Have been using it for about an year now. Best OS hands down. Its worth mentioning here that I love its transition effects the most. (Mint 17.1)

The best operating system ever. I did a lot of research on operating systems, and came to a conclusion that Linux makes the best ones.

Ubuntu took a turn for the worse with their seriously productivity-killing Unity desktop. Switching the Linux Mint Cinnamon is the best choice if you want to avoid these new Windows 10 / Unity desktops.