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121 Linux Pear OS 8
122 Tor

Tor is not and OS - Multistream

Viva palestina

Its not even an operating system but a browser which hides your ip through many nodes.

hides you

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123 CP/M

Is the worst operating system.

Yes, this was my first OS after I started with C-64 & Pet.

Yes, the original PC operating system that almost everybody used including Apple, Tandy, DEC, Morrow, and oh yes, it even worked on IBM and the Clones. MSDOS was the bastard child of CP/M and Unix that grew up to spawn Windows and we have not gotten all of the bad behaviour out of it ever since. Much of the technology that became important to mpdern computers was learned on CP/M and S100 machines, whether Z80, 6502, 6809 or even 8080 or 8088. The original non-scientist programmers almost all grew up on CP/M and 5" disks (even 8" maybe).

124 SliTaz

I also like the name

125 Kylin
126 BlackBuntu
128 MS-DOS 3.3

Best DOS for 8086 and 8088 processors

129 Tails OS

Powered by TOR and Linux, this OS is great for staying Anonymous, as everything is fresh every time you boot it.

Been using this os for a while now, had a bit of booting trouble initially but it works amazing now, and I can finally feel more secure when I am on my computer.

130 Project Looking Glass
131 CrunchBang Linux

Never had any adverse issues.
Easy to install and very stable.

132 MikeOS

It works on 16 bit computers and looks really retro and cool!
It was made by a person called Mike.

Whoever made this, thanks man, I chose xp as favourite but this one is teaching my assembly language, thank you

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133 Pardus

It seems nice and stable. Its only evident problem appears to be a lack of community support, a problem shared by many a new and interesting OSes.

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134 Real-Time Operating System
135 AIX

Is the most reliable OS for databases and Online transactions.

Is the most reliable OS for databases and Online Transaccition. And you can use it only with AMIT (System Management Interface Tool) You don't need to learn any command.

Is the faster OS with his Power machines. Fortunatelly it only works with IBM Power Machines.

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136 Peppermint OS

Peppermint 5 is great. No problems so far. Easy to use.

Great on 32 bit older laptops when you get fed up with Windows old XP. It is up there with Ubuntu 15.10 OS and Elementary Freya OS. The best 3 systems I find it hard to choose between!

137 HP-UX

The oldest operating system still in use and kept up to date. (First Release 1983 )
The most secure operating system.
Often listed as the hardest operating system to learn (keeps the wana bees away)

138 OpenVMS

One of the best and most secure os in the world. Awesome OS.

Best most secure O/S ever. Declared unhackable at Defcon and never invited back to Defcon.

The 30 year anniversary of VMS had testimonials you don't see from Windows or Linux administrators. Things like people looking up restart command in manual because it's been running 5 years under load and they forgot how to reboot it. Problems I wish I had lol. Rock-solid combination of mainframe and minicomputer style OS's with bulletproof clustering far back as mid-80's. It took a $1+ billion in man-power to get Linux to almost being as reliable and easy to maintain. That's saying something.

139 Windows XP Home Edition V 1 Comment
140 Microsoft Memphis

Strange no one ever use Microsoft Memphis, it came for short time, and similar to Windows 95. I used it for about 2 months. Great OS of old times.

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