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141 Gordon OS
142 Linux Deepin

This is the best I've ever seen in the user experience of doing Linux and should not be so behind! Praise it for it!

The best o/s for a newbee in Linux platforms. Is very similar to Ubuntu.

143 Windows Phone 8.1

It is such a classy OS with a vast variety of features such as Cortana. The OS has no lag and is just so smooth and completely flawless. Everything you have ever expected from a mobile os is perfected in WP8.1. The updates are so frequent too. Microsoft is doing their very best to do well in the Mobile OS market and there are good signs. The app store is growing and when Microsoft merges WP with Windows RT and Windows OS for desktop, it will have more than enough apps and features. That will improve what is already a stunning OS by Microsoft.

144 AmigaOS

Well they just got it right from the start.


145 QNX V 1 Comment
146 J.A.R.V.I.S

GO TO hell with jarvis

Created by a group of Indian men. This os is like the Jarvis in Ironman movie.

Created by your father TAmour khan

Created your summer father Hammas maqsood

147 Windows 10 Home V 1 Comment
148 z/OS V 1 Comment
149 Microsoft Windows 1.0

BEST OS I had ever seen. Better than win 8. Amazing graphics, best GUI and safest os till now.

Still compatible with DOOM!

It's the best os for skyrim

Very simple desktop.

V 2 Comments
150 Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux makes my Pentium 4 computer works like a i7 machine. It's very fast and excellent in browsing websites. It makes the computer more responsive than the past Windows version installed on it earlier! This is one of the best FREE operating systems available today. I don't experience any crashes! Download your copy now!

Does everything I need. Easy to use, fast and immune to viruses.
Easy to customize

It is the lightest PC OS that appreciates all system specifications.

I use Puppy everyday to surf the web, reading email, watch YouTube, listening to my mp3s and love it more and more. Wonderful OS, can boot from USB and it's only 160MB download (yes MEGABytes) with everything I need preinstalled and good set of drivers. Good and fast even on 14 year-old PCs!

V 4 Comments
151 Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I've been using it for ages, and it never crashed. Not once. Meanwhile my dad's computer, running Windows 7, was recovering from a blue screen of death, 2 days in a row. Although I have experienced many ridicules issues, all of them where perfectly recoverable, not even requiring a reboot. Yosemite is nice, but makes 80% of the file's invisible, so if I want to update anything, too bad for me. Also, Snow Leopard doesn't reset all my settings whenever I log out.

Mac is best, but I also like Windows and Linus.

Snow leopard is by far the best Mac OS I have ever used. My five-year-old computer still runs it (which actually Ian't saying much in apple terms).

Snow leopard has a few great features, which were sadly discontinued in Lion.

Four finger swipe to switch applications.

Aesthetically pleasing interface (what's with Appkes switch to dull abstract interfaces in new OS versions? )

And of course support for PPC 32-bit apps, as well as 64 bit app support.

I run Yosemite from virtual box on my Mac, and Snow Leopard still leaves it in the dust!

Yes this was sick best ever mainly because it has snow leopard

V 2 Comments
152 Windows ME

Best OS for when you want to reboot any time you change a setting. Also if you're a fan of having no drivers for any of your existing hardware, look no further, you won't find drivers for ANYTHING! Good luck detecting your keyboard and mouse, you're better off just staring at your beige CRT! Watch in awe as it blue-screens, boot-loops, gives random errors, and best of all, never installs the updates it told you it did, its too busy calculating the end of the world.

If you like the Blue Screen of Death, you'll love Windows Me!

Best Auto Recover windows

Starts in 35s

V 4 Comments
153 Symbian

Best thing ever happened to mobiles

It's not comparable with android... because it's the best!

V 4 Comments
154 Windows NT

Groundbreaking last of the Windows 3x shell series. Rocksolid NT, and above all Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 151-2 compliant.

V 1 Comment
155 Gentoo

Gentoo is built the the specific hardware that you have and can run on almost any system. Installation is a pain in the ass though.

V 2 Comments
156 Kali Linux

Best Hacking OS Ever... Although not very user friendly 'cause it's only for computer whiz and pro hackers.

Much Better than BackTrack A bit User friendly to new hackers...

Very nice and reliable. Some better than Backtrack. You can say that latest version of backtrack.

I can destroy the world with this OS

V 12 Comments
157 Sailfish OS

It was the best

158 BackBox Linux

It's a pentesting distro like Backtrack but much more user-friendly. It comes with the ubuntu software center and the synaptic package manager.

159 Burroughs MCP

Greatest mainframe OS from the 1960s. Easy command line operation. Many options were available. It is dead now.

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160 Linux MintPPC

I have used many operating systems back to the days of hand held Sinclair. MSDOS, to Linux various Distros. Linux Mint Cin. has to be the best over all operating system.

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