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We all love playing games on our computers, right? Yeah sure, there's the Playstation, X-Box, Wii, but PC is where the games began. It all began with PacMan and now we enjoy Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. There are so many game series! But which ones are the best of the best? Find out!

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21 PlanetSide

The most innovative game of the past 15-20 years (Pong, Doom, Goldeneye, and the first Elder Scrolls game beat it). No game can even be compared to it, and, while the second one has a few bugs and glitches as of now, both games are fun and have deep gameplay.

22 Civilization
23 Mafia
24 Batman

The Batman series has revolutionized the platformer scene on PC gaming.

25 Unreal Tournament

Now this series rocks! The guns and inter-galactic fighting is simply amazing. And the graphics? Leaves one speechless!

26 Total War
27 Thief

Thief is a video game series that focuses on stealth more than combat. It has a really nice environment and all will love it.

28 Crysis
29 Tomb Raider

It is the best adventure games(must played)

30 Zoo Tycoon

I remember constantly playing this since Kindergarten. But now both of them I can't play for reasons involving them being lost. It should be numero uno because all the top 10 games you can play on xbox and/or playstation. But this is Windows exclusive.

31 Pro Evolution Soccer
32 Spore
33 World of Warcraft

Best PC gaming series EVER.

34 Command and Conquer
35 Portal
36 Just Cause

It's the best series of all time.. Far better than Grand Theft Auto

37 WWE 2K

Come on the best wrestling video games in the world.

38 WWE
39 Forza Series
40 Fallout
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