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1 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot is a video game franchise of platform video games. The series, originally exclusive to the Sony PlayStation, was created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin during their tenure at Naughty Dog for Sony Computer Entertainment.

Crash Bandicoot was an original video game character, he was even ment to be the face of playstation and to compete with sonic(the face of sega), and mario(the face of nintendo). But now crash is not as popular and as good as he used to before crash of the titans came. So I think that crash is the the number one playstation character.

By far the most original character Sony has been involved with. Too bad his other publishers sent him into the downward spiral.

the first character I have ever played on a video game he's legendary - whatsitsname

My favorite.

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2 Kratos

He has 4 major games as of right now, with Ghost of Sparta on the way, with the main trilogy completed, and a prequel (Chains of Olympus), this series is one of the, if not the best, videogame series in the world! Everytime Kratos appears on a console, it is not only the #1 seller, but the best critically review of the games on the playstation systems. Each game also pushes the graphical capabilities of the systems, and kratos, is amazing!

Kratos is the biggest playstation character ever. Strength, purpose, will.

Badass, angry and powerful bastard. What else do you need? - esxdri

All hail Kratos! - TriggerTrashKid

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3 Solid Snake Solid Snake Solid Snake is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists of the video game series Metal Gear by Hideo Kojima. He is a legendary soldier cloned from Big Boss's DNA, who is sent to infiltrate and investigate the titular weapons in an effort to stop a potential war.

It's a simple thing to say who the coolest looking is, or who instills the greater sense of nostalgia, that's not what this should be about, things like this should be determined on the depth and merit of the character as a whole, Solid Snake has character traits I could list all day but the one thing I always come back to is the indomitable will he possesses, as long as there was a villain to stop he would never give up trying to make a better world, even if it meant burning up every last second he had left in his body, he taught me as a young gamer that as long as you have a true dream no matter what the odds, no matter who or what stands in your way, even if all you have is the determination to keep fighting, nothing can stop you.

Well that's my 2 cents anyway.

Sony's Snake(Metal Gear Saga) has come quite long ways from the starting pixel mashing portraits. Where Crash Bandicoot is a smash, Solid Snake delivers in wholesome. Big Boss has changed also in this series such as colors on the identification of the persona. The mesh with pixels is the simplest to gratify could find however still neat to shoot at times and give it a whirl of play. Dandy.

snake is the character from the single best videogame series to ever be created. he starred in the defining game of the playstation's life and some of the best games on the PS2 and PS3. He deserves it.

Metal Gear. - TriggerTrashKid

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4 Spyro the Dragon Spyro the Dragon

More than 15 years later and Spyro 2: Ripto's rage is still my favorite game. It was just so pure, so innocent. These kind of games are not to be found ever again, unfortunately.

The insomniac games were legendary! I want the old games back! The new ones are rubbish!

Spyro the dragon. The sole name triggers chills down your spine. - keyson

That lovable dragon. - TriggerTrashKid

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5 Ratchet Ratchet

He is my childhood hero, my cousin introduced me to the first Ratchet and Clank game. I have played and loved every single game. The series has gone so far, and Ratchet and Clank are also going to have their first movie based on the first game, which is set to be released in 2015. I will be 19 by the time it's released, I can't wait!

He manages to be both kid friendly and still interesting to adults at the same time, what more can you ask for. - lethaldose

The first game I ever played on PS2! Ratchet is cool, cute, awesome, funny and badass! Even Clank may seem cute with his little chuckle at times but he can be very dangerous too...

Amazing - TriggerTrashKid

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6 Dante

He did really good in Devil May Cry Series. So his first enemy was Phantom, like a spider with a scorpion's tail. My favorite villain of the first one was Nightmare, and he even brought back Phantom, so that's pretty cool, I'm interested. If you see the newly released 2013 Devil May Cry, my favorite boss would be... BREAKING NEWS! BOB! A news reporter. He doesn't seem all that much but at the end you end up fighting multiple Android-Hims. Dante is really good and of course my favorite villain is Vergil, the Twin Brothers, Dante lost much family. Lost his mother, lost the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda (His Dad), and lost his brother to evil.

Are you kidding me!? Spyro, ratchet, crash and jack are on top of the most badass freaking demon hunter?! Dante is unbeatable! He can use any type of weapon with unmatchable skill and kill and destroy anyone that tries to stop him! He could beat anyone character of this list, even kratos!

More powerful than whatever Hell can throw at him. I'm referring to the original Dante since I never played the new DMC.

Let The Devil Cry - TriggerTrashKid

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7 Sly Cooper Sly Cooper Sly Cooper is the title character of the Sly Cooper video game series, developed by Sucker Punch Productions and Sanzaru Games for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita consoles.

Sly Cooper is my all time favorite out of all the PlayStation Hero's, I loved him ever since my childhood and would endlessly play the 1st many times. He's got tons of abilities and I just like his design and his gang. I hope to see more go into the character in the future. May not be the best PlayStation character, but I would say he's ONE of the best, and possibly standing on the side of the face of PlayStation, that being, Crash Bandicoot, maybe even with Ratchet and Clank, and Jak and Daxter

I was expecting Sly cooper, Rachet and Clank, and Jak and Daxter to be in the top three because these guy have the best graphic I have ever seen in gaming when I was a kid, but Sly Cooper was the best he is my second favorite video game character right above him is Dante from Devil May Cry and the third is Ratchet and Clank. Anyway it was fun playing this guy when I was young and If I were to compare him to any superhero that I know It would be Batman. I mean he has one of the best villans I have ever seen in video games; Clockwerk

Sly Cooper especially with his gang is just the best video character to me. Plus this and Batman makes me think I can do some sneaky like them. I probably would dress up as batman if it wasn't so crazy. I would (but I don't)

Whatever. - TriggerTrashKid

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8 Nathan Drake Nathan Drake

The Uncharted series are the best PlayStation 3 games for many reasons, with this grave robber being one of the biggest. Nate Drake is brave, intelligent and has one of the sharpest mouths in video gaming. Also, Nolan North is the voice behind this epic treasure hunter.

he is a man he kicks everyone's ass and uncharted 2 is the greatest game for ps3 actualy and sixth greatest of alltime after legend of zelda and mario and those nintendo people

He is better than the others. More popular than Lara Croft, better than Indiana Jones. His game beats the other rookie game.

One of my favorite characters. - TriggerTrashKid

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9 Lara Croft Lara Croft Lara Croft is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Square Enix video game franchise Tomb Raider.

The Iconic Tomb Raider. - TriggerTrashKid


10 Jak

Childhood hero, really how much more to say then that? Originally got me into video games.

Way better than Nathan Drake.

He is obviously very underrated for how innovative and interesting he was.

Nice. - TriggerTrashKid

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11 Jill Valentine Jill Valentine

Some one from Resident Evil belongs on this list why not from the first game

The master of unlocking who nearly became a Jill Sandwich

12 Sweet Tooth

One of the best Playstation characters ever, Marcus "Needles" Kane deserves more love than other characters on this list.

One Crazy Clown with fire for hair, an ice cream truck that dishes out fear, and weapons that are unbeatable

Famous PlayStation character from one of the first exclusive games on the ps1

He should be top ten at least. That one crazy clown, who kills people to get a wish... a simple wish, amazing O. O he was another character I grew up playing, and was in one of the best games. All out warfare in cars. The remake is amazing to. - That_Dude5414

13 Cole MacGrath Cole MacGrath Cole MacGrath is a fictional character, who is the main protagonist and player character of the 2009 PlayStation 3 video game inFamous and it's 2011 sequel inFamous 2.

He may not be the best but seriously he is the coolest!

Its spelled Cole Macgrath

He should not be inFamous. - TriggerTrashKid

14 Big Boss
15 Sackboy Sackboy

Soft and cute sackboy is in one of the most creative games ever made.

I've played little big planet with this lovable guy on every machine it can be played on.

A cute fluffy character that has turned into the PlayStation mascot.

Little Big Planet. - TriggerTrashKid

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16 Mael Radec Mael Radec

This dude is extremely loyal to his ideals and his people

Who Is he? - TriggerTrashKid

17 Cloud Strife Cloud Strife Cloud Strife is a fictional character and the main protagonist of Square Enix's 1997 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII and several of its sequels and spin-offs.

This should be higher just because Zack from final fantasy isn't cloud is cool though

Fantasies... - TriggerTrashKid

18 Alucard Alucard Alucard is a fictional character and the protagonist and antihero of the Hellsing manga and anime series created by Kouta Hirano.

Anime? - TriggerTrashKid

How is he not #1? - LarryLarrington

19 Ezio Auditore Ezio Auditore

You see his evolution, literally

Assassin. - TriggerTrashKid

20 Sora

Best game the PlayStation 2 has to offer period and most underrated character at that. The few who know him always have good things to say.

This is a must have. A Disney and Final Fantasy crossover. How amazing.

21 Lammy Lamb

Popularity of games aside...
she was such a better character than Parappa

(also a way, WAY better game, honestly) - xandermartin98

22 Sir Daniel Fortesque

Seriously? Only 45? This guy is a real hero, definitely should be in top 10 at least, it's sad how these characters who we all loved are slowly and slowly getting forgotten by most people... I will always remember the adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque... god I need to play the games now...

Daniel Fortesque was a beast! Medievil is one of the best games for the original PlayStation.

The best name ever - DapperPickle

23 Squall Lionheart

He is a very unique character, he represents the wish for a perfect life

C'mon guys, you know its true!

24 Rayman Rayman

Rayman is legendary! Classic Playstation character! Perfect game, played this for hours as a kid. LOVE RAYMAN.

Epic games, like Rayman Arena

25 Clank Clank Clank is one of the titular protagonist game characters in the Ratchet & Clank video game series by Insomniac Games.

sure - HelloImDeadInside

26 Jack Slate
27 Riku Riku
28 Abe

Best character ever

29 Siegfried Schtauffen
30 CJ

better than niko (gta4), tommy(gta vc), toni(gta lcs)
and claude (gta3) he is AWSOME!

The guy that taught us how to be a real gangster.

This fella has charisma

31 Victor Sullivan
32 Elena Fisher
33 Gray Fox Gray Fox
34 Big Daddy
35 Ellie

Should be number #1

She is my girlfriend

Ellie is the best woman character that Naughty Dog Could Create, AN AWESOME CHARACTER

I understand why she isn't number one, but she should be, I love her.

36 Doctor Neo Cortex
37 Nathan Hale
38 Wander (ICO)

Come on now people! This kid killed 16 colossi, just to have his girl resurrected. And he's only like 17! He deserves some credit. And ICO is such a great character as well, great personality.

39 Noctis

The guy seems cool but god his game isn´┐Ż't out yet

40 Tiny Tiger
41 Kairi Kairi
42 Max Payne

You should better not piss this man off


43 Dr. Boskonovitch
44 Xion Xion
45 Kazuya Mishima Kazuya Mishima

Not him... - TriggerTrashKid

46 Frank Woods

Frank Woods, he is a true partner

47 Altair

Altair is not legally a PlayStation character

48 Caius
49 Roxas Roxas
50 Namine
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