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41 Sir Daniel Fortesque

Seriously? Only 45? This guy is a real hero, definitely should be in top 10 at least, it's sad how these characters who we all loved are slowly and slowly getting forgotten by most people... I will always remember the adventures of Sir Daniel Fortesque... god I need to play the games now...

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42 Dr. Boskonovitch
43 Xion Xion
44 Caius
45 Roxas Roxas
46 Namine
47 Axel
48 Xemnas
49 Kazuya Mishima
50 Frank Woods

Frank Woods, he is a true partner

51 Altair

Altair is not legally a PlayStation character

52 Ellie

Ellie is the best woman character that Naughty Dog Could Create, AN AWESOME CHARACTER

I understand why she isn't number one, but she should be, I love her.

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53 Klonoa

Don't know this guy? Never played his games? Well you missed out big time. - Shadsilvson11

This character rings back amazing memories. Epic adventure platformer.

54 Balthier
55 Mao

What?! A demon that likes manga anime and hot sauce deserves to be higher!

56 Lei Wulong
57 Jin Kazama Jin Kazama Jin Kazama is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Tekken series released by Namco Bandai Games.
58 Delsin Rowe Delsin Rowe
59 Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips V 1 Comment
60 Nero

Really good character but not as good Dante the demon slayer.

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