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1 Indigo League

I posted all the lyrics in "Top 10 Best Cartoon Theme Songs"
This one I know by heart.

The classic theme song. Everyone knows this, and it sounds amazing. No other theme song gets even close to this.

How is this not #1?! Best and most nostalgic theme by far! All the others have cheesy lyrics and light music. Not this one! It's got rocking' GUITAR, a great beat, and a phenomenal singer with great lyrics, and all of those traits rolled up into one make possibly the best theme in Pokemon history. Incredible theme that will surely stand the test of time.

This this the same as the 'Original Theme song' option, by the way. This should totally be the first. I mean others weren't awful, but holy hell this is nostalgia and greatness at its finest.

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2 Advanced Battle

Ohohohoh woah oh, I'm UNBEATABLE!

This song is really the best Pokemon theme song, it teaches you to carry on, it's about your destiny, it teaches you to follow your heart, it's about never giving up, even if you fail, don't get upset, instead make a fresh new start, and most importantly always follow your dreams, if you fail, try once more, if you fail again, try twice, life is all about following your heart against your mind, mind always wanders in different directions, but always listen to heart. Never give up, because life is a very long time and make the best use of your life, this song will really inspire U. Always remember crying won't help. Always look at your present and future, find your own destiny, wish you good luck!

I Agree this must be first. Well this song is describes the main characters and the Pokemon what are they all about. masters train their Pokemon to be unbeatable. this is what all Pokemon about. this song suits Pokemon characters. listen the song with your ear and you will find the difference between other songs and this song. please listen to it.

While this one would likely hit my top 3-5, keep in mind that the original's votes are split (14% for "Indigo League" and 8 for "Original Pokemon Theme Song") - making it the clear victor, which I would lend my agreement to. However, when I wouldn't vote a song this good #1, you know how good the general quality of these themes is.

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3 Master Quest

Best lyrics and best music. This is my favourite Pokemon theme song of all time. - Userguy44

This series had a good theme song in my mind I also owen the Box-Set of this series! - Curti2594

This song is truly great. It has great, empowering lyrics and very motivating. By the way, Indigo League is probably so high because of nostalgia. Don't get me wrong, it's a great song, but it isn't the 2nd best.

Best of best it rocks I like it very much it have to be number 1 I got 1st price
By singing this theme song in school it really rocks

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4 Johto League Champions


Taking some memorable lyrics from the original theme and adding its own funky spin to it makes for a fantastic, catchy theme. Even though my favorite seasons were later on in the series, this particular theme is my favorite.

Obviously Indigo League is the best but I would say this one is a close second. 'Born to be the very best' -- how can you not love this song?!

Johto League will forever have a special place in my heart. All the theme songs are great but Johto's is the most memorable.

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5 Original Pokemon Theme Song


Such an inspiring song! If it's not number one just because of the actual song and lyrics, it should be number one just for being the first theme. Isn't this how it all started?

How can this not be the best theme! It had the best lyrics, the best tune and the best kick to it! This theme was the only Pokemon theme to have ever won an award.

Such an inspiring song how can this not be number 1 this song is my all time favourite

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6 Pokemon Advanced

This is the best as the lyrics suddenly change in between to extreme and is the best energy booster inside everyone

Come on this song is great. It has a great beat and really inspirational lyrics too.

This song is opening #6 (i wanna be a hero)

Only #11? come on, this should be in the top five at least. - FluffyBanana

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7 Galactic Battles

The best theme song in pokemon history

Come on! Seriously this should be so much higher. It should take the diamond and pearl spot. If I follow my heart I can't be wrong and my heart says this song is top five material

This is amazing

This is the best song,especially the movie version

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8 Diamand and Pearl

Galactic battle theme is a great song

I think galactic battles should take this one's place. It's alright but that is so much better.

Guys THIS IS NOT GALACTIC BATTLES OR BATTLE DIMENSION. the real diamond and pearl one was the bad one, the rap, and is opening #10

Diamond and Pearl theme is actually well put out that it has a great beat to it. I like this really well.

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9 Johto Journeys

Please put at number 1 or I will kill you

It should be number 1

I liked this one but still like the original theme better. But the Johto song IS catchy and fun!

It's a whole new world listening to this one (I got that from the theme song)

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10 Sinnoh League Victors

This one is the best fite me

The newer songs. Gives us a taste of the development of the series and how it has changed. Showing the different type of friends and rivals he has as the series developed form the indigo league all the way to the diamond and pearl franchise

Come on! This should easily be too 5. It gives me so much hop and my heart is filled with pride when I sing it. After listening to that song, I'll never give up and I'll hold my head up

I agree this should be top 5. It gives so much hope to whoever listens to it. After that song I'll never give up and I'll hold my head up.

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The Contenders

11 Battle Frontier

Best of all. As per me

Favorite song

If you strong you Survivor Andrea YouTube keep YouTube dreams alive

Pokemon themes are not just a theme. They are supposed to be some kind of inspiring song, like black and white, battle frontier, master quest, indigo league and johto league. But this is some of the best I've seen.

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12 Orange Islands

Best theme song ever - N64Dude

Best theme song ever! Back when the Pokemon Anime was good - TheUmbreon

This one is my favourite, even more than the original

Thi song should be number 4

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13 Battle Dimension


Yeah this deserves to higher. Pulls the heartstrings

Love this song it's my favorite meant to vote for this one my fault

This and Galactic battles are easily my favourites. Deserve much higher praise.

14 Pokemon Theme Mewtwo Strikes Back Version

Better than the original Indigo League theme song, (the remix). Not too much better though.

I wanna be the very best that no one ever was... Indigo Plato 1999

Sexiest Pokemon theme song. Rawr.

love it

15 Pokemon Stand Tall (XYZ)

I'm always singing this theme and it is always stuck in my head

I believe it is the very best by far!

I love this one the kalos is the best region by far it should be at the top

Its very catchy

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16 It Always You & Me

Can't get it out of my head

Yeah pretty catchy. I gotta admit I do find myself singing "we come so far we've fought so hard to get where we are" It gives me a bit of courage when I'm thinking about quitting. It's not my favourite and comes from a disappointing region but it should still be acknowledged

Probably the best opening in probably the worst Pokemon Season. - SuperAlienGamer

I like the Intro and the song what's the show that good

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17 Kalos Theme Song

Great song wish it was longer though

Message for below: it's not a ripoff. The Kalos region was meant to recapture the fans of the first few games/seasons. It's pretty good, but not great.

Ripoff of original theme song - N64Dude

Bad version of the original

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18 Rival Destines

Rival Destinies honestly is my favorite song it has ash cilan and iris in it And it has my favorite Pokemon in it SNIVYYY!

To be honest rival destinies is actually really good but it's brought down by everything else in unova thus it has a bad name. Higher please

The worst intro ever. Words aren't as good as the other intros.

Rival Destinies is just as bad as Black and White intro. Why does the Unova region has the crappiest intros, Pokemon, legendaries (except Kyurem), and protagonists besides Ash?!

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19 Advanced Challenge

The song is full of power and I really love it. Should listen to whole song (fan made) the song is fantastic I wanted to make even a learning version for the end of primary school. Best song ever

This deserves to be higher up its a good theme

That opening is stuck in my head!

I don't know why I picked this

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20 Lavender Town

Well, this is cool 2...

People say it is freaky, but I enjoy second best to sunyshore City. I like the high pitch tune and the beats.



21 Giratina Battle Music

Oh yes... - AdamDestructorJr.

22 Black and White

This is pretty much the number 1 theme, because of how it is differently it is animated, and also because of how it gives a good message, and Black and White is my favorite season, with XYZ being my second. It has good lyrics, it has good music, and it was executed amazingly. This should be higher up on the list, at least 5th, and number one in my opinion.

It's by far the best theme song that comes second to only the original theme song. If others disagree then tell me which other theme song sends a stronger message not counting the original. Are you people small kids that rate a song only due to it being upbeat or having a guitar in it?! I mean come on people. The BW song is literally up there with Taylor swifts style and John legends all of me. Please think before voting. Peace out

This song may not have the best lyrics, but is much better than people believe it to be. A lot of people say that it's childish, but hey, many of the Pokemon theme songs are. I like it because it's catchy and fits the yin-yang theme of Black and White as a whole.

This is the best! So encouraging and it cheers me up when I'm down and it helps me a lot. Vote Black and White!

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23 Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Giratina
24 Pokemon Black/White - Battle! Elite Four
25 Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Primal Kyogre/Groudon
26 Pokemon Unbeatable

This opening is so good that it's on this list twice

This is the same as #1... Advanced battle

This is just the best

27 Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Zinnia Music
28 Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Cobalion/Virizion/Terrakion
29 Vs. Champion - Pokémon Fire Red & Leaf Green
30 Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver - Battle! Kanto Gym Leader
31 Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Ho-Oh
32 Lugia's Theme - Pokemon 2000
33 We Will Be Heroes (Battle Dimensions)
34 Pokemon Adventures In Unova (And Beyond)

It's the next chapter... Can't get it out of my head

This is the best theme song

Got the best meaning of em all

35 Unbeatable

This song is Great! It's so catchy and it fits the feel of the season and it's a great send off for the 4Kids dub.

The best one for sure with master quest

36 Double Trouble

Team rocket are my favorite characters ever! And when I heard this song I knew I had to download it! I did and it's become one of my top rated!



37 Pallet Town
38 Kalos Legendary Theme

It's so epic. It start soff slow, but then it is awesome!


…That's what this song says.

39 Pokemon - Theme 11 DP - JPN Full

This song brings nostalgia bruh. My childhood may be gone, however this song revives all those memories. The time Ash beat Darkrai, and Latios(he was a likeable noob). - JuangPablo

40 Miror B. Theme
41 Brother My Brother (Mewtwo Strikes Back)
42 Pokemon White Victini and Zekrom
43 N's Castle

Without a doubt this is one of the most epic pokemon music I've heard from Pokemon. Music that gives both the feeling of needing to hurry what the same time

44 Pokemon HG/SS Champion

How can this be anything but number 1?

45 Hoenn Pokérap

This rap is hard to learn but once you do it's super fun to sing and rap along with!

Heh heh. They said Groudon and Kyogre like Groodon and Kyogree. Messing up the names of both of the version mascots in the same region. Its still a good Pokerap though =

46 X and y Champion Music
47 Pokemon: Mezase No Master

Tatoe hi no Narkar mizu no naka... nice song

48 Battle Cry Stand Up

This is my favorite

Galatic Battles!

Cool song

49 Champion Alder
50 Team Rocket's Theme
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