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41 John (Margaret's Cousin)

Man he is so cool

42 Manslaughter
43 Jon Vitta Presents: Return to La Grunta
44 Alpha-Dog

If you guys don't know who this guy is, he's the leader of the rappers in the episode wherein he and his dudes (and one lady) battle Mordecai, Rigby, and Pops in a rap/poetry contest.

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45 Jebediah Townhouse

He is from terror tales of the park I he's a poltergeist

46 Scabitha
47 Doug

I love how rigby treats him like trash but he is still nice to rigby - RPD6478

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48 Jimmy

He was' that teenager who works at that T.V. warehouse he helped the gang beat the hammer.

Isn't this just Thomas with a hat on?

49 Chad Ironchest
50 Chad (The Possum)
51 Gary

The Immortal guy with the cool pick-up Truck.A.K.A the Chauffeur

52 Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr.

Mordecai: "Is this just because we broke you dads universe record? "
GBF JR: "No, its because you blew him up. You think just go around exploding people dads?! "

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54 Jerome

He's from Replaced! He's best friends with Chad. but he's cool because he has a cool phone.

55 BlitzComet

And of course the rappers are black while the rest of the people on the show are white

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56 Laserdisc Guardian
57 Big Baby
58 Bert Coleman

Who is that? I recognize the name but don't remember who the owner is

59 Park Avenue

It's when muscle man gets fired

60 Muscle Bro
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