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61 Timmy

They all want to throw Timmy a great birthday party and Timmy always shows how much he appreciates the gang - grifftrain

62 Yuji

Lol, Yuji is funny! He's way better than most minor characters :)Vote Yuji! - DragonPrincess1

63 Zombies
64 Stag-man
65 Trash
66 Dave
67 Slasher

Slasher is now Margret's ex-boyfriend. Though In The Episode Caffeinated Concert Tickets he was her boyfriends sitting next to her who made a comment about Mordecai being skinny which made Margaret mad. He then said to Mordecai" Your Dead". Mordecai was sad and jealous of Slasher.

68 Quips

He tells horrible jokes.

69 The Bluegrass is Always Greener

That's an episode on some show on Adult Swim. King Of The Hill maybe?

I agree with silverfish236 who is that probably a dumbass put that

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70 Mr. Maellard

Kinda hard on Benson. - Gunderman

His head looks like the moon

Anyone else think he's ugly

71 Party Pete
72 Promise Pie

Picking my favorite character on the show will be as easy as pie. (Giggles) It's Mordecai

Promise pie is funnier than this

How is the Promise Pie not higher?

He's to creepy, that's why I hate him. - Marinerboy11

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