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61 Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr.

Mordecai: "Is this just because we broke you dads universe record? "
GBF JR: "No, its because you blew him up. You think just go around exploding people dads?! "

62 Dale V 1 Comment
63 Jerome

He's from Replaced! He's best friends with Chad. but he's cool because he has a cool phone.

64 BlitzComet

And of course the rappers are black while the rest of the people on the show are white

V 1 Comment
65 Laserdisc Guardian
66 Big Baby
67 Bert Coleman

Who is that? I recognize the name but don't remember who the owner is

68 Park Avenue

It's when muscle man gets fired

69 Muscle Bro
70 Timmy

They all want to throw Timmy a great birthday party and Timmy always shows how much he appreciates the gang - grifftrain

71 Yuji

Lol, Yuji is funny! He's way better than most minor characters :)Vote Yuji! - DragonPrincess1

72 Zombies
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