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21 The Christmas Special

This is by far the best episode. The only other episodes even CLOSE to being this good were Sugar Rush or Family BBQ.

This should be number 1. Jinx was a terrible and mean spirited episode. Why is it so high? - metaldude8

One of the best Christmas specials EVER!

Mordecai x Margaret for the win

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22 Don

Really epic and this is weird they do not take your stuff that way

This episode is funny

Give me some sugar! - ethanmeinster

Saying,"YOU BE NICE TO YOUR BROTHER OR YOUR FIRED" is a stupidest rule he ever said

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23 Peeps

Peeps I hate this episode. It should be number 89 or something

It's because of that giant eye isn't it?

Peeps was one of the best why 18th.

This was the first episode I saw of regular show

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24 Karaoke Video

Why is this so low? This was awesome! Much better than "my mom". You know who else agrees?

This was hilarious. Regular show jumped the shark tank after season 3... Much like SpongeBob.

The only thing that is good is when Pops sings. I love that song

25 Grave Sights

My 2nd favorite episode because the plot is likeable the movie was cool and the zombie fight is one of my favorite fights

My favorite part was when Mordecai acted like a total badass when he rammed that strong zombie with that golf cart

My 2nd favorite because zombies and the movie

This is my 2nd favorite episode because the zombies were cool and zombocalypse 3D was so cool

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26 A Bunch of Baby Ducks

When I first saw an episode about baby ducks I was thinking great, its an episode for 3 year olds, but who knew that there is a way to do it without it being babyish

It was totally badass to form that giant duck man and flame chop that pig nosed duck hunter then KABOOM!

The scene when the baby ducks karate-chop the animal-shelter's animals was hilariuous!

STEP OFF *karate chops in rage* Awesome.

27 Firework Run

Me and my friend found out hector was a Mexican Santa. Kids lock your doors on Christmas Eve

I hate this episode!

28 High Score

If you seen all the episodes for Regular Show, then you would know that this is the best episode by far

This episode brings new meaning to head explosion. - winfreyb

Garrett Bobby Ferguson! Haha

Garrett bobby furguson ha ha

29 Sandwich of Death

I think that episode was great because that guy with the crappy mullet came an helped Benson, because he ate a sandwich called the sandwich of death and if you don't eat it right YOU DIE. MORDECAI AND RIGBY HELP HIM HELPED HIM ON HIS JOURNEY. THEY MAKE IT TO THE SANDWICH OF LIFE AND BENSON ATE THE SANDWICH. AND REMEMBER,
YOU KNOW WHO ELSE Wants to watch this episode on season 4, MY MOM!

The only problem with this flawless episode is that Benson and the mullet dude said "step of death" like TWICE and stepped like FIVE TIMES and they didn't fall or die.

The best of the best regular show

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30 Fists of Justice

Not bad good episode but it should be lower like 33

31 A Bunch of Full Grown Geese

I agree this is my top 3 episode. I love it

Darn geese, always punching everything in sight. The transformation scene was my favorite part


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32 Caffeinated Concert Tickets

Season 1 was the best! I feel like they toned it down for season 2 because people said it was too "inappropriate." SO the season one episodes are never on, especially this one, which is why nobody talks about it. Easily one of the funniest though.

Too underrated. It's probably the show's funniest episode. 11 minutes of non-stop laughter.

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33 Benson's Suit
34 Mordecai and the Rigby's

I loved the song mordecai and rigby sang. This is a great plot. Mordecai and rigby meet their future selves. And its awesome. Plus it includes pops in a cameo who is one of my favourite characters

This is the best episode ever. Learned the song on guitar, solo and all. Best episode ever.

This was the last episode of season 1, no wonder it was so epic

Defiantly top 10

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35 Limousine Lunchtime

My favorite part is when Mordecai and rigby fight that badass metal monster limosaurus

36 Dodge This

CJ returns in this episode and Mordecai and CJ are friends again.

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37 Dizzy

I agree I loved when they were helping Pops practice and Rigby stuck a scary band poster onto his face lol.

I liked this one. It should be way higher

38 Prank Callers

The bit where benson rips the phone out of the wall is hilarious

Benson jumping on the phone in a fit of rage is number 1

Prank callers is the best episode! - ashduck

Prank Callers it is my top 10

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39 Real Date

Why Cloundy Jane didn't find a palce for make the tomb of Mordecai? --He didn't died!

40 Eggscellent

How is this not higher?! I love Eggscellent! They deal with a serious issue and is very powering. Rigby get's into a coma and Mordecai, along with the rest of the gang try to save him. I honestly love the episodes where they all team up together to achieve something and Eggscellent is one of them

This is the best episode period. Even other episodes like The Power, Just set up those Chairs, Do Me a Solid, Ello Govnor, Rage against the T.V., Peeps, Free Cake, Fists of Justice, Meat your Maker, Cool Bikes, Under the Hood, Grave Sights, Over the Top, Meteor Moves, High Score, A Bunch of Baby Ducks, Don, This is My Jam, Party Pete, Grilled Cheese Deluxe, The Night Owl, More Smarter, Death Punches, Mordecai and the Rigby's, Go Viral, Jinx, Benson be Gone, Brain Eraser, Rigby's Body, Caffeinated Concert Tickets, First Day, But I have a Receipt and Karaoke Video are no match for this episode.

This is by far the best episode ever it even won an Emmy! It had great music with I Need A Hero by Bonnie Tyler. Also it had an awesome Last Crusade reference. Lastly Mordecai really shined and came through and was a real hero.

Umm hello this episode won an Emmy! It should be number 1 it also had great music and a great Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade reference.

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