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41 Fuzzy Dice

Hilarious similarity to chuckie cheese!

I loved this most of it had explosions especially when the fuzzy dice guys had goten thrown into the ocean

I like the song called "Forget about me" at the end of this damn episode

This was hilarious... I can't even

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42 Bad Portrait
43 A Skips in Time

I loved it because we got to see my favorite regular show character tecmo return

I wish I was friends with Skips & Techmo if I was in the show because they're smart & Techmo has a panini maker.

44 See You There
45 Pie Contest

How is this 45? This is the best regular episode ever! Should definitely be #1 or at least in top 5

Benson should know if he fires M&R for quitting a job the duo want to prove they can do, he can get in a lot of trouble for it and maybe get fired.
I'm saying this episode sucks.

Pie contest is a really interesting episode. you don't really know who is going to win. most of the people threaten mordecai and rigby. it is my 3rd favourite

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46 Fool Me Twice

I loved this episode- it should be higher

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47 Do Me a Solid

Rigby farts in the theater (fake one) and me and my sister and brother laughed! The guy was running in the screen witch made it funnier when he farted while he running

I like this episode because it shows Eileen's crush on rigby

Mordecai's final solid and everyone's reaction to it, gets me every time!

Mordecai's final solid is hilarious!

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48 Party Pete

WHY ISN,T THIS HIGHER! "I don't need to brag, I don't need to boast, but I got humus for these mini toasts! " ONE OF THE BEST


49 Really Real Wrestling

My dad LOVES wrestling,in this episode? Benson hates that sporting event,my sister hates exercises,that is why she is fat,I exercise a lot

50 Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special

This needs to be in the top 10! The baby ducks returning for a 2nd time was epic and the opening was cool. carter and briggs even helped and you see the baby ducks' long lost brother. My favorite episode of Regular Show!

It never seems to end

Best episode


51 The White Elephant Gift Exchange

I remember watching this episode back in the day with my parents and scene where muscle man is getting destroyed by all the gifts and in the background its singing "holly jolly Christmas" is definitely the most funny regular show moment of all time

I just love that part with that midget elf jumping out of that present, and beating the crap out of Muscle Man!

Such a funny episode, the best by far.

52 Rap It Up

Childish gambino and tyler the creator are both on this episode

An awesome episode with awesome cameos. Pops' poems were on point and Muscle Man stole the show with his one line at the end.

This should be lower ( but still above any Margaret and CJ episode

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53 Death Punch
54 Cool Bikes

The courtroom scene is absolutely amazing and makes this probably the greatest episode within a great series.

So many great lines/moments to choose from as well. "overcooled", "dude nice", "check it out son", "you don't know how wrong you are", etc.

Benson- yeah, and ill be all like, GET BACK TO WORK!

Gary should save Mordecai and Rigby!

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55 Free Cake
56 Terror Tales of the Park III
57 Terror Tales of the Park II
58 Weekend at Benson's

Needs to be way higher. Mordecai and Rigby poor all that spicy food into Benson's mouth while he was unconscious. HILARIOUS

Like at least the top 10 episodes, this episode is a brilliant parody

Awesome! Mission queen oh yeah!

Mordecai,PLEASE stop punching him or I'll kill you

59 Picking Up Margaret

I love this episode it's funny and cool

This is the last good mordecai love episode for a long time... until season 7 - Brochach

I like the song "We are the Champions" in end of this damn episode

I miss the episodes with Margaret CJ is so over dramatic and annoying

60 Skunked

I think this is the episode that got everyone in my family to watch this show. Rigby getting skunked over and over was just too funny. This needs to be in at least the top ten

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