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121 The Postcard
122 Donut Factory Holiday
123 Access Denied

Really good humor, distinctive plot with a good ending

124 Starter Pack
125 Do or Diaper

This episode makes every abysmal episode ever combined seem good - bolbi9

Margaret at her worse. Sucks

That time when Margaret calls mordecai diaper boy, I yelled and threw my pillows everywhere... that boi just got REKT

126 Meteor Moves

Mordecai and Margaret relationship Development for the win!

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127 Family BBQ

Family bbq is the best episode on season four. Mordecai and margerets dad have a cannonball contest and they almost die.

128 Quips V 1 Comment
129 Sleep Fighter
130 Appreciation
131 Fortune Cookie

Lol this is the least popular episode. I enjoyed it

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132 The Best Burger in The World

I normally love Benson, but this episode made me cringe. - Murrkip

Best episode ever! Why is this so low? Man I love burgers knowing the legendary Himalayan ketchup ones only come once every 100 years!

This episode makes me crave burgers and I wish they sold the Ulti-Metum & that slow motion part were Mordecai & Rigby throw rocks at their holograms with that music is funny and epic at the same time. One problem I hate the ending because STUPID BENSON ATE THEIR BURGERS WHEN THOSE WERE MORDECAI & RIGBY'S BURGERS I FEEL BAD FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY SERVE THE ULTI-METUMS EVERY 100 YEARS! If I were them I would beat up Benson for that & why can't Skips clean his own garage since BENSON told them to clean the garage!

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133 Big Winner
134 Dead at Eight
135 Bald Spot V 1 Comment
136 Steak Me Amadeus

The Five Nights at Freddy's will have it's revenge

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137 Wall Buddy
138 The Heart of a Stuntman
139 Yes Dude Yes

Honestly one of the best I've ever seen. So funny, especially when mordecai goes to the movie with Margaret's cousin.
I hated the thanksgiving special, by the way. Awful and preachy.

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140 New Year's Kiss

Great episode! Came out new years eve 2013

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