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121 Starter Pack
122 Appreciation
123 Big Winner
124 The Heart of a Stuntman
125 Yes Dude Yes

Honestly one of the best I've ever seen. So funny, especially when mordecai goes to the movie with Margaret's cousin.
I hated the thanksgiving special, by the way. Awful and preachy.

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126 New Year's Kiss

Great episode! Came out new years eve 2013

127 150 Piece Kit

This was the BEST episode about Benson! Just so extreme!

Needs to be above all Margaret and CJ episodes + a little higher. Maybe like 60

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128 Trailer Trashed

How did this not even make the list? Best Muscle Man Episode

129 Guy's Night
130 Skips' Stress
131 Merry Christmas Mordecai

A good episode margaret returns but the ending sucked good job mordecai for kissing margaret while cj watching so ill give it a 3.5/5

-10 out of 5. They got rid of Margaret and CJ the first time for a reason. They both sucked so much and everyone hates them. NEVER bring them back unless to kill them. ESPECIALLY CJ!

132 Portable Toilet V 1 Comment
133 Saving Time

My top favorite episode! So much action + Funny

134 Caveman
135 Rigby In The Sky With Burrito V 1 Comment
136 New Bro on Campus
137 The End of Muscle Man
138 I See Turtles
139 Party Horse
140 Men In Uniform
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