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Yes, I know I made some pretty bad choices for the Top 10. But there's nothing I can do to change it unless you vote VVV.

The Top Ten

1 Phantom Forces

It's unbelievable that this game is at 106. Phantom Forces is an engaging first person shooter that requires strategy, caution, and skill. In my opinion, it is unrivaled by any other first person shooter within Roblox. The only complaint I can think of would be improved lighting. Overall, Phantom Forces proves to be a skilled, outstanding game that deserves to be at the very least in the top 10.

The best game is Roblox hands down. The graphics are 20 years ahead of most Roblox games. Also has a nice community and people who care about the game.

I believe this game is sometimes incredibly challenging and I believe it gets a bit too annoying at times.

It deserves a spot on this list because this is a free call of duty in Roblox like wow and this is a good fast-paced game

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2 Theme Park Tycoon 2

I personally love this game, you can spend hours trying to build your dream park, you can customize everything yourself, you can try out the rides in point of view, it's great. It's a lot like rollercoaster tycoon, but free.

Never tried it before this first time trying it was amazing thanks for the helpful comments everyone

Very fun tycoon game, you get to pick rides, water rides, you even get to pick your park name!

The only game worthy of Roblox. Rollercoaster Tycoon But Free

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3 Natural Disaster Survival

Amazing. This guy should be famous

I like this game, but it's annoying when there is a disaster and the map your own doesn't have a good safe spot for it.

This game is amazing!

Really good and a lot of fun although sometimes it could boring because the map and the disaster is not a good combination but over all a 7/10

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4 Sword Fighting Tournament

Its great play it its awesome its epic its majorly cool

Delightful game I like using the katana quite a lot I also like the sword progression and juggernaut bonus round best but all of it on this game is good and it's a roblox classic c:

Why does this list exist I get some of these games are popular but this is the only one I actually like

This game doodo - Awesomeknight36

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5 Welcome to Bloxburg!

I love this game, me and my sister play it almost every day!

I love it never want to stop playing the game

I LOVE THIS GAME! I love working, playing with friends and family and I love building houses!

This game is trash because I got banned for no reason.

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6 Jailbreak

I wouldn't particularly say that this is the best game on ROBLOX, but it definitely is the best jail game on ROBLOX. I think it's the best jail game because, 1. When you escape jail, you can actually do things other than go back to the jail and murder cops (I'm talking about Prison Life). 2. It's a great game for role playing. I've never actually role played on this game, but considering every single time I join the game someone is rope playing, I think it would be great for role playing. 3. There is a gigantic world, the world in Jailbreak is so huge, that it could probably fit more than 20 jails through out the map. Games like Prison Life have a pretty tiny world and is mostly focused on the jail. This not only makes it easy for cops to find you, but it makes less room for you to have a police chase. 4. The game is constantly coming out with updates. These updates aren't only quick to make, but they are well made. The makers of Jailbreak are very active and make it so that the game ...more

I like jailbreak I play so mach

IS JailBreak so underrated and forgotten? - BloodFang

JAILBREAK IS SO TRASH, it should be forgotten, mad city is better, Jailbreak has a bunch of noobs and spawn killers on it, I rate this 0/10 there are better games than jailbreak.

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7 Pokemon Brickbronze

This game was really good. Even if you weren't a Pokemon fan like me, you still could enjoy it. BAttling with pokemon, racing around a map in Roblox for a cool adventure, it was better than JailBreak. Too bad it got banned for copyright. - RosalinaX

No fair it gotten taken down! I don't really mind though since I got stuck in a glitch that they never fixed.

Really good but delated

This game was made really well, this was one of the only games I felt was really good in roblox!

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8 Catalog Heaven

It just gives you items and everything to battle with. It's not you're average Roblox game and Is definitely not made by Roblox himself, this makes the game a fun game. We can all agree.

I think catalog heaven should be number 1 because it is very unique because it lets you try out all the gear without having to beg your parents for money or taking up all that time to earn robux. It also has a battlefield which changes everyone in a while from the original to the new. Love ya people.

No, Catalog Heaven actually gives you access to everything except for clothing on roblox. - Kambochia12

I just love this game

I love this game!

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9 Work at a Pizza Place

I like how you get to deliver pizza's

Its fun, I like it

It's quite fun when the people there are nice. - SnailPony

I love this game! I play it all the time and my friends seem to like it when I show it to them.

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10 Flood Escape

The original is the best in my opinion - Maddox121

It's such a fun game if you love parkour, I think Flood Escape 2 is better than Flood Escape though.

Roblox is the best game on roblox to me

It's a good game!

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The Newcomers

? Identity Fraud

Creative, bit boring, and a little scary

Quite imaginative, try it out

I like it because it is scary! and if you like scary stuff then play it at night!

It is scary

? Word Bomb

Its for smart people only

I LOVE THIS GAME (tip: use the dictionary or google C

The Contenders

11 Roblox Top Model

I love how they added pets, even though it gets hacked but I like it still! - ArcticWolf

Hacked, broken, and completely trashed with five year olds. - RosalinaX

This game is cool but it's always broken or hacked

This game is fun if you're just playing around, just don't complain about wins. It's common ground for beginner exploiters since it's an easy hack. The most players it can get these days is around 500, while Fashion Famous peaks somewhere at 10,000 per day.

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12 Epic Minigames

I play it all the time. Never once encountered snobs/bullies in this game and almost all minigames are enjoyable - SnailPony

This is SO my favourite game! One more level and I'm into the Pro Servers...!

One of the best ROBLOX minigames-related games on ROBLOX.
10/10, very addicting.
The pro servers are also easy as the normal servers, but a bit harder. - starryrcad

best game

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13 Apocalypse Rising

It is a great game!
The exploiters ruined it..
But without all the hackers it should be a lot higher.
For me, the game itself, without the players, should on #1.

I don't know how many people I've killed. But I know why they're all dead so that me-my group can be alive. If you don't fight, you die.

Great game and still is


Apocalypse Rising is a strategic post-apocalyptic game where you can do anything from splattering zombies with a tractor, to creating a gigantic army of survivors and an impressive fleet of vehicles to go along with it. I personally like fixing up jeeps and then sending them out on a convoy in order to find supplies, and kill any other survivors. There are many play styles, like a Survivor, who only shoots if shot at, and who is always on the move to find new supplies and gear. There might be a few Heroes, who go out of their way to help other players, or Bandits (like me) who go out to kill other players to gain loot for their raiding party. I personally think this should be #1 on this list. Here is a picture of me and my army (with a fleet of vehicles behind us) in Apocalypse Rising:

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14 Restaurant Tycoon

Your mom gay lol



This game sucks

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15 Vehicle Simulator

Fun game, but too much ricers.

I think this game should have at least one minivan. I would love to see one in the game. Maybe the Chrysler Pacifica.

I love vehilce simulator I have the delorean

Harding working dev, Frequent updates, Cars, Planes, Boats, Races and customisation. One of the best and creative simulators.

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16 Miner's Haven

It's the best game EVER!

I live this game it is so fun!

I only really like this is because my boyfriend helped with the builds, I'm proud of him, his names Crushieyot.

Miner's Haven's exotic items are too overpowered, for example, The Supreme Birthday Cake furnace gives you a x70 or x700, its literary overpowered, best furnace for players life 1-250. But this furnace is too rare for people to get. I got this on the last day of the Third Year event.
The only bad thing is that the boxes is too rigged, and the Ancient Temple doesn't work for expensive ores and so does Tesla Refuter.

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17 Rocitizens

Kinda confusing but cool game.

This game is one my favorites on Roblox I normally go for the survival genre but the roleplaying here is great!

Because it is cuul

This game is so much fun. It takes a lot of work, but I couldn't improve it if I tried! You earn money by getting one of the MANY jobs, buy a house, get furniture, a car, and make friends! You can also eat at restaurants and throw parties that you invite your friends to. Not to mention the phone! With all of the cool features, from the car app to the recipe book, the phone is outstanding! Also, I love the texting feature. Great job to all the people who created this game. You did an AWESOME job! It's really very well done!

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18 Framed



It's actually exciting and heart-racing because you don't know who's who. You have to take your chances for this!

This Game To Me Is Really Detailed And Just Plain Amazing To Me. I don't know What You Guys Think But I'm Lovin It.

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19 Retail Tycoon

This game is probably the best Tycoon game out there, because it actually allows you to DO STUFF instead of jabbing a button for three hours to get 50 bucks. - RosalinaX

One of the best games out there!

A tycoon that breaks the boundaries of a typical Roblox tycoon. It's fun, it's challenging, it has plenty of space for kids (or you! ) to explore architecture and the economy in an easier fashion.

I absolutely ADORE this game. It was actually based on another one it clearly surpassed, "Your store tycoon", but it was sadly broken by ROBLOX updates. The best part about this game is you can build your store however you want it! Whatever shape, color, etc. You can even have your own workers, and real customers! No numbers growing for no apparent reason, you can have a low or high amount of customers, which changes your income drastically, which makes this game perfect! I love its versatility and how when I expand my store, I think how to use that new territory and change my store accordingly, if need be. Don't play if you get easily addicted because this game is long and EXTREMELY fun!

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20 Flood Escape 2

I think flood escape 2 I s the best game on roblox because it has got lots of different maps, skins, tanks, auras, and emotes. Plus the vip game pass. when you get 10 gems by completing two levels you can lock the maps to only insane for three of them. Or you can get 200 hundred coins by winning maps and then you can do the same thing as you can do with ten gems.

I think it is a very good game to be at #10 place because when you're bored and have nothing to do you can play this!

There is new update and you buy insane lock for 200 coins that's man awesome

This is the best as I can drown to death!

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21 Paintball

I don't know

It is super cool

Very very very fun and really a great time killer. As u unlock different paintball guns it gets way better than before. And I didn't think that was possible!

Yes! If you mean the one by Daxter33... part of the reason I support him is 1: LOVE PAINTBALL! And two, I know someone *PERSONALLY* who is friends with him on ROBLOX.

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22 Stop It Slender!

Stop is slender is great for people who like to get themselves a good game to play, I personally like it because I never get bored, (Mostly) but apart from that it's a great game!

Although I dislike KinnisC, this game is decent overall. - InfinateSuperstorm

I like it because its scary

I like this game a lot, but it would be nice if they made some changes to spice it up a little. Cause after a while, it gets repetitive...

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23 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

I played this game at 5 or 6 and I started to get addicted literally addicted, but I haven't played in a few months at least a year, but I've been just checking to find the Christmas Update but then I just look at other games and just keep waiting I haven't checked today or in a few months I might check tomorrow or today. But I just love this game its probably the first game I've played on ROBLOX. This game inspires me! you can RP and make new friends and make a great family, plus you can even have a job and get paid almost twice a day, even though you don't even have to work you still get paid and I hope if you read this Opinion maybe you could take one try on Welcome to the Town of Robloxia! Thank you!

The original 1dev2 version, not the plagiarized version by JuliusColesV2. - KalloFox34

Laugh out loud this games is epic! It is a super fun game that anyone can play on! You can make friends on it! And I go on it most of the time. I think that it should be the top 10 game everywhere! Lo

This game is the best you get to drive free cars and do whatever you want

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24 Obstacle Paradise

Its an amazing game and I really really love it you all should play it

I love Obstacle Paradise! Possibly one of the greatest games on Roblox today.

25 Murder Mystery 2

I play this with my classmates and we have so much fun always and when ever I got killed I screamed

This is my favorite game because I love mysteries

Best game in roblox

I like u the creeps! - BloodFang

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26 The Mad Murderer

How tf is this 26! This game should at least be top 20 or more. There is no game like this one that roblox has. It is also really fun!

Was good now sucks with, at least, 388 exploiters per servers. - Ice-T

I love the game it is fun scary and very addictive it's a amazing game and I recommend you playing it

Me and my friend prefer this game over Murder Mystery 2 because there is one round EVERYONE is murderer. Also, you always know if you will be murderer next round or not. The points help with that.

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27 Pool Tycoon 4

Created by the person who created theme park tycoon 2 = Den_S - Kambochia12


This sounds great I will try it but I have never ever in my intire life played this

I've never tried this

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28 Robloxaville

Great even though I never played until now

Iv never played it sounds grate I rimed by accident


Same I never tried this game on roblox but I'm looking forward to playing it.

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29 Pizza Factory Tycoon
30 Pilgrim Islands Reborn


I can play this game for hours you can do lots have things it's super fun

This used to be a great game but now it's gone only for a short amount though I remember coming back home everyday and working on my castle.

This has to be the best building game ever... Just play it now!

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31 Beach House Roleplay

My first Game I ever Played... NOSTALGIA

Another nostalgia game. remember it being so fun. - Vianessity

It's such a fun game that the day I started to play it I have never been able to stop!
You get to change how you look and you get to party on the dance floor.
Beach house roll play is the best game I've ever played for sure!

Pretty cool game

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32 Royale High

This game is actually quite boring after a while. There really is nothing special about it. You go to classes, you dress up, and you customize your dorm. There are other things like the fountain and spin-the-wheel but there really is no excitement. You can only play if you have lots of diamonds so basically only rich people can play it.

It's not the best, but I do play it from time to time. The only problem with it, is that it's only fun when you have a lot of gems, or if you have friends to play with. - SnailPony

They actually more to dress and go to school if you play a lot or you like level 100 or a higher or a high get more to do school or there changes

This is my favorite game actually yes it COULD get boring. but it is pretty cool that it can show your grades and stuff... ya you know classes and dresses and er um well after school dance?

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33 Bee Swarm Simulator

I love it. Better than any Roblox simulator (ghost simulator is 2nd place). It feels original and not like some other simulator games where you tap to win. I think it should be at number 1. I'm a pro.

I think it's the best game ever in roblox

It was game of the year for a reason (2018), so it definitely deserves to be on top of this list.

Addicting, has many updates and is just amazing, I would definitely recommend.

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34 Flee the Facility

Good Fast paced game

I think this game haves to be in top 5 of all time

Its amazing! very fun, although its very scary. Its underrated.

Underrated - OmegaRanker

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35 Broken Bones 2

It is the funnest game in the wold

This game is the best game ever my brother and his friend made this and I think this game should be number 1.

This is an opinion on another opinion, by the way. The comment says "Amazing. So Fun. Ethan Gamer played it" my opinion on it is why does it matter that a little kid played it on his youtube channel? Does that somehow affect your opinion on the game?

Amazing. So fun. Ethan Gamer played it

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36 Be Crushed by a Speeding Wall

I love this game so much I recommend playing it

I love this game. As this is a older game its fun and its just cool.

This, along with Meepcity and Welcome to Bloxburg, would be the most frequent game I'd play with my BFF on ROBLOX. We never get bored of this game and this game for us, would be the most classic game.
So unique, and we've never said no to it before!

The builds are fast and ugly. but the game is wonderful!

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37 Treelands

I loved this game! No fighting, really fun and calming, and once I tried to plant a pineapple sadly it no work. Plant the Pomelo. It was meant to be planted. I know a lot of fruit locations. If you find me in Treelands with the username duckyduck345 ok? Good.

Fun and relaxing, although it's been in beta for a while.

I LOVE this game! It's super addicting and the concept it great! The graphics, scripting, building, and community is also amazing! I was a BETA tester on my old account, and I had a really big tree house, but I sadly got hacked and lost everything..I stopped playing, though I have bought the gamepass to see if I really want to get where I was before (It took me like 3 months to get the silver and gold to build a great tree house and get a good car, keep in mind at the time I was playing almost everyday).

It is awesome! I am a beta tester and it is so cool I mean come on!

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38 The Hunger Games by Ozzypig

It's a fun game and exciting because you have to fight people and you do well depending on your luck I also like that gamemakers can make natural disasters happen and there's certain stuff you can't consume. Only annoying is that you die if you accidentally start to move forward before the game starts.

Best game EVER I love it with all my heart it's the best hunger game I came across yet!

This should be higher up. A fun classic, what's more to be said?

Very fun there is lots of fun and exiting maps, a must play!

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39 Life in Paradise

I like trolling on this, otherwise I think its called Life in ODerVille

I think some ODer put this on here. - InfinateSuperstorm

This game is trash

People hate when you get placed in a stroller for no reason while trying to role play! Guests, regular players, hackers, scammers all roam free in this world. The one thing that really annoys me is the fact that hackers and mods can freeze you in place against your own will! The only solution to this is either the green hyper bike or a reset, and I hate both. Please fix the game so More people can play it happily.

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40 Intense Sword Fighting!

I like using swords to fight but please make it a tycoon

I love it a LOT

Dear god, no more tycoons.

Just look at Emoji Factory. That got millions of hits in the first day and then went back to being horrible, simply because the game was copyright.

If you want to stay on the top games, please TRY when you make the game.

Just look at Phantom Forces and Lumber Tycoon 2. They are very great games, which is why they STAY on the top games.

41 The Quarry

One of the first games I ever played, not so popular anymore, but every now and then I play and it's still amazing, definitely a great game!

At first you mine and it is slow but later boom super fast!

This game was based off epic mining.

U can mine and get better pick axes to mine better and u get a hand glider and u can get TNT and also get ores worth 13 million!

The best game in my opinion

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42 Super Paper Roblox

Its good
but it got broken so rip

Great and creative story, unique characters, and fun all around with collecting the cards and adventuring through the world.

It was really fun and the story is very interesting. I like parkour and good adventures, this game has it all!

It has a really creative story! Love it!

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43 Island Royale

It is a cool game that is similar to fortnite but more kid friendly and you can actually earn the currency instead of having to buy it. You can still buy currency but you can earn it every match you play.

This game would be perfect because fortnite might be too real for some kids. People that are scared of people jumping out of nowhere and shooting them should play this! This is also a place where you can practice, then test your skills in Fortnite.

The game is based on the game called "Fortnite" a popular game that has been around for years. Many kids and teens like this game because not just because the skins it's the battle passes and guns and items that drop on the floor. The loot llama is a loot where you can ONLY get items like a pot of shield or a med kit or traps and stuff like that. Well for me I think its kinda the same as island royale and fortnite battle royal and I think its pretty dang cool


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44 Design It

It is a very good game..i like the graphics of it

Awesome fun game that lets you try clothes for free

My favorite Roblox games are Dance Off, Paint N Guess, Hide and Seek Extreme, The Mega Fun Obby, and Design It. All these games are so much fun!

Design it is a great game because it is like a competition

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45 Ultimate Driving II

This is in First Place.

The best driving game ever! and follow me Bluedragonfinga

It's so good that I bought the police game pass

Awesome game so realistic

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46 Bird Simulator

This game is great!

It's a really great and relaxing game. You're simply becoming a bird of your choice, eating & drinking. It might be boring after a while but it's really fantastic.

Great game with great graphics

This game is amazing! its like your a real bird flying trough the air! It is awesome!

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47 The Neighborhood of Robloxia

It's very realistic. I like the vehicles on this game too, although I would rather be able to place the furniture myself. Other than that it's a pretty good game!

It doesn't asest

This game is really fun.


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48 The Stalker


I haven't played this but it sounds fun! I'll go straight to playing it. :>

I love this game. mostly because I so good at it. I love to look at the leader board and see how far I've gone. if you haven't played this game I would recommend it because the stalker is always a new person and it can even be you meaning different strategies

I can't even find the game...I don't think it exists anymore... - Melia1661

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49 Build a Hideout and Fight

This is a awesome fun game that no girls should be able to play

Memories so many memories plus famas best gun on there no recoil and you can shoot through walls just some tips but it is also just a awesome old roblox game nostalgia

Sucks the trash

I farted

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50 Meep City

I don't really like meep city but I like it a little bit I'm not a hater

I love meep city

Hhmmm, let me think...IT IS HORRIBLE! - BloodFang

Ok so who is the 9 year old wannabe gangster oder who added this to the list?

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