Best Soldiers in Military Tycoon on Roblox

There are many different soldiers in Military Tycoon, each with unique stats and perks. But which one is the best? In this list, we will determine which soldier stands out from the rest. This includes all soldiers, both unobtainable and obtainable. I hope you enjoy this list, and make sure to follow me if you enjoy the lists I create.
The Top Ten
1 Juggernaut

The most powerful and best undisputed soldier in the game is the Juggernaut. It has high health and a minigun that does a lot of damage.

Consumes little ammo and can even ricochet back.

2 Elite Grenadier

It can easily kill a group of soldiers and can two-shot a player with Armour 5. The only downside is that it has low health and its gun does little damage.

Assault grenade launchers are awesome.

3 Grenadier

The Grenadier is similar to the Elite Grenadier, but it has worse aim and doesn't have a gun.

4 Elite Soldier

A very strong soldier, it has high health and carries a minigun that does a lot of damage. The downsides are that it has a very long reload time and very low accuracy from afar.

Stealth armor is pretty great.

5 Medic

The Medic is similar to a private but can heal you and other soldiers, making it an essential soldier in your group. If you have two Medics, they can heal each other, making them nearly impossible to kill. They can also shoot while healing, making them even more useful.

6 Heavy

The Heavy is much like a stronger version of the Private, as it has higher health and carries an M249 light machine gun with a 100-bullet magazine. This is by far the closest thing you can get to a juggernaut without doing quests and using Robux.

7 AA Soldier

The AA Soldier is equipped with an Anti-Aircraft RPG. This unit specializes in destroying enemy aircraft. The AA Soldier fires tracking missiles at enemy aircraft that approach, making this soldier very useful during the capture of Loot Crates or in ground warfare defending against air attacks.

You cant win the war without them.

8 Assassin

The Assassin is equipped with an Assassin Sniper rifle with a 5-bullet magazine. It has fast firing and high accuracy. She kills other players very quickly but has very low health. It is the best sniper when compared with stats and design.

9 Raid Soldier

The Raid Soldier is armed with an M16 and has the ability to raid other players' vaults faster (3 seconds per vault to be exact) and also has better health than the Vault Raider.

10 Private

The Private carries a default M16. This soldier is obtained at your first purchase of the barracks and cannot be upgraded. However, he has decent damage, above-average accuracy, and is easy to obtain. He is among the most underrated soldiers in the game.

The Contenders
11 Super Sniper

The Super Sniper is equipped with an M1 Garand. He is essentially the same as the normal sniper, except he has a 6-round clip that does high damage and a higher fire rate. It is recommended not to use it for close-range combat as it has terrible accuracy and, on average, takes 10 shots to kill the enemy.

Auto sniper rifles are pretty neat.

12 Blackhawk Trooper

The Blackhawk Trooper has the ability to transport soldiers back into battle from the Barracks. He has an upgraded G36C that can do decent damage and has more health than a private, making him a valuable asset for your team.

13 Ace Pilot

The Ace Pilot has high damage since he can kill a player in skull armor in one magazine. He has normal health, strong damage, and increases damage to aerial vehicles when he is equipped.

14 Vault Raider

The Vault Raider is the same as a Raid Soldier but raids vaults slower (but faster than the rest). He is a good alternative to the Raid Soldier.

15 Naval Officer

The Naval Officer is the same as the private, but it increases damage made by naval by 10% when equipped. However, no one really uses naval vehicles in the game, making the soldier pretty useless in the game.

16 RPG Soldier

The RPG Soldier is the same as an AA Soldier but doesn't have tracking missiles. While its RPG does high damage against vehicles, its biggest disadvantage is when it is in close combat, and its splash damage can hurt you and your other soldiers. Overall, it is good against vehicles but bad in close combat.

17 Hacker

The Hacker is a soldier that can destroy the turrets and bunker lasers of an enemy base extremely quickly. However, the damage it does is absolutely terrible, and it cannot collect cash in raids, making it near useless.

18 Marine Soldier

The Marine soldier is armed with an AUG and a flashbang. The flashbang can be used to blind the opponent, but unfortunately, it blinds you as well, which is a major disadvantage. However, it partly redeems itself with good accuracy and high damage.

19 Sniper

The Sniper is probably the worst out of all the soldiers in the game as it has a 2-round magazine and woeful accuracy. It also takes an extremely long time to reload, making it even worse for close combat.

20 Toxic Trooper

The Toxic Trooper is a soldier with a gas grenade and M16. It's different from a Private soldier as he has a different helmet, vest armour, wears a gas mask and an oxygen tank. When an enemy is detected, it throws a gas grenade that causes normal damage.

21 Shock Trooper

The Shock Trooper is a Halloween grenadier soldier. It differs from other grenadiers in that it has an M16 and a shock grenade. It has Average health and standard damage if fired from an M16. The shock grenade temporarily disables the armament of an enemy vehicle which is similar to the YF-23 missile.

22 Pyro

The Pyro is a soldier with a flamethrower. It fights only near the enemy, which makes it vulnerable to shelling. There is a bug in which the flamethrower sometimes cannot burn the enemy and goes awry when it detects an enemy. However, when the flamethrower does work, it does decent damage and is quite useful in close range combat.

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