Biggest Problems in Roblox's Meepcity

I used to love Meepcity, but because of the changes they made to it, I've stayed away from it.
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1 Beds are no longer visible in parties

You Meepcity, not just failed in protecting kids, you removed a good part of parties too. Pajama party isn't available anymore.

We can thank ODers for that.

Evertime I go to a party someone kicks me out it happens very often I'm heres my reaction what the heck did I do on time the party hos came up to me and said bye he kicked me out I'm so mad$

The INTENDED purpose of these were for sleepovers!

2 There are ODers everywhere

Once I joined a meepcity game in my cOpY aNd pAsTe outfit to see people's reactions and some guy asked me out almost immediately.

My seven-year old little sister played meep city once. A "little boy" asked to be friends. Soon, he had her phone number and Snapchat. I did some stalking, a little suspicious of "Danny". He was 47.

Back then the community used to play this game for the INTENDED purpose, adopt a meep, work, and decorate your house. Where do I even begin with this thing? The removal of beds was because of them, so was the party names, and sexual parties. There are even predators there. Meepcity currently has over 500M visits, about 15 - 20k play a day, which means thousands of children are being predated everyday. Even CowCow (YT: greenlegocats123) got terminated for STOPPING Online dating. It's obvious alexnewtron (creator) supports ODing since he works at Roblox. He added the avatar editor in which makes you look "cool" and attract, the morphs, in which having a family is still considered as ODing, since the parents are in a relationship, and he did little effort in preventing ODing (removal of beds, removal of party names, an changing the crying animation) and he knows exactly what's going on since it's a huge trend in the Roblox community but doesn't want to do anything about it

To be honest every bio of a player says single or bad. Me: define bad. I don't rlly understand as well as why people start doing it in public, plus when u tp to somebody and their doing it its disturbing

3 Sex parties

Every guy and girl has the thick legs and I can't even see no normal girl without it when I go to a party. It's really gross.

I don't understand how this game is even for kids anymore

Every one does a nasty words and dances

It's really gross

4 You can no longer name your party to attract a certain group of players

I had mostly played in 2016 and from there It totally made sense why he removed the names for parties. There were inappropriate ones all over. Some were fine, but you could have used your character to try to appeal to the type of people you wanted there.

I started roblox in 2017, so I didn't get to do the names at all, but ODers are so stupid! They have to go out of their way to go on a bed with eachother! So, NOW we can't name our parties anything! ODers make Meepcity (ROBLOX) boring!

Ikr I used to make parties that appeal to others based on name but now you can't name parties anymore.

It used to be so much easier, gee thanks ODers.

5 There are Kid Morphs, which induces the online dating

What is worse is when u see a girl dressed innapropriately (thick legs etc) using a kid morph. Seriously though that's fugging nasty man.

Literally every girl on meepcity does this to ''attract'' boys.

I have seen kids online dating in meep city and some kids are ware not kid clothing at all that they put one thire

6 Over priced game passes

I bought the party house not that long ago.It was 499 robux!? and then the next house,999 robux! now I know there is a new house and I didn't even want to know the price.ITS ONLY 300 ROBUX?!

To get Plus its 400 Robux! that's over priced

Wow, six dollars, so expensive. oh TEN DOLLARS!?!?!? WOAH! no but seriously, sixteen dollars, chill out.

7 It lost its charm with the updates

Seriously this is the main reason I stopped playing and went to Rh

I noticed meep city has stopped updating

8 It caused the horrible chat filter we have today

Really? I never knew that this stupid game caused that.
I already hated it, being a 100% ripoff of TTO/TTR well giving no credit...
~like if you agree
~search up Toontown Rewritten or Toontown Online, and you’ll know what I mean.

9 The Meeps look like Puffles from Club Penguin

Their faces are identical.

More government clones

10 Doesn't provide names of the clothing and accessories that you equip

I've tried to find a black top to buy it with robux since I thought it was pretty but they don't give names and there's thousands of black tops in the catalog section.

I can say the same, I found a cute top on meepcity that I wanted to buy but I just couldn't find the name.

It's so annoying I can't never find the clothes I want

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11 There's a hospital and baby Meeps, which make players pretend they are giving birth

Meeps and Human are not the same species, so how the hell does this happen?

Yea, meeps & humans are not the same species & that's innapropriate...

12 The community in general is just nauseating

I do so agree

13 There's a bigger Party House for 400 R$, but there's really no reason to have it if you don't spend another 300 R$ on the VIP Pass

Only vip should cost robux

14 Removing Party Names

It used to be so much easier, gee thanks ODers

15 There is a limit on the amount of items you can own
16 Too many wannabe gangsters

The blood gang was a problem I had a Western sheriff I could be call out of the popo

Even noodle gang is a better name than blood gang

I feel like they just want attention and also wanna be the 'cool' and 'popular' kids.I also hate when they put 'BlOoD gAnG' when they aren't in a gang.

I always see things like ''blood gang'' or ''Leader of blood gang'' in my opinion, being in a gang is not even cool.

17 Seven-year-olds

I have a problem with seven yo being annoying and 7 yo witnessing things they shouldn't such as ODers.

Who take up 90% of the fans.

This game is totaly stupid

If you say your 18 like me and they get bratty because your older and they say' your probably 6 '
but then again they don't know you so there just trying to a recation

18 Avatar editor

I found some pigtails I liked in meep city avatar editor and I wanted to buy it so I went to the cataloge sertched pigtails and I went through the whole thing. Couldn't find them.

Now with avatar editor, you get these ODers coming on MeepCity 24/7 and improving their appearances, making themselves look "cooler" or "cuter", plus you get people who catfish and pretend to be a certain gender to attract their gender. There are the occasional players who change their appearance because avatar editor gives you access to all the cool items, clothing, gear and hair you wouldn't be able to wear without Robux. And, it's not just MeepCity that has avatar editor problems. Plenty of other games such as Robloxian Life, Boys and Girls Hangout and Life in Paradise use the avatar editor icon in their servers. Avatar editor is the downfall of Roblox itself ever since Tix got removed.

I like the avatar (I'm not an oder but for some reason I like need to always change my look on there) it helps me figure out if I want an avatar because I can try on looks. But, oders use it n that's bad

You can never tell if it's a person's real look now!

19 No one's adopting you

I got adopted Lot's So Make The Avatar Cute and Cool at the same time

I don't have the guts to ask so I just stand and for them to come to me

This happened to me, and no one wanted me as a parent either

20 Buying a Party House and all of a sudden everyone is in there
21 Your meep rolls on the ground

It's really annoying

Stop meep abuse

That or when it hovers around u

Meep rolls with eyes open...jezes..

22 ODers say nasty things

The N word I hate the most I'm not full black but I'm 8th black back in 12 grade in history and <the teacher him her I don't know been a long time< the teacher said were moving on to slaver in Canada I got this sick ugly hatetred feeling in my head and tummy and when I got thoght watch or listening I felt like going to a pasty white boy and just put a axe between his eyes

In roblox the oders say things like "wanna have fun ddy? ;)" and it is jusyt GROSS

I always see ''hey ddy~ ;)'' or ''hey bby'' its disturbing.

23 Can't see your items you bought

So today I went into my wizard tower to furnish my house easter themed. I knew I had all the easter items. But either way most were gone! This happened with other stuff such as desk, tables,Chairs,And More Like trophies! I am so bummed about it!

I bought lots of houses. I went to go edit a empty one and all my stuff was gone.

Yea there was a item I couldent find so I bought it again to find it

24 The community caused the updates to ruin the game

This pisses me off to no end. They're the reason I can't have beds in parties anymore, when the intended purpose of those beds was for sleepovers. Also, I can't name my party anymore to attract a certain group of players, which really sucks because I could no longer name my party "Twenty One Pilots dance party". Even before I could no longer name my parties, there was an update to censor inappropriate words in the names of parties, which didn't do it any favors. I couldn't type "Twenty One Pilots Dance Party" without "twenty one" being covered up by hashtags no matter what I did. Thanks, ODers. You ruined MeepCity. I went on there so I could hang out with friends, selling fish, planting and selling flowers, using the money to decorate my house, and also throwing parties so I could hang out with people that also like Twenty One Pilots! Now, your visitor count to your parties depend entirely on luck.

I love twenty one pilots too

25 The Mansion and Castle were added, so now there's no reason to own a Party House

I have all of the estates but the robux ones apart from the party house. When I bought it it was one of the best houses, now its useles

I never got the experience of that and yeah

400 R$ down the drain

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