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41 Call of Robloxia: Black Ops

Call of Robloxia is one of the most accurate games to the actual video game. Whenever you have a kill you feel good for yourself, it can almost never get old as long as you have interesting players.


Best game ever wish it was updated more though!


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42 Survive the Disasters

This game is great and as long as you have the gravity coil you could very easily beat all the stuff

This was the first ROBLOX game I have ever played and I'm glad for that. It's really fun.

Great game but it doesn't save your points or your power ups

Great game but points and power ups don't save.

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43 Bird Simulator

Great game with great graphics

This game is amazing! its like your a real bird flying trough the air! It is awesome!


Great game,

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44 Salvage

Salvage is a great game, nice maps, and great, simple animation

I played this game when they firts had the idea of making a Roblox game. It's very fun and if you like survival games in MC you will love this

So, I've heard of salvage, but never really got to play it. But it looks pretty fun, I think it's a bit lik H1Z1 king of the hill (because of the parachute part? )

45 Would You Rather?

It's really fun to see what will happen and see what others would rather!

It is fun to see others die

It's a very good game as it can be very surprising

Actually the best game is jailbreak, u can see that at roblox's game page, the top rated game is jailbreak
and prison life is no longer v2, its v2.02 - XlarEnder

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46 The Neighborhood of Robloxia

Upgrade of 1dev2s game welcome to the town of robloxia with flooding

It's the best gamer ever ( It's my opinion )

It is realistic and awesome

Best game ever

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47 Ultimate Driving II

It's so good that I bought the police game pass

This needs to be in the top ten!

Awesome game so realistic

I love THIS GAME! but I got taxi, logged off and I couldn't get it again. I saved so long. so, can it be fixed?
it's a lost better than car crushers, another one of my favorites.

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48 Build a Hideout and Fight

Memories so many memories plus famas best gun on there no recoil and you can shoot through walls just some tips but it is also just a awesome old roblox game nostalgia

Sucks the trash

I farted


49 McDonald's Tycoon

Me hate McDonald's

SO long to make money :(

50 The Conquerors Mark II

Easily the most strategic game on roblox and is more in line with league of legends without the champions

This game is honestly one of my favorites.

To be honest, one of the best stragetic roblox games, not the best but somewhere around there.

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51 Redwood Prison

Redwood Prison is one of my all time favourite games. People say it's a rip off of prison life, which isn't true, Aesthetical does not own prison games. Also, people criticise it for it's use of free models. I don't care about that. Free models should not take away the fun from the game. It's simple, but awesome. I have so much fun playing this game.

This game is Prison Life but BETTER! Especially because of helicopters

It's the best prison game ever played in ROBLOX

In this game you can play as a prisoner or cop if your a cop you guard and protect the prison, if your a prison you try to escape DUHH but if you escape you can help the prisoners, there is also the guitar guy, which makes escape easier. There helicopters, cars, vans, quads. This is probably the best prison game.
Heres a tip: There is a keycard in the brownhouse left of the fugitive tent

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52 Mad Paintball

This game is great as you can try out different gun types and many different "characters" This game is a great game unless ruined by hackers. Certainly deserves to be in top 10.

This game sucks and unfair

This game is a good game


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53 Ride Into Steve and Survive!

Why is this on here? This game sucks.




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54 Roblox Dodgeball

Its fun when you enjoy the art of dodgeball, you can also showoff how high level you are or not lol.

I tried this game it's not very good... I muted the game as soon as some stupid music started playing, and my family hear it at volume 45. Not only that but everyone is a poor sport.

I like hitting people in the face

I love it

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55 The Plaza

Overall, this is an amazing game to play. There's great scripting as well as an amazing team of developers. However, this game still has lots of room for potential. First of all, there aren't enough games. Plaza Karts and Infection can get kinda boring after a while. They need to work on new ideas to keep the game entertaining (Ex: Paintball, sword fighting, etc.) Second, the game seems a little pointless once you've reached the "Popular" rank and have filled up your room to its capacity, New ranks should be added ( and maybe even perks for ranking up) as well as either increased room capacity or save slots for condos. On the other hand, the game contains amazing custom models. The only thing I might suggest for the shop would be new plants and paintings. I'm really looking forward to see this game continue to grow and get better and better, and I'm sure it will.

Such a great game in which you can be creative in

Awesome game love playing minigames and hanging out with my friends wonderful game TOP TEN please

Nice, short and worthy of RP.

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56 The Conquerors V 1 Comment
57 Trade Hangout V 2 Comments
58 Lolcaptions

It used to be really popular but when the last user quit it it was abandoned for a long time (Still my favorite game)

I used to play this I am sad it got abandoned

59 Bridge Sword Fight
60 Whatever Floats Your Boat

Unique and interesting concept. Fun once you get the hang of it, though it may not be the fairest to newer players. 8/10, performs nicely, very well put together, and a barrel of fun with players about as competent as yourself.

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