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61 Kingdom Life II

There were a couple of glitches but other then that GREAT GAME

There are two versions but I prefer thelolguy's because the players are more experienced in roleplaying and there are more possibilities. - LemonComputer

My favorite roleplay. I hate thelolguy's new version, sorry. It doesn't have the same feel. I play the classic boopbot version to this day. It's so nostalgic.

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62 Simon Says

It's well mint you should all play it it's well addictive man

And my favorite

This one's fun

It's a fun game u come with silly stuff as Simon

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63 Survive the 92 Disasters! Slenderman

This game is so awesome! There are so many disasters to play and they are all very different. You never know what disaster is coming next so you have to be prepared. I think this should be ranked number one!

I've never played this. But I'll try it

My little sister is afraid of this game. I don't want to say this But (it really is a fun game. )/bad: it's Sooo scary. Good: it's so much fun! (scary though, Ok (I'm dog tired I feel sick. Roblox is too good for me. TO GOOD. Elephants are afraid of mice laugh out loud. Gtg

Dang this game is cool

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64 Armored Patrol

A fun, well balanced war game it takes many hits to destroy enemy vehicles and you can create defenses at the click of a button and treat it like an armored base for your tank

My favorite game ever so fun can not stop playing

Such a good game, especially when fighting with an rpg against helis. Should be in the top #5 or even #1.! GOOD GAME

It has a new chinook!

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65 Build to Survive the Zombies
66 MINEBLOX [Full Creative Mode]

Made by Pedrok. Is like Minecraft, but BETTER!

67 Bunny Island

Its cool you can work there get some credits or moneys trade go on a ride or buy things and other things

Its fun, you'll love it, in fact it's so fun I can't explain about it1 - thesimsvampires

Its amazing! You get to work on various rides and sections on Bunny Island and you can even ride the rides! It's a fun, social environment and you always have a variety of jobs. I guarantee, you will LOVE it! by the way if you would like to add me I'm CatGirl361! Thanks guys!

The rides are really fun!

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68 Dynamic Ship Simulator 2
69 Jet Wars: Advance Battle

This is the best

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70 HSL 2 by Devonski
71 Old Football Legends V 4 Comments
72 Hide and Seek Extreme

This is very fun because it makes me look like my vision is an ants vision

Good game but takes long time to get credits. I like secret panels too.

I have been playing this game a LOT lately - Aidanisawesome

It's a really good game you get to hide.

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73 Attack On Titan

I had more fun on this game than any other roblox game. It is easily my favorite game and the creator did an amazing job with titan models, animations, and scripting.

By far one of my most favorite game because you can actually use the gear the people have

A very good game if you're a fan of the show!
You can even turn into a titan!

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74 Driveblox Unlimited

Driveblox is most definitely one of the greatest ROBLOX games of all time. Want to have a party? Do it! Want to get a dream home? You can do that too. Want to drive cars, buy cars, and race? Well, that's what this game is all about, so go ahead! It's very unique, and I love it because of that.

Yes drive bloc unlimited is definitely the best for people who loves cars

It's an amazing game. Especially the Halloween update!

The game was so fun until 2015

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75 Boys vs Girls

I love to climb on the rocks and kill like 15 girls and get closer and closer to the girls side. This is the main reason why I have 262 kills

Good stuff right there (is this the old one? ) - Hitthequan

Us stupid girls!

I hate girls it feels good to kill them because they keep hurling insults for stupid/no reason(s)

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76 Roblox Deathrun

This game is fun but my school blocked it because some idiot was playing in class so I can't play

Best game ever I played it

Needs WAY more maps.

Amazing kiss kiss

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77 Flood Escape

This game is okay. Its intense and pretty fun, but it's also very challenging.

I haven't played for a long time. Thanks for reminding me of it!

Good game and good concept. Should be very high on the list.

I always play it!

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78 Slender Man's Revenge

It's a really good game,you can roleplay in it or just survive from slender and he's proxies

79 Crossroads


It sucks

80 Sandbox

I like this game beacause its fun and nice to try out with your friends, say you build a mansion, and the others build fun stores

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