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61 Whatever Floats Your Boat

Unique and interesting concept. Fun once you get the hang of it, though it may not be the fairest to newer players. 8/10, performs nicely, very well put together, and a barrel of fun with players about as competent as yourself.

62 Club Nyonic

I play this some times I love it but it does have lots of places and I can never find someone

Very Good game many things to do like Fish, Surf, Swim, Text, Ski, Drive boats and cars, shoot fireworks, buy groceries and gifts in town, zipline, Go Carts, play Mini Golf, float on tubes and Play Music on the iPhone!

A lot more features than other town and city games

Love it

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63 Zombie Rush

This game is very good cause you can unlock guns and badges and I like it when you get chased by a swarm of zombies

I pretty much decided that this game is good I'm just really mad at joining weak people

This is game os great I'm on level 121 its super fun to play with your friends!


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64 Pilgrim Islands Reborn

This used to be a great game but now it's gone only for a short amount though I remember coming back home everyday and working on my castle.

The building style is impressive. I suggest any serious builder to join this game. This game offers specific sizes to be easily created and even angles. Want to move your build away from greifers? Use the vote kick or even move your build using the slide tool!

This has to be the best building game ever... Just play it now!

I love this game. It is kind of like le bote but also like Galleons v.7.0c at the same time. So in my opinion,it is a very unique game.

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65 Feed the Noob
66 World Expedition

You can explore multiple places, without actually getting out of your house and wasting money. It's so much fun too! I play it all the time!

67 Lumber Tycoon 2

Just because a few 80,000 people loved it so much, that they liked it backwards doesn't mean that this game should be in number 60 spot.

It should be higher up with the fact of designing and going through dangerous plans with awesome marketing

This is the best game ever, and why is this game in the no. 55 spot it should be in the number 1 spot!


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68 Kingdom Life II

Great animations and weapons

It glitches sometimes

There were a couple of glitches but other then that GREAT GAME

This was definitely one of my first Roblox memories. It was a great game, and recommend this game if you are new to Roblox roleplaying, (most) people are very friendly and can show you how to play Roblox, or roleplaying in general.

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69 Armored Patrol

A fun, well balanced war game it takes many hits to destroy enemy vehicles and you can create defenses at the click of a button and treat it like an armored base for your tank

My favorite game ever so fun can not stop playing

Such a good game, especially when fighting with an rpg against helis. Should be in the top #5 or even #1.! GOOD GAME

It has a new chinook!

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70 Pears to Pairs

Needs to be in the top 10, it is so funny

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71 Simon Says

It's well mint you should all play it it's well addictive man

I love this game, Simon Says, I play it all day long.

And my favorite

Extremely fun

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72 Build to Survive the Zombies
73 Survive the Epic Disasters
74 Survive the 92 Disasters! Slenderman

This game is the game that prison life should have been. This is the best game on Roblox. Plus, it seems like two different games... In only ONE. You can be police or criminal (you have to escape jail first), but the only thing they have in common gameplay wise is the same map. 3/3 Star rating!

This game is so awesome! There are so many disasters to play and they are all very different. You never know what disaster is coming next so you have to be prepared. I think this should be ranked number one!

I've never played this. But I'll try it

I've never played that game before, but since your comments make me think that game is so awesome, and the word slenderman makes me thing of playing it. I'lltry playing thisawesome game!

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75 Big Brother Big Brother Big Brother is a reality game show franchise created by John de Mol, originally broadcast in the Netherlands and subsequently syndicated internationally.

This game is great and gives the T.V. show justice. I have always wanted to play a Big Brother game and this was perfect. It tests your social skills and gives you fun competitive competitions every week. You must survive each week and be one of the last standing in the house. If you enjoy reality T.V. and competition, this is a great game to play

This is hands down one of the best games you can play on roblox it's really addictive and when you get evicted you may find it hard to get other but except from that it's really good

I've won 32 times I only like it because I win

I don't understand why people hate the T.V. show so much. - Drewman1211

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76 MINEBLOX [Full Creative Mode]

Made by Pedrok. Is like Minecraft, but BETTER!

77 Dynamic Ship Simulator 2

Its ok but can be boring just sailing to no where 3/10 - mrguy300

78 Bunny Island

Its cool you can work there get some credits or moneys trade go on a ride or buy things and other things

Its fun, you'll love it, in fact it's so fun I can't explain about it1 - thesimsvampires

The rides are really fun!

Was good to start off with but then nothing else to do this game needs way more updates cause
1 the game is too short
2 the park is too small
3 you can't put a lot in your houses
4 the tp to friend thing is glitchy
and my rateing 5/10 - mrguy300

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79 Gladiators!
80 Sword Fights On the Heights
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