Phantom Forces


It is a fun game which it is challenging from the start if your a "starter" but if you play it every time you get better and better and that's what happen to me but the problem is there is hackers these days but it's really fun because you work as a team and you need to have strategies to kill people which is quite challenging but 1 fact of this game is your skill if you will become a Military when your in the age of 20+ you can do the skills you have learned on this game and have a great day/night!

I played many games. NOTHING can beat this one. This game is epic but there's a few thing that stinks. The knife is one shot so you have to kill those agile knifer as fast as possible. Snipers are everywhere! When I try to be a sniper, I die. And you don't have time to look back so if you get sneak up you die. There are a lot of camper in king of the hill and my team sometime thinks we are playing team deathmatch and they don't even care about capturing! Overall a good game but some guns are way too OP against beginners. Overall I like this game a lot but I keep getting case without keys :V

This has to be one of the best FPS games out on ROBLOX. It has better graphics than other FPS games, Phantom Forces can be very addicting to play. I'm only Rank 33, but I think this games deserves Number 1. (sorry if I capitalize stuff for no reason) Nothing really is trash in the game. Even though my classmates think Apocalypse Rising 1/2 is better than this game, their thought wouldn't change my thought!

This game is simply terrific. The action, realism and the available customization just makes Phantom Forces stand out. Updates come in very frequently and I'll say, they made this game ten times better than before. The maps are beautiful and well-created especially for all of us here to play tactically and in a fun manner. In the few years I've been playing ROBLOX, this game truly deserves to be in the top few.

This game is AWESOME. I played this game before but it kinda sucked because a lot of people could kill you instantly, but I kept practicing. And then I rage quit for like 2 years and then I just started to play now. I got a lot better. Any ways, be a pro and then you're all set for another addicting game on roblox.

This is absolutely the best game, by far, on ROBLOX. It shows up how awesome, the engine could be used in order to craft video games for free use on this site. The vast amount of weaponry at hand, and growing, as well as maps ever so changing, but amazing masterpieces. The animations are very fluent. and pleasing to the eye. The movement of the game is worked out well with minor issues, however does get the job done. The attatchments help add variety to the weaponry, with you being able to change ammunition for shotguns, add different types of sights, grips, lasers, and more. This game deserved to be Bloxxy's 2015 Game of the Year. And this game keeps getting better and better with the additions StyLiS Studios manages to put out. Pouring my time into this game, being an Alpha Tester rank 116+ is a large honor of mine. This is by far, the best game, on ROBLOX.

This reminds me lots about other non-roblox games. The guns are unlike the other guns on roblox, and even though the game has no end to it, its super great if you're really good at it. This game makes roblox's reputation mind blowing!

This game is an amazing Tons of content lots of replay value and all around a great game my only complaint I have is every now and then, you will get a spawn glitch but other than that it is an all around Amazing game and I would recommend it to anyone looking to have some fun.

I love this game keep it up please and one thing I hate is that you can go on some one that's laying down and it starts to make you go up in the air but you have to lay down on the person to mace you go up in the air please make that not doable please and I'm rank 25 or 24

Many kids hate strategy and slow paced games, for it frustrates them. I hope they come to realize that phantom forces is better than what they think. I also hope they realize swearing and name calling doesn't help them.

It's amazing that a roblox game could be so much like Call of Duty. There are a lot of First Person Shooter roblox games I like but Phantom forces is probably my favorite First Person Shooter roblox game. I definitely recommend it! 5 star game!

This game is really fun! I enjoy plying this on a PC. There are many guns moves and you can dodge. There are many maps each map is 15 min or less, Time flies by fast but you unlock guns and achievements the more people you kill. As a phantom Forces player I really recommended to try out this game and at first your never the best but you learn more about the keys and then become skilled like me!

I play this game every day it is a good game to play when your mum doesn't want to buy you a stealth game play phantom forces and its free it works just like a normal stealth game this should be the first one by far

This is one of my favorite games! I always play it with my friends and we usually team up and fight other players but there is oe problem why do I always get quick scoped by recons

Crazy realistic and fast paced FPS game. I can't stop playing. LOVE the animations. Few bugs/glitches and several game modes on several maps. This game is AMAZING! I can't see why its not at the top. Unlike most games in ROBLOX, Phantom Forces requires actual skill. Hope the devs add equipment. It's said "Coming Soon" for a while...

Phantom Forces is the main reason I still play Roblox. It is well scripted and highly addictive. Hours worth of content. DEFINITELY better than town of robloxia. Requires more skill and thought 10/10

This is the most popular FPS game out there. My first time playing it was when 2015/16, on my old account. It was a rough game, but once I started getting better, I realized why people spend so much time on it. It is an amazing experience. It was very unique and it stands out. You have a sniper, and you use the scope. It doesn't stay still like the other snipers in fps games. You need to press shift. This was a game descended from Call of Robloxia 5 by litozinnanon. Over the years he made a group called Stylis Studios. Which made the game Phantom Forces. Everyday I see over 10,000 people in the game. 20,000 if there is a new update. It may not be more popular than Jailbreak. Now it's tied with MeepCity which is good. Anyway, even though it isn't as popular than those games. It's made it to the first page. And the amount of people making a whole YouTube channel based on it, the amount of people making clans and groups about it (Paradox), it makes it the most popular game by quality.

Best game ever! I played so much but I still suck, but my brother is very handsome and he ROCKS at phantom forces. He's at rank 53 soon to be rank 54 but he's a really good player and will dominate you.

This game is THE best game on Roblox by far. The quality is AMAZING for a Roblox game, and the actual gameplay rivals that of Steam shooters. And the best part, the dev isn't even finished.

I love this game so much. This is that kind of game that people that love this game too. With people who like this it's just something that if you like this kind of games then it's perfect.

I have been playing for about 4 weeks strait and I'm not bored the only thing I don't like about it is that you can glitch through walls and shoot out at people its really annoying.

This game is the best first-person shooter you'll find on this site, hands down. Limited modeling, great weapon catalog experience climb and all, it's simply the best. - NAPSTABLOOK22

Phantom Forces is one of the best First Person Shooters on Roblox. There are constant updates to the weapons and maps to keep the players entertained for hours.

It is literally unrivaled to any steam shooter I've ever seen, and I've played a lot of shooters. Nothing else comes close. NUMBER 1, and it should stay like that

Phantom Forces has improved more than any other game in Roblox and should be at the top due to all the constant and large updates it has been given.