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201 Spyro372

Complex. One of the best games ever. He also sells louds of clothing. How is he not added when the list was even created - FerrariDude64

202 Fleskhjerta
203 yrrebRBLX/yrreb

He is the best commercial plane builder. He used to give them for free. He did not deserve his old account to be hacked. He is back.

204 Maguilard

Never give up on life there's always some bacon when you least expect it

205 ryder3428753194 V 1 Comment
206 Ambamby
207 marlythedog2007

Yeah he does play a lot he's got I think about 185 badges that showers his effort on roblox

Marlythedog2007 plays an awfull lot of games and he's played about 50 thousand games and likes them all he should be in 1st

208 FloridaGators3

Ha, I'm ahead of mrdoombringer. Wow, and whoever added me...Thank You. - peaceswagtv

209 Starshipbomb12 V 1 Comment
210 Scratch

Hm. I'm actually friends with scratch and he joined in 2006. Pretty cool, right? - peaceswagtv

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211 Hotheart456 V 1 Comment
212 shadow20705

I don't know who this is but he sucks cock.

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213 HaryPotterGaming
214 Figuretjetsalt

Awesome and great dude owns very popular groups and donated me 5K robux - ConnorO_o

215 DalaxVanstone

Did what no other Robloxian would ever do. R.I.P. :( -

216 Crazyrobloxian
217 1dev2

Creator of that awesome game welcome to the town and city of robloxia. Also famous for his friendship with playrobot

A little fact he is now 1dev3 as his account got deleted he mad another 1

Aww he got hacked but did make a good game

Sadly he got hacked

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218 mrdooombringer

Yep leeav is super awesome to and the first ever buyer of the bam hammer and plays football games far too much and really allot so little much

219 TY909rox
220 ShinyMaxblox01
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