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301 Cole1198
302 Mrroblox
303 757Expert
304 brandonr15

Best person ever. kind, and nice!

305 ThatOne125

He is a friend - Batmaniscole

306 10198
307 stormblade3000

He just a friend-noob thing.

308 Lcd2117
309 Ststst99
310 razorrocker89

This dude! He's so nice and fun!

-I agree he is nice and fun but he changed his name to Unconspicuous

V 1 Comment
311 FloraOfHearts

Not only is she nice, sweet, or pretty, but she's the nicest friend a Robloxian could ever have! She started playing Roblox in 2010 and still plays it today. This girl is unique and she has her own special style. this is why she used to have so many friends in 2010. Every Robloxian would love to be friends with this awesome girl.

312 RandomRobloxTV

He makes some great videos

313 Taylorkid123
314 Ripull V 1 Comment
315 Dachickenmaster2088
316 Stronggamerguy1234

His real name is Luke And he's epic

317 pes2010messi

He has started from the bottom and now he's getting rich. He also has a inspiration on phily421 and testin423. He is currently being blessed by many famous robloxians, one is Hailey118119 who has recently made her top game debut.

318 Jacobtheman2007

I don't know if this is his username but he's the person who created Roblox goes crazy - Nick_brick78

319 TheGamer101

Creator of sword fighting tournament and many other awesome games.

320 PastelDogs

He is the best gear fighter ever

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