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301 Reesemcblox
302 griffin541
303 Planet3arth

Great builder, connects very well with his audience! Creates fun and addicting games!

304 foxfacesneaky
305 Generaltimelord
306 Popcorncatk1533
307 LordDarknessX

Leader of Dawn Forces

308 Judowon
310 PinkAndPurpleSkull
311 GentleBanana V 1 Comment
312 Amina70720
313 dif19
314 garyrocks237

He is so rich how can you not vote for him

315 alex15678

Best builder In the history of roblox! He's a great builder, friend, epic, cool, and amazing!

316 crazyman32
317 missyrissy2002
318 Bulline

He is really nice and has 398 friends

319 VyrissTheVixen

Used to be named "TheFurryFox", Vyriss creates extremely fun games, and is rather very rich.

V 3 Comments
320 SoCloseToSyndicate

A YouTuber with over 1,000 subscribers who used to troll on Roblox and Minecraft with her fans and her friends. She currently has 2 games in beta (from what I saw). She joins games frequently.

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