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301 Soundwave00

He is meh older bro. lots of people like him. he is awesome at fighting games. he even fought something that is for a higher level than him. He also fought the "undefeatable" people in games and won. please rote 4 him he is AWESOME!

302 fabius12345

I think he is cool he is, freindly and cool I like him.

He has lots of famous freinds

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303 elevatorman2004
304 TheSharkLord

This guy as got the coolest name on roblox. He makes friends with anyone is a really good all round gamer. He has a bit of attitude but this makes him cooler.

305 TheFurryFox

He makes brilliant games like survive the disasters. He is also friends with many cool and famous robloxians.

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306 Jacobvenuriantale
307 Pinpinbaggins359
308 cursedRPG
309 Beastlywin123

This guy added himself to try and be famous

310 GreenAngekel

Hi, I'm GreenAngekel! I love to have a funny username like that! I'm the best person around. c:

311 Skeardycat45

Epic Epic Epic Epic Epic Epic

312 Tarabyte
313 Brighteyes
314 Reesemcblox
315 griffin541
316 foxfacesneaky
317 Generaltimelord
318 Popcorncatk1533
319 LordDarknessX

Leader of Dawn Forces

320 Judowon
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